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APRIL 2013 - FEBRUARY 2018

The time has come for Shadows of Hearts to close the doors for good and end a cicle of good memories, fun times and wonderful stories. I have discussed the closure of the group with the remaining admins that are still active and we reached the conclusion that ending the group right now would be for the best. We've had good memories here and the friends we made will stay with us for as long as we allow it.

It's been a long journey for everyone that joined before the revamps and those who stayed with us from Hidden Truth Academy have been essential in the construction of the revamped group Shadows of Hearts.

I'd like to extend a big thank you to buchi96 Kagaaa and AffectedComics for sticking with me even though you were busy, I appreciate all the time you spend working with me on this and even though we got busy on real life we remained in contact, maybe not often, but still shared moments together. And to Dark-Eco-Romantica for all the help she did around when we were busy and by trying to revive the group during last year.

I'd also like to thank the members too, new and old, for joining and giving the group some good times and for trying to stick with us until the very end. We unfortunately have reached the limit of our abilities and have been unable to bring activity to the group due to several real life situations that are keeping us from investing time into it.

A cicle ends and new one commences. The group will officially close on February 28th. I am keeping the group in an alter account as a sort of archive, but all powers will be transferred and current mods/admins will be demoted to regular members including myself.


Here are the things that will happen at the end of February
  • The group will stop all updates on the forums.
  • The story will not progress further.
  • No new missions or events will be done.
  • The galleries will be re-organized to archive all things in a better way.
  • There is a gallery named "After Closure Artwork" for members to submit anything you want after we close down.
  • The Skype and Discord chatrooms will remain open for current members, so you are welcome to RP for fun even after we close.
  • The forum will be deleted.
  • All journals will be cleaned and most of the information relevant to the plot will be transferred to google docs.
  • An Ending Post will be updated in the Database for the Story Plot to have a closure of some sort.
We hope that all of you had fun with us and that the memories you made remain in your hearts.

Finally, it's time to say goodbye to Shadows of Hearts RP.

May your shadows become lights in your life!

Admin nekomakino



:DarkRed-orb: CLOSED INDEFINITELY :DarkRed-orb:




The group will be officially closed on February 28th and a official announcement of the reasons will be updated as soon as it's ready.

For those interested on joining a new group with interesting plot here are some recommendations


307-Tower is currently open for reservations and Jiyuu no Seishun is open for apps and will close soon, but you can wait for a new opening later on if you are interested. As for Finite Liquor, it's closed for enrollments but will probably open in the future if everything goes good with the first enrollment they had.

Thank you for your time until now.

Admin nekomakino



SoH: ARC EVENT - SE01EP01-PART2 by nekomakino
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Tumblr Nw4zfx41gq1rpjekfo1 540 by nekomakino



There are fourth Dorms from which you can chose in Arcana High School. Each of them with a particular way of working and students they call Kings and Queens that leads the dorm when there is a competition between dorms going on or during the Coliseum Battle each month. 


Moon rises


This dormitory focuses on recruiting visionary members, they have to be able to work in teams and aid others in need. Their missions usually involve exploration and information gathering. But at the hour of battle they can have a great team work done. Usually never battle alone. Their relationship between dorm students is that of friends and they commonly trust each other very deeply.

Moon rises


This dormitory focuses on recruiting members that can work in pairs or alone, mostly at combat missions and gathering data during a battle, they never retreat from a one on one battle. Their members usually battle in pairs or alone and rarely form groups. This dormitory has a rather cold treatment between members and to other dormitories, usually just considering close friends those who earn their individual trust, the others are nothing more that companions or classmates. 

Moon rises


This dormitory focuses on the recruitment of members capable of managing a battle on their own but also those who can ask for the aid of other members and form balanced teams. Their lifestyle is that of a family, supportive and strong. They rely on each others as well as they can control situations without help. They usually enjoy having breakfast, lunch and dinner together, going on camps and having field trips every now and then. They trust in their members and love to help other people.

Moon rises


This dormitory recruits studets that are able or willing to do things on their own. They do not form big ties between members like the other dorms, they are just acquaintances or more like buddies and are rarely seen together during free periods, you can mostly see them together during lunch breaks. Most of the members form their own little circles of friends that do homework or group projects together just to avoid to have to work with other dormitory members. However, you can still see them being friendly with certain people. It`s said that every now and then, if all the members have the same goal in mind, they become a great team by combining their individual strength.


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