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MoM 2010 Entry: Fantastic Lin
Might Of Maidens 2010 Entry:  Lin Wong aka Fantastic Lin
Height:  5'9"
Weight:  255lbs.
Measurements:  38DD-28-38
Race:  Human
Gender:  Female
Alignment:  Good, with mischievous tendencies
Personality:  Upbeat
Occupations:  Superheroine and Model
"No, no, no, definitely not! Nah this one is just for Vincy."
Lin was going through her bikinis after getting the invitation to participate in the 2010 Might of Maidens contest. She knew that she was probably going to be one of the lightest participants in her division, and that meant she would have to really stand out in the crowd.
Lin called out, "Vincy, do you have any idea what I should wear for the Might of Maidens contest? I'm coming up blank!"
Her husband Vince came into their bedroom and had to look at his fantastic wife's muscular body on her knees as she was doing her digging. Vince cleared his throat, and Lin jumped slightly, then smiled as she
:iconvince3:vince3 11 20
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Vince and Lin by Eric :iconvince3:vince3 43 16
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Rest in Peace :iconvince3:


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4 deviants said Never hand someone a gun unless you're sure where they'll point it.
2 deviants said And that's when I shot him, your honor.
2 deviants said When you reduce a family tree to a family bush, you just can't hide as much beneath it.
1 deviant said Aside from dying? Can't think of a thing.
1 deviant said Now get the hell out of our galaxy, both of you!
1 deviant said To leave now that I have decided to stay with the others, would be rude... and uncomfortable.
1 deviant said With my very busy schedule I can only accommodate so many requests. I know it's a burden, but you will simply have to wait your turn.
1 deviant said Sorry she meant to say "Stripped naked and thrown out an airlock." I apologize for any confusion this may have caused.
1 deviant said We are all the sum of our tears. Too little and the ground is not fertile, and nothing can grow there. Too much, the best of us is washed away.
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HardLife - Post Combat: what do you want to see/do? What sort of terms of surrender would you like to demand/negotiate? (leave comments) 

15 deviants said Feed... (type will depend on perks/race)
12 deviants said Claim as Subordinate
10 deviants said Demand Tribute/Satisfaction
6 deviants said Demand Apology/Compensation
6 deviants said Take Wallet/Posessions
3 deviants said Demand Favor/Debt
3 deviants said Take Hostage
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HardLife v0.25
Its been three weeks (again) since the last public build, so here's an update to hold you guys over while I continue developing features for v0.3's release (SOON).

Download/Play it on my stash:

Mature Content

HardLife v0.25 by ShadowRx

(in case stash isn't cooperating, you can also download it on patreon: )

* Slave Interactions
* Muscle condition matters... affects ability to work out and fight
* everything in the hotfixes below: (all part of v0.24-v0.25 update)

--- previous betas:

v0.2474-Hotfix 1: fixed a crash bug when formatting negative weight values for display

Hotfix 2: fixed a parenthesis error/typo in the calorie system that caused larger characters to burn far more calories than intended during rest and other activities. Fixed a bug in the calorie to weight conversion system that would trigger rapid weight loss for massive characters for seemingly no reason. Found the edge of the time dimension... and a way back from there. Reduced the height-spike generated during wild serges, and buffed the muscle-tone gained. Added description for base-height gain on serge, Restored the ability to raise your opponent through pure healing, without a serge- this allows a more flexible ratio of feeding to healing, making it once again possible to shrink someone down to 1" and take them home as a pet.

Hotfix 3: Multiple balancing and usability enhancements, as follows:
* Content Filtering: Height-gain can now be turned off
* Fixed Issue where Food Menu reloaded/closed box after every item used
* Muscle recovery now scales with regen and available protein
* Kick (strong attack) added to combat, opponent still punches in response
* Opponent now counter-slaps
* Actions taken in combat count as training and cause small stat boosts.
* Training now Scales with Caliber, initial rate reduced for balance

Hotfix 4: 
* Amazon-Index added, it sets the ratio of female:male power and scales the power levels of female NPCs accordingly, this value slowly increases over time and with certain actions/events (currently on the WildSurge triggers this, and it increases it by 0.01 for each surge)
* Because the Index grows, I decided to start it off extremely low (0.1, which sets a rough starting putting males at a near 10x advantage, with minimum stats being 5, so the actual advantage is between to 1-6x depending on how stats roll out, and there's a secondary change which brings that closer to 3x)
* In part to adjust for this initial handicap, female characters have had their 'fatal damage' threshold extended to a factor of their caliber (this will also result in fewer accidental deaths, and high levels being extremely hard to kill, while still being defeatable; it also allows draining for far longer.)
* Percentage chance for, and power level of, WildSurge now scales with caliber
* WildSurges no silently award Life-Shards, which are a seed of the primal essence of life/evolution itself, and will be a major source for discovering/unlocking powers (they will also be able to cause other, less pleasant, mutations that can corrupt the weak into monstrosities, or overload/destroy them outright)
* By request and concession, it is now possible for males to benefit from WildSurges, but they are more likely to have side-effects, especially with high/repeated exposure. They can currently handle up to their caliber + lifeshards amount of surge (the surge is a random value between 1/6 of YOUR caliber and 100% of the target's caliber), after which they overload. IN FUTURE all targets will have a chance of failure that will scale on multiple factors (possibly including the Amazon-Index)
* New Content/Filter: BREAST EXPANSION. If turned off (default value) cup sizes will be scaled down to the triangular-root/base(/unstack) of their current value. This will result in a couple of characters starting a bit smaller, Tammi will be a C instead of DD, and Lisa will be a B instead of C. Turning it (back) on will reverse/cancel this scaling. While ON you can gain a modest amount of breast-size by Feeding or through a WildSurge, the larger the Surge (based on your own caliber/stat-levels) the larger the gain. Like HEIGHT GAIN, this can be frozen at any time by turning the content off. (I haven't yet added descriptions for the breast growth, but you can see the change in real time during combat)


Supporters can beta-test/play the latest version (currently v0.25):

Supporters have access to the Cheats Menu and the first hero-character: Lisa Irons (you may remember her from:  Lisa vs Tank (3 of 4) by ShadowRx)

You probably noticed from the long version number that there are several things in development under the hood. This version will be replaced as features are completed, v0.3 will be here soon.

RC3 Beta is up and looks stable... I'm going to test it for a bit longer with the new changes, and get Cindy up to 1000 stats and see how the balance plays- it looks good so far, but levels will tell.

Anyway, one way or another v0.25 will be posted in a few hours. (finally)
Small upgrade planned for today for RC3, which should be the final build before I post it tonight. Its high time all these highfalutin body parts were put to use!

Your low-average (average of the minimum-value and the total-average) ARM condition will affect your punch strength, your LEG condition your kick strength, and your CORE will determine your damage resistance and headbutt strength. Finally, aside from farming stats, a reason to train all those muscles! (and later bones & joints)

This change will also be useful when adding grappling/submission holds (no present ETA on a grappling system, oddly its not on the roadmap yet... I'll try to squeeze it in sooner rather than later), and estimating loss of mobility with injuries... and, contests like Arm Wrestling, where strains and injuries are likely.
v0.25 Release Candidate 2 in private testing... won't be long now. Expect the new version later today (after I get some sleep).
Ready to scream... Twine has the indecency to tell me that x+y=x; when y>0; So,  -100 health +10,000 = -100. WTFH?!

Its in a minor area, but this is ludicrous. I also cannot get my javascript alerts to fire in the function that actually adds the health. I know the function works, but its behaving as though its running on a different thread from the UI. >:{ (its an inline call, and there is no multithreading in twine!)

The correct values come back afterward, but it completely borks the logic that is checking health level after the heal!

Maybe its a weird artifact of how sugarcube handles its temporary variables? :shrug:


Yup. No change to the logic whatsoever, I simply copied the VALUE of the initial health out of the object, and ran a parallel addition (the object property and my own local javascript variable), then had the logic test my LOCAL variable instead of the object, and the bug was fixed.

This still makes zero sense that an object property DOES NOT  UPDATE THE INSTANT ITS UPDATED and instead returns the OLD VALUE when checked, until code execution returns to the idle state... guess this is another twine/sugarcube quirk to keep an eye on for future bugs. o_O';

(we are using a zero-length history, so only the current state exists... but it seems the same logic that doesn't save changes to the current passage to the gamedata until you switch passages still applies. :roll: ... of course that means instead of MUTATING the object property of the current passage as expected, sugarcube has elected to write the changes to the new copy its making for the next passage/history state. As though the getter and setter operations don't reference the same object. I'm not even using twine/sugarcube to mutate the property, its being done in a local javascript scope within a method of my engine object. Now, technically it is in the twinescript parsing state, which grants access to temporary variable names... though that's irrelevant here since I'm passing the reference to the method, rather than using temp variable names within the method.)

AnyWHO, the Surge no longer tells you the target is still dead when clearly they aren't. And perhaps this explains some other weirdness in combat where things aren't triggered until a round AFTER they should be. ^^;

Still have a bit more testing before I'm happy, but I'll have this up later today (ugh... its already 2:30 am... here goes another night without sleep :|)

(ah, who am I kidding... I DID scream... many times; its a good thing my room's on the far end away for the neighbors... :lmao:)
This may not be the most popular feature, but muscle-damage is now accounted for when trying to work out. If the condition is less than/equal to zero, then you cannot "safely" perform any exercise that relies on that muscle group. Later on, when joints and bones are added, along with injury risk, I will allow you to "attempt anyway" (for those like Hellequin11 and Abdomental who want to test/train themselves to the breaking point...).
I can't believe how much time I've spent rebalancing combat after a few upgrades to the system... I've almost got it settled now; its a bit slow for now, but when we add the wounding system (still quite awhile down the road) it will go alot faster. In the meantime, I have added fatigue to make the battles more realistic and ensure fights end, even if neither party can significantly hurt the other.

The main goal of this update was slave interactions, but I've spent far more time working on combat (partly because you can now re-fight slaves), adding miss/crit/counter, adjusting the proc rates, and ensuring everything scales with overall power levels.

We aren't doing anything with them yet, but now when you lose a fight, the NPC that beat you gets saved/copied to your ENEMIES array... so once the re-encounters are added, you'll have a chance to go after anyone from engine v0.25 on.

I've also added placeholder arrays for FRIENDS and LOVERS, and a general one under WORLD to store NPCs for encounters when playing a different character on the same save-file. (A feature I'm planning will allow you to switch out your active character with other character's you've met, including your slaves)

I still need to refactor the food, equip, and examine menus to be slave-compatible, but we are nearing a release of Engine v0.25 with Content v0.3+.
Fixed the naming collision for slaves, its not elegant, but at least it gets us past the overwrite problem. (It doesn't affect the display name, only the internal one... but this may cause challenges later when copying characters between playables, saved NPCs, and slaves- because its not a truly unique ID, only a locally unique ID in that array)

I've finally refactored the attack actions, they now behave more consistently, and will be easier to split off into their own actions array later. This has also allows us to have the CPU opponent select their own action, rather than it being determined by your action. Additionally, the opponent now also benefits from stat-training mid-combat. I'm also finally implementing basic hit, crit, counter mechanics to combat... so fights may get a bit tougher for low level characters.

And, of course, this is while working on the slave interactions (including re-fighting), so even though a couple of points are ahead of schedule, they are related to the current feature upgrade.

There will still be a couple of interactions not yet enabled, like talking- which requires relationships and emotions/motivations be implemented first (slated for development in engine v0.7), but I will try to get as many of the interactions opened up as I can now.

More to come, but I hope you'll find these updates worth the wait.
Still finding bizarre artifacts in the name system... I just ran into a girl named Hedwig. :? (I have gone through that list half a dozen times pruning all the boys-only names from the girls list, and the girls-only names from the boys list... and yet I keep finding more o_Ok)

So, the thought occurred to me that another nice option for slave interaction would be to RENAME THEM. Easy enough, especially since we're working on UID and name collisions anyway. And, as their mistress, after all, you CAN call them whatever you want... and they WILL - LIKE - IT. :devil:

Of course, I didn't save after encountering Hedwig, so after I added the (unprogrammed) link to the interface and pulled it up to see how it fit, I got a little surprise and a touch of irony.

The only slave I had on that game, it turns out, I wouldn't rename for the world :3

HardLife - revised slave menu by ShadowRx
And if I hadn't been thinking about renaming incidents like "Hedwig", I might never have even noticed this gem. :lol:
Okay, there's a lot of bugs to fix, but you can now fight slaves whenever you want. (and by extension heal and drain them)

Progress, at least. Still much to do...
Alright, this is fair amount of refactoring to the menus... specifically the FOOD, EQUIP, and EXAMINE menus, as they need to handle more than just the player character as a target now.

I'll need to plan these out a little, but you'll be able to use items/etc. on NPCs once this is done. (for now that means feed, clothe, and examine, but this will extend to selecting workouts/actions for them)

I still haven't settled on a unique identifier...

...and date of birth and age will be a little trickier than expected, since age can be changed, but date of birth should remain constant... and yet we still need the passage of time to affect age. Anyway, we can't just subtract DoB from the current date to determine age now. (not that javascript is very good at subtracting dates anyway...) This will probably be a case for separating Biological and Chronological ages, as I've done before in PSL (since species have different lifespans)

It might not be too bad, since we are planning to take a timestamp each time a character is updated, we can just add the time since that timestamp to age. (and format age to hide the decimal)
I did't say Social Security Numbers... but that IS pretty close to what I need. Obviously with random name generation there is a tiny chance of collision. For any kind of persistent character, a unique index is required to avoid accidental overwriting. An integer-based array auto-index isn't even close to being up to this kind of challenge... no, I need a unique identifier that works ACROSS arrays/objects.

Full-name works well for this... until suddenly you replace a character you didn't mean to because more than one person is named Bob Smith.

Aside from being a Unique Identifier, what other value does an SSN have? Well, it tells us something about when and where it was issued, and thus infers the same about when and where someone was born. And it gives our characters something to glean from hacking, and some future play options.

Now, clearly there is no reason to use, and possibly even a detriment for using,  US SSN formats (besides, the game doesn't officially occur in any particular country or state... though Southern California is heavily implied by the map, and would befit Cindy's aspirations)

So, we will need our own system of identifier, and must decide what information it should encode, if any. Do we simply have a base that gets incremented to avoid duplicate entries? Should there be a bit more strategy to this?

Will the game use date of birth to later implement some kind of astrology system? Perhaps, at the very least it could display the signs of NPCs and possibly use this to shape their personality traits. Should that be attached to this number? Probably not, so perhaps it doesn't need the exact 'Date of Birth', but should still say something about when and why it was issued.

Shockingly, one of the simplest ways to generate a short, readable identifier value with very-low rate of collision, picking one or more bits of the data to hash into a hexadecimal string (such as CRC32, MD5, or SHA1), is not as trivial a matter in javascript as it would be in most modern computer languages. [would require a custom implementation and would likely be slow... amazing that there is no native support for this]

Now, a hash wouldn't be totally useful anyway, since the distribution would lead to seemingly random numbers... on the other hand, if we GENERATED a random hash then DECODED it based on rules of a SSN-like number... it could be used to determine a seemingly random set of circumstances leading to the number being issued (location, year, etc.)

So, the real question is, beyond just creating a unique index for slaves, NPCs, and playable characters in the arrays, "do we want this number to contain a meaningful value that our characters may later be able to exploit?" (and again, if so, what the hell should it store/say about the issuee?)

On a side note, and rant about Chrome's stupid pocket-dictionary, how is it the dev's anticipated that there would be issuers, but failed to reason that it necessitates the creation of issuees, to whom the issuers issued? It has the absolute-  dumbest gaps in its vocabulary. ^^;


Shadowriter, the
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States

HardLife - Post Combat: what do you want to see/do? What sort of terms of surrender would you like to demand/negotiate? (leave comments) 

15 deviants said Feed... (type will depend on perks/race)
12 deviants said Claim as Subordinate
10 deviants said Demand Tribute/Satisfaction
6 deviants said Demand Apology/Compensation
6 deviants said Take Wallet/Posessions
3 deviants said Demand Favor/Debt
3 deviants said Take Hostage
1 deviant said Something Funny... (comment)
1 deviant said Something Dark... (comment)
No deviants said No Demands, Just Release Them

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- by Stone3D

SSW versus Nemesis
- by Soviet-Superwoman

Aayla Secura commission
- by LordDaroth

Muscular Nagi in Bikini (Double Bicep Touch Flex)
- by MasterMcCraig1982

Yvonne Catterfeld Muscled
- by Turbo99

Growth Drive! Misty and May 6 (Final)
- by FudgeX02

Other News:

the One Rule + Changes to Features and Affiliates[the One Rule:]
One Rule to Ring Them All,
One Rule to Find Them,
One Rule to Bring Them All,
And in Our Gallery Bind Them.
It seems there has been a little confusion in voting of late, so to clarify...
This group has but one rule: "If it shows women as STRONG, its accepted; if it shows women as WEAK, its rejected."
Muscle tone is encouraged, but not required. If a piece shows, for example, an FBB being overpowered by a smaller male opponent IT IS DECLINED as it still shows the woman as weak by comparison. If a piece shows a small woman overpowering a large man, than obviously its in. Strength/Power is the relevant factor, not size.
(Sometimes size/muscle-mass is the only power-indicator provided in a picture, in which case we have to use it. So, fair warning, do not submit Blizzard-esque male-to-female body proportions without CLEARLY showing her overpowering him. The character's relative Canon power levels will be considered, if known, but this may not always be enough. For example,

Previous Weeks:

Voting for this weeks Feature: (coming soon)

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