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Ghost of You

Another Drawing of Shadowsaber. But it's not like the others this time. I didn't just happen to color in the line work. this time I use the full paint shop 6 program. all the lines are done with a uses of a basick Mouse (still don't have any kind of art pad or ligth pen.) but that didn't stop m form doing lineless CG art. I use alot of detail in this. it's much like use oil paints but CG.
Well like everyother pick of Shadowsaber She in her mid Dragonic Kitsune form. Right now she talking to great dragon sprit.
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ist not a unicorn but it is very very very very very very very very cool cool . (unicorn becouse of that bec it was send by unicorn fan Club)
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Beautiful really.
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*faints from the beauty*
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I gotta say, this image is particularly amazing. It's also a landmark for you in being one that was drawn and colored entirely on the computer. I almost feel that, with the lack of lines, your spirit is freed in this picture to glow as it must to communicate with the Great Dragon Spirit. Before reading the description, I got the idea that ShadowSaber was meditating or paying attention to an entity summoned by the clutched dragon orb. However, I did not immediately see how the wisps of clouds and the moon formed the face of a dragon. The Great Dragon is dignified by the subtlety in which you introduce the spirit, and yet the spirit's form is made great by clever choices in composition. The layered background accentuates the astronomical size of this spirit, and the effect is awe-inspiring, mystical, Draconic and calming.

The form you have given ShadowSaber in this picture rivals your best work. The pastel glow amongst the cosmic background, combined with the image's Draconic features makes this a very relatable scene of artwork to me. I do feel the tendrils of wisdom extending beyond the canvas. This is one portrait of yours that nears perfection.
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funny you mention that orb. the orb it self is side to be possessed both by Dragons and Kitsunes. it holds both their power in side. another fun fact about kitsune and dragons and why they so alike. While the dragon means the "Watcher or See far" kitsune when over 900 years can use their ords to see far or see Everything. neat huh
That is so cool! I love the colors on it!
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Amazing work. So you do this with only a mouse and not a tablet?
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I don't even own a tablet sad huh.... even now
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why dont you save up for one? Or have it as an item on your birthday/christmas list?
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That is unbelievably beautiful!
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This is epic! I love all of the glowy effects <3
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it seems so...auroraish? ( i love it!) :heart:
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That's me?!
XD jk if it was I would look AWESOME!!
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WOW, that looks so cool :O
Just one question, how the frack did you do all that with a mouse lol :XD:
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funny thing I'm still say mouse just doesn't have a track ball :lol:
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This is simply a lovely piece of artwork! The cool colors blend so naturally, and the scenery fits well with the mood. I also love how you transformed the clouds and the moon to form the Great Dragon Spirit; also looks much like the Northern Celestial Lights. About Shadowsaber herself---the shading and pose is amazing, and the soft glow around her is a nice effect. Please do keep up the awesome work!

Sorry if this sounds like a critique, but I really like it. :D
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Wow that's so cool 0_O The dragon is beautiful.
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Oh wow thats just awesome!
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oh i just love how flowey the whole thing is o.o
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the colors blend so wonderfully. -stares- OwO
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