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Pagan Self-What I Believe
What do you believe?
My beliefs encompass a few different things from cultures all around the world and throughout history. The reason for this “cherry picking” as some would call it is partly to do with interest in that culture or period and partly because it relates to something I agreed with before even finding that particular connection.
For example I tend to hold Christianity in a fairly negative light (I don’t hate Christians at all just fyi) but the concept of forgiveness is something I believe in quite strongly. I try my best to forgive those who have done wrong when they did not intend to be it to myself, others or even themselves.
Another example is the concept of an afterlife, which of course is present in many different faiths and cultures that give their own interpretation on the idea. While it is something that I believe in, I believe we the living cannot even guess at what that something is. We will not know until it is our time whether we will be met w
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A Frosty Caress
Shall I compare thee to a winters chill?
Breath hanging in the air as you speak my name,
A faint mist of disdain and piteous façade.
Your eyes bluer than the mightiest glacier of the entire world,
Penetrates beyond my soul!
Engraining in me fear, doubt and resentment.
With each gentle touch of lithe, perfect fingers,
Ice shall form in the depths of my heart,
Freezing my escape to salvation born of the Sun!
So what shall I do when every opportunity is shattered beyond recognition by the chill of your touch?
What can I do?
When I live in a world of rules and consequences and mockery,
What can I do in a world ruled by you, whose arms keep me in a cryogenic embrace?
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An Angel in Person
Sapphire eyes steal me and cast away my fears,
My fingers running through hair so soft, a piece of velvet could not rival in comfort,
A smile so bright as to surpass the warm, glowing rays of the summer sun,
These are among the traits of a being akin to an angel,
And few have I seen to tread so close to a heavenly existence.
And what a truly heavenly laughter that beckons me to rejoice in life,
So genuine and careless, one would think this a person blessed by true joy.
So close have I been to this seraph all these years,
And yet never have I felt so far from heaven.
For my feelings betray me, toy with me,
Time and again I long to speak the words `I love you`,
Too long I wait and realisation of reality snatches the words from my mouth.
Time and again I long to speak the words `I love you`,
So close have I been to proclaiming ecstasy!
Only for the fear of you not matching my hearts flame to snuff the air from my lungs.
And so all this time have I held my tongue, stifled my thoughts and r
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My Dreamt Reality
An electricity passes between us as our eyes meet; his a light shade of blue far superior to the colour of ocean water and mine a dark hazel that almost makes my irises look black in the morning light.
The bed upon which we lay was not made for two but we make do seeing as we're only small in size; we don't mind the closeness of each other,
In fact we cherish it as most couples do.
To feel another so close to you is to feel secure, to feel comfortable, and to feel loved.
I am not used to waking up to another person in the same bed and so my body instinctively flinches in surprise, and I have to remind myself who this person is…my lover.
He laughs at my surprise- a full and genuine sound and contagious to nearly all others around him.
His fingers brush against my cheek and that smile fades into a look reminiscent of admiration,
Gently gripping his hand, I return the look and for that moment nothing else exists; just the two of us lying in a bed too small for the both of us.
He sits
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A Smile Worth Returning
A gentle touch to her cheeks,
A run of fingers over her smooth skin, caressing her delicate beauty.
My eyes never leaving hers; not even for the second it takes to find my bearings again in the large room in which we both sit.
A stroke to her chin- that soft, curved and small chin if hers,
A chin as pronounced as her cheek bones!
Her face is like a finely built church; miraculous in its construction, open and friendly, without blemish…
And her eyes are the stained glass windows that capture the light of the sun- somehow making it even more beautiful than it already is.
And the smile…those who know her would say it is her smile that makes her famous!
Hers is such a smile as to suggest enigmatic intention, an almost seductive invitation, and a kindness paramount to her beauty.
A slight brush over those lips and she's finished…restored to her original self.
My paintbrush has never touched anything as esteemed as her features and her surroundings and,
Likely never will again
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Mature content
A Bad Hunt :iconshadowscarab:ShadowScarab 1 0
Mature content
21st Century Nazis :iconshadowscarab:ShadowScarab 0 2
"Whore!", "Demon!"
The gathered crowd of angry faces scream at me and the other women present- tied to posts individually.
My tattered clothes fly about in the wind and my golden hair now flies away from me, having been ripped out of my scalp more than shaven off.
A single teardrop trickles down a dirt covered cheek and my eyes vacantly wonder over to the woman to my left, also tied to a post.
She is in a similar state to me; rough bald scalp, dirtied face and red, sodden eyes producing far more tears than my own. Her cries are loud and speak of her terror.
"Burn in hell!" is the most common shout I hear and I grunt as small stones hit me in various parts of my bound body and I feel a few fresh wounds open on my battered skin.
To be treated in such a way for something you never claimed nor aspired to do ever, to be accused, arrested and judged without a single consideration given to your efforts of self-defence.
To even whisper the word is considered a sin in our community,
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Mature content
Ungrateful :iconshadowscarab:ShadowScarab 1 0
Mature content
The End's Cold Embrace :iconshadowscarab:ShadowScarab 0 0
A sigh of ecstasy escape my lips and my head rushes with scenes of impossible realities.
Almost feeling my pupils dilate; I stare at the ceiling with a newfound serenity.
The familiar sting in the arm fading into the paradise of pleasure and sensation.
My room-mate walks in, stops and stares before regarding my entirety with a combination of disgust and pity.
Voicing his disapproval at this repeating occurrence despite the fact he knows his words are falling on deaf ears,
His concerns are warped and slow forming to my ears, as if he were speaking in slow motion.
I wonder if that was a tear in his eye. But why should he weep for me? Least of all hide it by leaving the room.
Knowing that I abhor the tedium of ordinary life as an extraordinary individual and that I must stimulate my mind when nothing presents itself to me.
Dismissing his irrelevant, although somewhat valid, concerns, I return to the sensations of heaven on earth.
Slouched in my armchair, my head resting heavily on the bac
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The light! There!
Run faster, the fire in your legs begins to increase.
"There! I've found him!" You hear them shouting behind you and you run faster still, struggling at the inferno raging in your muscles.
Heavy boots sound in the tunnel as they make their pursuit but you don't panic,
They're long behind you and you're so close to freedom, you can taste it on your tongue- sweeter than honey.
So long since you have seen the sky.
So long since your feet have touched grass, so long since your skin has felt the wind.
So long since you have known kindness from your fellow man.
Merely a few strides away and suddenly the pain in your legs stops from the anticipation, tears of joy stream from your tired eyes.
You're going to make it! You're going to live again!
Why have you stopped?
Confusion and panic instantly overwhelm you and you're frantically looking for the cause of your halted progress.
Hands! Hands holding your arms in a vice-like grip.
You shake them off and prog
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"…this we can promise you! This we can deliver to you, the people!"
The same old promises, given through false smiles.
The same old lies to mask true intentions of greedy minds in possession of too much already.
Lavish, tailored suits to cover the festering corruption of the person.
Separate parties with individual views and promises but despite their independence, they all want the same things…control, money, power.
The same old promises to give people the impression that someone cares about their welfare, their lives.
The same old lies to trick the people in believing that they have someone they can trust and depend on.
They all tell us that we need them, that they're here to improve the world and our lives in it.
The truth is a very different story though, isn't it?
The truth is we don't need them.
The truth is they're not here to improve our lives but, instead, to line their own pockets with our earnings.
The truth is they would watch the world burn as long as they contro
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To Your Health!
"Za vashe zdorovie!"
"Na zdorovie!"
The cries of the party rise and fall like the crescendo of an orchestra.
Laughter erupts as jokes are swapped in the air and smiles can be seen all around on dirt covered faces and, for once, rifles are laid aside having been replaced with shots of vodka.
Momentary silence as everyone gulps and then a sudden cheer.
It doesn't take long before glasses and mugs are refilled and conversation to resume.
"At last we are free!", "Fuck Hitler!", "A toast! To Mother Russia! May no one subdue her."
Raised glasses and again, momentary silence.
This time silence endures. Memories of the past years flash through the minds of those present.
Memories of struggle, starvation, pain, pressure and loss,
Memories of anger, fury, revenge, loathing and murder.
Comrades one and all, alive and dead, soldier and civilian, man and woman, adult and child,
The people deemed `sub-human` by those less  human than any group in history, proved their humanism, their coura
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That's all `it` feels, staring at itself in the mirror.
Curious and saddened eyes critically analysing the reflections features, it's own features.
Imperfection is all `it` sees in itself despite everything is how it should be.
`It` questions it's existence, female or male? Human or not? Sane or insane?
Smooth skin pulled over feminine musculature and yet no breasts exist.
Instead the structure is flat and stubble grows on it's chin.
A woman's eyes sit in masculine sockets, burning in hatred at their inescapable prison.
Longing to be free they glance and compare themselves to the birds in the sky.
`He` turns but it is `she` that looks out the window.
It is `she` in control and yet she is completely unable to influence `his` appearance.
`He` and `she` are one in the same body but both exist independently- longing to have their own bodies.
Their own happiness, their own life.`She ` looks back at the mirror and asks that `he` hide again.
This time `he` complies and replaces th
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Anyone who knows me will tell you how much I love acting! So for anyone who's curious about what my time at college has yealded, here's about a minutes worth of my performance. Hope you enjoy and please do check out the other videos from that channel- all the people you see on there are my second family and all are hugely talented =)
Any and all constructive criticism is most welcome by the way!! =)
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