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Rikana Millefiori Alt by Shadows0111 Rikana Millefiori Alt :iconshadows0111:Shadows0111 0 1 Rikana Millefiori by Shadows0111 Rikana Millefiori :iconshadows0111:Shadows0111 0 1 Request: Goddess Sera -Crusaders Quest- by Shadows0111 Request: Goddess Sera -Crusaders Quest- :iconshadows0111:Shadows0111 2 0 Toon Natalie 4.0 by Shadows0111 Toon Natalie 4.0 :iconshadows0111:Shadows0111 0 0 Ayano Cafeaulait by Shadows0111 Ayano Cafeaulait :iconshadows0111:Shadows0111 1 0 Sanae Cocoaulait -Alternate- by Shadows0111 Sanae Cocoaulait -Alternate- :iconshadows0111:Shadows0111 0 0 Sanae Cocoaulait by Shadows0111 Sanae Cocoaulait :iconshadows0111:Shadows0111 1 0 Alternate Outfits Volume 1 by Shadows0111 Alternate Outfits Volume 1 :iconshadows0111:Shadows0111 3 0 Nagisa Ichigaulait by Shadows0111 Nagisa Ichigaulait :iconshadows0111:Shadows0111 1 0 Hinata -Yanderella- by Shadows0111 Hinata -Yanderella- :iconshadows0111:Shadows0111 0 0 Honoka -Yanderella- by Shadows0111 Honoka -Yanderella- :iconshadows0111:Shadows0111 2 0 Toon Natalie 2.0 Updated by Shadows0111 Toon Natalie 2.0 Updated :iconshadows0111:Shadows0111 0 0 Toon Natalie 1.0 Updated by Shadows0111 Toon Natalie 1.0 Updated :iconshadows0111:Shadows0111 0 0 Toon Whitney -Modern- by Shadows0111 Toon Whitney -Modern- :iconshadows0111:Shadows0111 0 0 Toon Whitney -Original by Shadows0111 Toon Whitney -Original :iconshadows0111:Shadows0111 0 0 Toon Jasmine -Modern- by Shadows0111 Toon Jasmine -Modern- :iconshadows0111:Shadows0111 7 0


Madoka Kaname - Palette Challenge by DreaDrew Madoka Kaname - Palette Challenge :icondreadrew:DreaDrew 70 12 Time Heals All Wounds - [Animation] by DreaDrew Time Heals All Wounds - [Animation] :icondreadrew:DreaDrew 17 1 The Charmer of Balance by DreaDrew The Charmer of Balance :icondreadrew:DreaDrew 28 1 .: Queen Historia :. by Sincity2100 .: Queen Historia :. :iconsincity2100:Sincity2100 71 7 Young Rosalina: Starry Night by NerdyHiro Young Rosalina: Starry Night :iconnerdyhiro:NerdyHiro 78 17 Here Comes the Peach by M-D-47 Here Comes the Peach :iconm-d-47:M-D-47 128 30 Princess Peach -  Fashion by chocomiru02 Princess Peach - Fashion :iconchocomiru02:chocomiru02 263 8 Rosalina And Luma by RobyApolonio Rosalina And Luma :iconrobyapolonio:RobyApolonio 22 1 Super Rosalina Galaxy by HiroHamadaLover619 Super Rosalina Galaxy :iconhirohamadalover619:HiroHamadaLover619 59 8 Rosalina by sakurakiss777 Rosalina :iconsakurakiss777:sakurakiss777 355 15
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More Than A Moment, Ch. 1 Images :iconcerealnovels:cerealnovels 3 3
Soulmates C. 1
“In other news, an accident occurred on Route 260 today. A massive vehicle pileup had started when a tractor trailer went over the medium.”
The news was cut short as the TV flashed off. Hannah made a noise of protest as she glared at her roommate. She was interested in that news story. It wasn’t every day that something major, like a massive vehicle pileup happened near the their small, community university. She huffed before going to grab the remote to turn it back on. Though, the college girl figured it was mostly over at that point. Her roommate grabbed the remote before she could get to it.
“No can do, Hannah. We have class in five minutes, and I know how you like your news stories, Miss Journalist Major.”
“Pleaseee, Laura,” she whined. “I want to know what happened to the people in that pileup. The reporter in me must know.”
Laura shook her head as she threw the remote onto the chair behind her. She knew Hannah would mi
:iconsilverwolf3246:SilverWolf3246 2 0
Best Friends
We’d been best friend since we were little. As time passed, we both reached puberty and things started to change. We treated each other differently and it was nearly uncomfortable.
I started to like her. Her body had changed and I could see she wasn’t the same little girl I’d always known. I think she knew how I felt because every time she caught me staring at her, she’d laugh, as if saying “silly”.  
I guess we were still best friends, but it was just different. We didn’t play and we weren’t alone anymore. We were with more people and didn’t want the things that satisfied us before. We sought out freedom, getting away from our parents and school and aimed to be society’s newest scum.
We were fourteen and I found it nearly impossible to get closer to others. It was a piece of cake for her: two words out of her mouth and everyone wanted to be her friend. But I just wanted to be with her alone. I wanted things like before,
:iconkuraudiachan:Kuraudiachan 13 5
clair by ninpeachlover clair :iconninpeachlover:ninpeachlover 60 15 Jasmine by ninpeachlover Jasmine :iconninpeachlover:ninpeachlover 66 5 For JaidenAnimations by TraderSonicTDSWorld For JaidenAnimations :icontradersonictdsworld:TraderSonicTDSWorld 9 2


Rikana Millefiori Alt
Rikana Millefiori to be exact. The last of the Mix Ore girls. In this case, she’s not out to kill anybody. She just wants your money and make a clean get away. Don’t let her small stature and cuteness fool you. Since no one can agree with what she looks like from the waist down, I went with two versions. One with blue slip-one and one with black socks/athletic shoes. Like with Nagisa, I’ll probably revisit her later to make the evil version of her. There's a version of her with a big, open smile, but since it makes me uncomfortable, I made this one instead. I haven't done teeth since Roon Natalie 2.0. Or since I draw Sera, who I made afterwards, but I uploaded before Rikana.
Rikana Millefiori
Rikana Millefiori to be exact. The last of the Mix Ore girls. In this case, she’s not out to kill anybody. She just wants your money and make a clean get away. Don’t let her small stature and cuteness fool you. Since no one can agree with what she looks like from the waist down, I went with two versions. One with blue slip-one and one with black socks/athletic shoes. Like with Nagisa, I’ll probably revisit her later to make the evil version of her. There's a version of her with a big, open smile, but since it makes me uncomfortable, I made this one instead. I haven't done teeth since Roon Natalie 2.0. Or since I draw Sera, who I made afterwards, but I uploaded before Rikana.
Request: Goddess Sera -Crusaders Quest-
The first request I’ve had in years. Hope he likes it. I'm still trying to get back into the groove of things. He requested I draw Sera the goddess from the game Crusaders Quest. I know next to nothing about the game, and there isn’t much art for her either.  Maybe this is why he asked me to draw her. I couldn’t find any full body shots, so I took inspiration from another piece of fan art and a cosplay. The person's fan art depicted her with white shoes and matching green socks, which I found cute and thought would work for her from what little I do know about her. Seems to be a running theme with who I end up drawing. From the art I have seen of her and from reading up on her character a bit, I feel I probably would like her if I got into playing Crusaders Quest. I may look into this game later.
Toon Natalie 4.0
With this, I name you the true Toon Natalie 4.0, as pictured with her previous self. I know I said I was ditching her, but I still feel I owe it to her seeing as she was my first good drawing, and what started it all. It’s not her fault I dislike the person she’s based on now. So here she is from scratch, not a tracing of any older drawings. She even uses the real Natalie’s skin and hair tones... kind of. This app is weird with photos. So, here she is once more, pictured with Toon Natalie 3.0 behind her. I might revisit her. I might not. This was based on the real Natalie from back when she was like 24 years old in 2006. Which is younger than I am now in 2018 at 26. Damn.
Ayano Cafeaulait
Ayano Cafeaulait, the innocent schoolgirl who was pushed too far. And I don’t blame her. In her route, Kantarou was a total pig to her. Apparently he’d grope her, talk naughty to her, humiliate her. So her motivation for killing him was revenge. Which is sad because she was a sweet girl and super cute. She’s super nice to him while he’s got amnesia, and it’s like he’s thinking about grabbing her butt. Maybe not as big a piece of scum as Makoto from School Days (who did deserve his fate), but still. So this drawing of her shares a lot of parts of Nagisa’s since they actually have similarities. I mean, they both wear school uniforms. Rikana is the odd one out. So she also has Nagisa’s loafers, and what started out as a duplicate uniform that looked like Kagome’s halfway through until I changed it. I gave her black stockings since most artists seem to agree on that. I wanted to make her hair as long and beautiful as I could, but I’m not too won over with how it looks on her. Probably because her hair is very beautiful. At least I gave her the gorgeous green eyes. For those who don’t know, I’m mesmerized by green eyes.  Anyways, enjoy coffee milk girl.
It seems I've been abandoning this account more often than not. For anyone just tuning in, hello, I am Shadows0111, alternatively known as ShadowBionics or ArdrethShadow. This was meant to be my literature account, and it was until I kinda grew unsatisfied with my writing, and put almost all of it into storage. Then I started adding some of my non-Bionicle and non-Transformers stuff to this account, as to not clutter my main DA profile with it for anyone who didn't like it. And believe me, a lot of people didn't like it.

After a while, though, I got discouraged from some negativity thrown my way and I fell back into depression, thereby losing a lot of my motivation for drawing and I left this account to wither again. I briefly posted new drawings to ShadowBionics, but with comments disabled since I was tired of getting negative comments, but at that point I stopped drawing altogether.

So here we are today. About 2 months ago, I was introduced to this drawing app on iOS called ibisPaint X, and after seeing one of my favorite artists use it and even encourage me, I got it and tested it with Toon Natalie, who was at one time a mascot character of mine until I grew to dislike the woman she's based off. So for anyone wondering who she is, you won't really be seeing much of her, unless it's just me updating old drawings of her, which probably won't be too often. Anyways, so after that, I started practicing with it and learning some of the stuff I can do with it, and I'm actually liking how my artwork looks now. It's even easier since I don't have to redraw the same drawing over and over by hand, I can duplicate and change out whatever I want with outfits and posing. It also means I can sort of complete drawings a little quicker now when given the time to.

That being said, I'm still not the greatest, but I still want to try. Plus, I only realized how much I missed drawing after getting that app, so I'm going to give this another shot. So since I'm ditching Toon Natalie, I'm going to use some of my favorite RPG maker horror game characters as my test subjects, that way I'm not just drawing the same thing over and over, and it gives me some room to experiment. Likewise, I am very tempted to get into writing again, but not the fan-fiction I write as ShadowBionics. In my younger years, I used to create some of my own characters for my writing. Some of which used to exist as drawings on here. Some of which never made it onto paper and are somewhere lost in time. So I might try to do some of that as well. It won't be crazy stuff like with my ShadowBionics writing. If anything, it'll probably be what some literature groups here call "young adult" writing, centered around characters who are... well, young adults, and whatever they get into. Sort of like a slice of life anime, but probably not as funny like Daily Lives of Highschool Boys or as out there and crazy funny as the Haruhi Suzumiya series. We'll see in time, as I'm not exactly in a hurry to do that.

So for those following my account for the first time and haven't un-watched since I was gone for like 3 years, thank you. And if you like my artwork and even favorite it, I also thank you from the bottom of my heart, as it really makes me glad to know people like it compared to the days when I used to get teased and harassed for my art. I can't give a "schedule" as to when I'll put up anything, I mostly just go with whatever I can when time allows me.

Plus, since I'm still trying to get back into the groove of things, you're going to be seeing quite a few test drawings using whatever characters from the Charon games I like. As long as Charon herself doesn't get all angry at me and tells me to quit it, but then I doubt she knows I exist. And compared to what I've seen other artists do with some of these characters, my stuff is relatively harmless as it is meant to consist of cuteness and anime goodness. Which reminds me, I will make a follow-up journal in the future in regards to any requests anyone makes. I recently got one... well, I got one a year ago and I'm so super sorry I am barely getting to it. I am going to honor it and get to it when I feel I'm ready to. With that in mind, if anyone else wants to, then I'm going to have to just say what I will be able to draw. Anything too NSFW I won't do since not only would I be terrible at it, but I feel SUPER awkward even thinking about that stuff. I'd just rather not do it, if at all costs. I felt kinda weird reworking the proportions with Honoka and Hinata... especially around the chest and lower waist area. 

So just know that maybe I'm not super good, but I'm going to be working on it. One of my favorite artists on here goes by the name of ninpeachlover, and I've always loved her style, whether traditional of when she switched to digital. Maybe someday I can get to her level, but for now I'm gonna go at my own pace.



Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Alternate of ShadowBionics

Writer, video gamer, artist, I'm a lot of things. In real life, I'm actually very shy, unless you can get me to talk, otherwise I'll come out as being sort of hyper and kind of crazy for the most part. I try my best to be a nice person to everyone... unless they've done something ot hurt me physically or emotionally, then I will pretty much hate their guts and never wish to see/hear them again. I also try to be a good friend and be supportive to any of my friends when they need support. So you can also say I value things like trust, honestly, responsibility, and integrity. Otherwise I hope to get along with everyone and I will do my best to be a good friend to everyone I'm able to meet.

Sort of had to empty out part of my gallery, but don't worry, that just means I'll have to fill it up again in time.

Current Residence: Where I am
Favourite genre of music: Rock, trance/house
MP3 player of choice: iPod Nano Chromatic
Shell of choice: it's made of plastic...



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You're very welcome. No need to worry. I just didn't mean as much to her as she did to me, I guess, but it's passed now.
Likewise, hope you have a great day.
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