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It's been well over a year since I last posted anything, and for that I apologize. Lots of things happened.

Here's were you can find me/my work now:

Thank you.
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So I was watching this video and I started dancing along...

But then I paused it and turned around and my mom (who is Korean) was in the doorway, grinning!

SHE SAW ME DANCING AAAHH!! D8 And I was doing the part where they do the lady curves with their hands and then kinda blow a kiss nnnvslv. ;___;
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I got a 5 on my biology exam.
And a 4 on my psych.
: )

This year, I only took the AP exams for those two courses
because they were my favorite classes.

I was so worried because on the essay half I always started writing like 20 minutes before the test ended and I rushed on them.
I always fuck up on actually turning in my work so tests are like the only place I shine. u///u

ok done bragging ;; /shot
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me: one of my friends told me my neutral face looks intimidating
my sister: it does, like you are going to boil our brains with the minimum of effort
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This picture will explain pretty much everything I have done up until now:…
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In 2008, I watched my favorite cat die, my sister moved to CA and got engaged, and my dad separated from my mom.
"can mom even take care of herself when I go to college?"
"IDK man, but I'm leaving her with you with no plan to help her in the future hahaha I love you"
"um, you're the most selfish asswipe I've ever encountered"

Now I am a HS senior that is extremely bitter! And procrastinating hardcore! I still fucking hate Holden Caulfield!!
+Mass scanning on Sunnnnnnday yaay! Not today because I'm going over to :iconrayemccloud:'s to bother her. >8D
++Have an awesome Valentine's/Single Awareness Day! :heart:

BTW I changed my webcam image to reflect ~MY ENTIRE LIFE~ LOL.
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phagedaina d'he mou sarkas thoinatai podos

So. I found my notebook from first grade, with a story/summary I did, and I can't stop laughing. >>;
One Morning Lazy Lion woke up like a Duak. he sao a lamb. he a said to the lamb. how R you. the Lamb Said fine thank you And you. And he said fine thak you. And dan he sao a Dog wilh a log. And dan he thrad in to a Duak. he Whihd he Was a Lion Agun. he was soooo sad. And Dan he thirad in to a Lion Augn And Lived Happly ever After. the end.
I had also written a story about a lazy caterpillar that had a butler. Oh, the hilarity. |D

But yeah, right now, I want to watercolour

Also I'm kinda afraid to post stuff now because all these amazing people are watching me. (T////T)
But I'll try to post some girls soon, too! I don't draw them that often, so I need practice, definitely, definitely!
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:iconrayemccloud: got Brawl today so I came over (well, I was actually with her in the GameStop but you know what I mean) and we played for a few hours. WHICH IS NOT ENOUGH BECAUSE BRAWL IS BADASS.
We unlocked a few people, but I actually didn't play with them much (which is weird because I have an unholy obsession with Captain Falcon and Falco and Snake's ass OTL); right now I really like playing as Meta Knight and Ike (omfg Ike do me now plz T3T).

I have a lot of stuff on my plate, but it's good stuff, hahaha. Next week I have spring break, so I want to get a lot of art done then.
•Roliana commissions
Go Green Go!
•CG practice
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Want one?

I got sick three times on early Friday morning, so I've been out of things more so than usual.

Also, I am going to sell arts. D: I need to scrounge up ~200 dollars soonish and I need to stop taking money out of my bank account (so I won't be retardedly poor in college).
I'm tempted just to draw up silly pictures of Naruto characters and sell them for like 50000000 bucks to kids who go to another high school's anime club. XDDD (HINT HINT BRITTISH LOLOLOL 8DDD)

To scan/post:
•Khyfer and Jazencrou and me
•random doodle pages
•studio art shit
•Sharknife fanarts
•ZSSamus fanart
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As you know, I've made icons for my friends Acorn and Belinda a lot.
It's been quite a long time since I've had a new icon, so it's time for change!
The theme I'm going with this time is "our OCs as mafia members in the layout of the Brady Bunch" a.k.a. 9 blue squares with black borders. XD

Here's the current line up:
Shadows-in-the-shade : Para or Moloch
RayeMcCloud : Koji
Acorn-Chan : Derrik
Brittish : Kearo or Mer
stripedfoxx : Keita
AmnestysMagic : one of her rp characters :3
Final-Fenix : Max

PowderedVinegar : herself

I only have 7-8 people out of the 9 needed, so if you're interested in one, and you know me and/or several of my friends pretty well, I'll be willing to make you one, as long as you have an OC that you can provide refs for.
I still need to decide whether I want to do pixelly+animated icons or just static, HQ icons. :0

A lot of my friends have been posting what they want for Christmas, so I guess I'll share too. I have my wish list here. XD *way too specific*

I'll have more art to post soon (late birthday gifts @_@ ++random doodles).

tagged by :iconbrandokay: because I was one of the first 8 to comment. @_@;
1. Post these rules in your journal so others know how it works.
2. Post 8 random facts about yourself in your dA journal.
3. At the end of your post, tag 8 more people to learn some random things about.
4. Go to their page and leave a comment telling them they're tagged.

1:: I'm not very photogenic. When a photo is taken of me, I make sure most of them will never see the light of day.
2:: My dream is to buy a house and then have all my close friends (internet lovelies are close friends, too!) live with me. I feel a lot closer to them than some of my family. D: <3
3:: I don't know how to study, since I've always been one of the kids who doesn't need to. But now I'm royally screwed and have a D in chemistry and calculus. *weep* jj__jj
4:: I want to go into the medical field so I can help people (and make drugs lol), but at the same time, I want to see dead bodies, dying people, and pain. It's revolting and beautiful and fascinating. And I'm a sadist. ):
5:: I make weird "sound effects" irl. I'll often say weird things like "nyorg" or "hurk". Sometimes I will pretend I'm shooting lasers at people from my eyeballs. I don't do this unless I'm in art class. XD
6:: When I'm in art class or around close friends, I get really energetic. Most of the time I'm very tired and therefore act very oddly, so my friends often think I'm on drugs, or a lack of them.
7:: I don't sleep or eat often. >: The longest I've gone without sleep is a bit over 3 days, and lunch does not exist in my world. Yes it's not healthy, but I am a very picky eater. :[
8:: I would like a few piercings (snakebites, septum, ears) and a tattoo (sleeve on my right arm). My parents don't think I should "ruin my body," but I think they're lovely. To each their own.

Umm, I'll just tag anybody who wants to do this. XD
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therefore I am.
that this will only make sense to you if you've heard about/played Etrian Odyssey.

Also: Daedalus Yumeno from Ergo Proxy is a cutie pie and I want him. D: Adorable[/mentallyunbalanced] medical geniuses ftw.


EDIT:: thanks for 9k views!! :heart: m(_ _)m

power walking is a competitive sport, bb. WHO WILL WIN?!!
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what the crap.

my art keeps rocking from semi-realistic to über emo boyage and then back to my crappy old way.

I'm feeling rather ill (like I need to blow chunks AT ALL TIMES) so prolly not much art from me unless it's old stuff I've scanned in.
left to right: Night, Para, Kiwi, and Ralph

Thanksgiving was passable, organic stuffing a bit undercooked,
damn was that gravy good.

until my Grandmother
(mom's side; like it could be any other way)
decided to come over AGAIN

afuckingHAM and twentyfive pounds of turkey.

And yeah. crazy korean christian old lady trying to exorcise my mom or shit with weird chants that sound like maracas.


it's stuff like this that makes me love my mom.

also, I got some sexy striped sweaters from my sister and hopefully we can take crazy lady's car to get my hair trimmed because whenever I ask my sister to cut/trim it she throws a hissy fit and I can never seen to tell her how I want my hair trimmed/cut.

and and I really want to draw comics and ink them with those fancy dip pens I got BUT I ALWAYS try to erase too soon and it ruins everything. :[
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left to right: Night, Para, Kiwi, and Ralph

I's days like these that make you want to draw comics. ;n_n

ALSO: I am totally adoring The Gothic Archiessss <3

A strange thing happened today at lunch:
BJ and I tend to argue whether or not I should keep my hair short. I, personally, like it short.

He argues: "you look like a guy from behind!"
I go: "I do not!"
But then,
he and Staci are all like "turn around" and I reluctantly do so.

They agree that I do indeed look like a guy from the back.
o _o
So BJ's making fun of me that some girl is gonna go all "hey bebe" on me thinking I'm a guy
or some hot gay guy's gonna do that. XD

Just now am I beginning to find truth in that statement. But I'm not growing my hair out! D:
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Holy fuck.

-both computers in my house are dying [mine's dead D:]
-first time in like fjkldsfjk days I've been on a compy
-I got my DS lite Onyyyyx Friday afternoon :Q
-on the last case in PW [Edgeworth~~~ :heart:]
-waiting for Minish cap
-aim not working

left to right: Night, Para, Kiwi, and Ralph
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  • Reading: both of my AP US history books T_T
  • Drinking: V8 Splash - mango peach

Nobody at school wanted to try my oatmeal cookies that taste like snickerdoodles!
; _;

But when I got home, Dad and I went to Andrew's AFB, and I got a new HD! :Q 300gb~!
Which means that after I borrow a friends iPod cord and find the rest of the CDs Mai sent me, I can install the new HD and I will be happy-fun with my working compy!

We also got food at the commissary, always a good thing. <3

left to right: Night, Para, Kiwi, and Ralph
all by me, your loverly, uh, girl with an elephant watch!?
music: "Belgium" :: Dog Traders

left to right: Night, Para, Kiwi, and Ralph
all by me, your loverly, uh, girl with an elephant watch!?

Here's the deal, since only a few of you guys know this:
-my computer = fucked up
-I've backed up only some of my files and thanks to supa-dad-Mai, I'll be able to back up the rest
-I almost got the KotORII disc stuck in there ;_;
-this might become the THIRD computer I've gone through in 2-3 years
-using my dad's computer
-dad's computer has an obscene amount of SPYWARE on it D:
-new AIM name, since there are retards bugging me.
music: "PERFUME" :: Sugizo
[darn you Mai! :Q]

left to right: Night, Para, Kiwi, and Ralph
all by me, your loverly, uh, girl with an elephant watch!?

Yes, anyways.

Schoooool is making me have retarded sleeping hours so I only get like 6-8 hours of sleep everyday then I wake up at night and have to get ready for school. T___T So when I'm sleeping, my dad is going to work and I tend to forget to make him sign crap.

[At least I only need to carry around a few folders, a binder and my Stats book. =3=]

But I loves me some JAVA. *Q*
*does a JAVA dance*

Also, this means I won't be online much. ; _;
music: "Golden Years" :: David Bowie

left to right: Night, Para, Kiwi, and Ralph

[don't worry Megan, I'm working on yers 'U']

EDIT from the last journal:
damnit, I'm like schnarking arts form people.
SO. First
4 people to comment to this edit will get free copic/oekaki stuffs of something they want (aka tell me what you want because I'm terrible at giving gifts. *A*)

music: "GIRLS no Kubittake" :: Hirata Hiroaki


Maple Story: Broa: ch16: heavyKotex
Pangya: Water: Serpens: sinthes


Ed: o 3o
Acorn: XD that looks like a phishie.
Ed: XD
Ed: geez
Acorn: o3o <---phish
Ed: o *o
Ed: butthole with eyes
Acorn: XD

damnit, I'm like schnarking arts form people.
SO. First 8 people to comment to this edit will get free copic/oekaki stuffs of something they want (aka tell me what you want because I'm terrible at giving gifts. *A*)