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12 Ways Poem
12 Ways to Look at a Pro Wrestler
- by ShadowSannin
The lights flash.
He steps out.
The crowd roars.
He's a star.
People love him.
People hate him.
He doesn't care.
He's here,
to put on a show.
Some people think he's fake,
that he's just a actor.
He chuckles to himself,
knowing the truth,
that they're only partly right.
Some say that it's scripted.
But these day,
almost all of TV is.
He does it for them.
He entertains.
The skeptics don't realize,
that the pain is real,
as is the danger.
They won't acknowledge,
that for his career,
athleticism is key.
Some say that he's crazy
for taking such a job,
but he did anyways
because he loves them.
He's here
to put on a show.
A spectacle
of athletic feats
with careful risk
and reckless precision
A strike
and another.
People cheer
with each blow.
His muscles force,
moving him forward,
from the top rope.
He flies.
His opponent,
lying down,
anticipating the landing.
The crowd gasps,
as the final blow lands.
A collision,
with near bone-crush
:iconshadowsannin:ShadowSannin 0 0
Clicking Heels
She stood there before me,
her drunkenness, I could easily see.
Her cheeks were rosy,
and her legs unsteady
Her eyes held a vicious glare,
but I remained calm, in spite of her stare.
I resisted my urge to speak in jest
when she raised a finger and poked at my chest.
She spoke of her pastor, and what he had said,
a contradiction of the beliefs in my head.
The malice in her voice dripped with slime,
as her word seemed to cut through the fabric of time.
And with that, you must believe me
Her insult did not really hurt me,
She had the right to speak her mind.
but reason, her brain could not seem to find.
Her blind following of a religious cult,
showed to me she was not an adult.
I responded, filled with the kindest intent,
but I don't think she understood what I meant.
I simply meant to say what I thought,
but with her, my argument was for naught.
The next moments happened so fast,
I almost thought that I had seen my past.
A simple statement, I had said without a shout,
"Well, I guess that
:iconshadowsannin:ShadowSannin 1 1


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I want to change my username, but I don't want to give DA my money in order to do it.  :\


United States
Is it wrong that I think indie games shouldn't cost more than $10? Don't get me wrong, I have enjoyed many an indie game, but it boggles my mind when I see them asking for $20, $30 or even $40 for an INDIE game. I understand that they want to make their money back, but if your game is good, then people will buy it and spread the word, but in an increasingly jaded, critical, and cynical world, where consumers are becoming increasingly frustrated with Triple-A devs and publishers spending millions of dollars to produce a mediocre (or even sub-par) and often glitchy game, pricing your indie game ("indie" means to me that it cost LESS than $1 mil to make) at $30 or fucking $40 will only deter people from buying it. Yes, at a lower price, you have to sell more units to make your money back, but if your game is good, and people are putting the word out there, a lower price point will attract more consumers, who will in turn spread the word even more, and will ultimately allow a developer/publisher to make its money back, and those customers who enjoyed your game will be more likely to purchase future titles that you produce, creating better financial returns and stability in the long-term. And that's not even mentioning Steam sales. I fully admit, Steam, along with the aforementioned issue of sub-par Triple-A titles, has conditioned me to not buy games that aren't on sale. So if your game is cheap, consumers like me are more likely to buy it at full price, or at least closer to full price than a $60 title.


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