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G8F Swole+Massive 18ft tall 12ft biceps :iconshadowrx:ShadowRx 7 11
2-way/Enhanced Telekinesis...
IDEA: What if Telekinetics could FEEL what they were moving? ...the sensory-feedback equivalent to what has up until now been considered a motory-only ability.
norm: "That's... ughh; horrible."
teek: "Right?"
norm: "Why don't you just move it into the bin?"
teek: "You're kidding right? That's fucking disgusting."
norm: "But, you're not even touching it... it's not like it gets all over your hands."
teek: "Oh no, it's a thousand times worse... it's... imagine what it would be like to feel every molecule oozing around your brain."
norm: "Right then; shall we call it in?"
teek: "Yeah. Let someone else deal with it."
(Also, in case the pseudonyms make no sense to you, here's a refresher: Ψ "The Corp is Mother; the Corp is Father; Trust the Corp." Ψ )
:iconshadowrx:ShadowRx 5 0
HardLife v0.27039 (public) - road to v0.30 by ShadowRx
Mature content
HardLife v0.27039 (public) - road to v0.30 :iconshadowrx:ShadowRx 130 141
XristinaMassey-N50 by ShadowRx
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XristinaMassey-N50 :iconshadowrx:ShadowRx 4 0
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Stock-350lb-7ft0in-24bi-Valkyrie-P16-A03 by ShadowRx
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Stock-350lb-7ft0in-24bi-Valkyrie-P16-A03 :iconshadowrx:ShadowRx 2 0
Stock-320lb-6ft9in-22bi-Amazon-P16-A03-HDF21 by ShadowRx
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Stock-320lb-6ft9in-22bi-Amazon-P16-A03-HDF21 :iconshadowrx:ShadowRx 2 0
Stock-290lb-6ft6in-20bi-Warrior-P16-A03-Fighter04 by ShadowRx Stock-290lb-6ft6in-20bi-Warrior-P16-A03-Fighter04 :iconshadowrx:ShadowRx 3 0

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We Remember You... Deviations from Lost Artists; those who: have Quit, been Banned/Suspended, been Offline for a Year or More, or have Passed On...

Rest in Peace :iconvince3:


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Who likes Polls? :excited: 

10 deviants said I LOVE POLLS!! :w00t!:
3 deviants said Ugh, more crap to fill out? :work:
2 deviants said If I say yes, can I hang out here for a while? :lonely:
2 deviants said I don't know! The media hasn't told me what to think yet!! :o
2 deviants said I think I'll vote for... no, maybe... agghh, can't decide! :writersblock:
2 deviants said Why bother, its not like my vote counts anyway... :(
2 deviants said 2 years since your last poll, and this is the best you could come up with?! :roll:
1 deviant said Yes, choose... but only from the choices you give us! :upset:
1 deviant said I gotcha poll right here pal... :threaten:
No deviants said Ich hasse Umfragen! :rage:

Apologize?! Never! -- on the other hand... 

4 deviants said Never hand someone a gun unless you're sure where they'll point it.
2 deviants said And that's when I shot him, your honor.
2 deviants said Now get the hell out of our galaxy, both of you!
2 deviants said When you reduce a family tree to a family bush, you just can't hide as much beneath it.
1 deviant said Aside from dying? Can't think of a thing.
1 deviant said To leave now that I have decided to stay with the others, would be rude... and uncomfortable.
1 deviant said With my very busy schedule I can only accommodate so many requests. I know it's a burden, but you will simply have to wait your turn.
1 deviant said Sorry she meant to say "Stripped naked and thrown out an airlock." I apologize for any confusion this may have caused.
1 deviant said It takes only a moment. But we spend the rest of our lives looking back at that moment in shame.
1 deviant said We are all the sum of our tears. Too little and the ground is not fertile, and nothing can grow there. Too much, the best of us is washed away.

Which playable HardLife character is your favorite, and why? (plz comment) 

24 deviants said The girls are nice, and all, but what I'm REALLY looking forward to is being able to create my OWN character instead of using a prebuilt.... (it's in planning, but it will probably be sometime after engine v0.4)
14 deviants said Susan Gina Wynter-Marien - the high school athlete born with a sacred destiny to battle monsters and demons, or somesuch
12 deviants said You already have too damned many characters, and not enough story for them, why on Earth are you adding more?
8 deviants said Cindy [Williams/Campbell/] Phoenix - the aspiring actress whose world came apart, and who now has to rediscover herself and claw her way back to the top..
6 deviants said Leona [Carpenter] Lee - the romantically challenged ex-con who spent her high-school years locked away for almost strangling that cheating/date-raping a******, and whose life has been 19 years of f***** up s***.
5 deviants said Tammi (X) - who just escaped an extremely abusive relationship and is now trying to start over in a new city
4 deviants said When are you going to add some more... *interesting* gender options than just the binary M/F? (Anything in particular you're looking for?)
1 deviant said I only play as dudez, I don't like being chix... (then why are you trolling my gallery? ;p)
1 deviant said WTF is HardLife??? I led a sheltered life and wasn't allowed to play adult-themed games... (this is

Mature Content

HardLife v0.27039 (public) - road to v0.30 by ShadowRx
No deviants said Actually, I'd like you to add another character... (give detailed comment on what you want to see)


Used to be indifferent, but the more I try to use Eclipse, the more I HATE it. :shakefish:
HardLife is now on

dedicated channels have been added for questions and bug-reports/feedback.
Working on some more CHAR/OBJ complex-property refactors/optimizations.

I'm going to move all calculations (for STATS, METRICS, etc.) into an easier to manage/mod FORMULAS table, and combining that with optimizations for caching and invalidation of current, maximum, and scaling values.

This is moving toward a unified API for fetching/dynamically-generating all calculated properties. This will allow for lazy-loads/on-demand-updates of things, and it will simplify the codebase and ensure future compatibility of (most)all gamesave data. (It won't matter if I change where/how something is stored once this abstraction layer is added, so these refactors can stop breaking compatibility)

This also makes the logic-engine/game-rules more flexible and the work reusable for completely different games and rule systems. (as well as special/custom builds)

All of the complex properties support TEMP and PERM modifiers, like the existing stats system. Which makes nearly every value modifiable (such as a ring that adds +2 to a skill), and allows optimized recalculations (such as invalidating ONLY the PERM.equip value when equipment is changed; to prevent iterating over unchanged data branches)

This should significantly reduce overhead and the amount of time it takes to process/update characters/objects in-world, keeping the game stable as the scale of encounters grows.

This planning comes in light of needing to add the Aspect Levels, and related  sub-properties, to the system. All of these complex fields are pretty damned similar in data structure, so I am trying to standardize them and simplify implementation of new features and content, as well as maintenance of those existing.
Planning out some of the mechanics for aspects and skills now... (have been pondering for awhile, but they will be needed to complete v0.271's milestone on the roadmap; specifically, characters will have to have both, so both data blocks will need to be added to the character template, and starting characters)

Still quite a bit to work out, but for a skills system I want the following traits:
* you can learn ANY skill from ANYONE who knows it (will need to be incorporated into basic NPC interactions & PC actions)
* the relative differences between you and your sensei in terms of skill understanding, and the relevant stats & aspect-levels, will affect how quickly and easily you learn
* base chance and amount for skill gain is governed by the ratio of skill levels between them:you (@ 0 you will have a 100% chance to gain 100% level in that skill)
* stats improve chance to learn, using the inverse you:them
* aspects improve the amount gained, using you:them
* any points left over after a skill levels, reset back to zero (no over-leveling the subject matter)
* you will have other means to learn/develop skills, such as practice
* books will be treated the same as having a tutor (based on the understanding & stats of the author, less whatever the publisher has botched in editing ;p)

I realized only earlier today that there are 5 aspects, not just the 3-4 I had previously thought. Mind, Body, & Spirit are the easy ones... I had thought that the Potential/Dream self and the Elemental Self were one in the same, but it is clear to me now that the Elemental Self is at the apex/confluence of the other 4 aspects... it is the state of UNITY & BALANCE between them.

This explains why there are so many ways to influence the elements... each primary aspect has a means of doing so (Chakra, Kinesis, Mancy, Prayer), but in the final unified state, full control can be achieved (the Dance of Elements).

So... after 22+ years in development, it seems there is still quite a bit of room for core revelations in PSL. :D
HardLife v0.27039 (public) - road to v0.30
GAME UPDATED 06/02/2019

Download/Play in  HardLife v0.27039 by ShadowRx
on Patreon:
or on…
(you can also play older versions there: )

HardLife engine v0.27039 notes:
* Fixed 2 bugs in feed slaves interface (invalid menu-name, and possible target corruption)
* Character & World data-format now auto-updates on load (will prevent errors caused by missing properties from earlier versions, does not create pre-v0.26 branch/format compatibility, too much of the data core has changed between v0.25x & v0.26x to support older saves)
* Created SYS.DB library to refactor/simplify existing functions and house IndexedDB integration in future versions
- db_ifFun(callback, ARGS, defaultValue) call for optional callbacks
- db_getVal(obj, PARAMS) call that returns ((typeof x==='function') ? x() : x ), designed to be extensible
> db_getRoom(room, PARAMS) returns db_getVal((setup.DATA.ROOMS['rooms.'+room]||{}).passage, PARAMS)
> db_getScene(scene, PARAMS) returns db_getVal((setup.DATA.SCENES['scenes.'+room]||{}), PARAMS)
> this syntax allows interchangeable use of static (raw passage text/primative) and dynamic (function return) values, making prototyping & refactoring simpler
> refactoring is underway for accessing other setup.DATA tables
* added convenience methods for wrapping text with the following HTML tags: a, p, div, span, ul, li, table, tr, th, td -- accepts object properties as attribute lists
- added support for the wrap_xml() handler to allow ATTR to be a prerendered string, as an alternative to object-property format already supported
* added convenience methods and handler for wrapping passage code with the following SugarCube macros: link, linkreplace, linkappend
- handler supports both void/empty macros and normal ones (assumes void if contents argument isn't set), also supports optional args list
- DATA.SKILLS will contain trainable skills which will modify abilities, allow new actions, and improve job/task performance
- DATA.ABILITIES will contain the components necessary to calculate various athletic, mental, and other abilities -- including lift-power, reading-speed, and walk/run-speed
> indicates which Stats, Energies, Aspects, Powers, Skills, and Metrics govern each Ability estimate
> Abilities have a Base and Bonus score, the former is a static minimum, the latter adds to create is a dynamic maximum
> The core formula is identical for every ability, making it much simpler to implement the complex interactions
> The BASE ability formula is = (Stat)*(Magnitude+[AspectLv]+PowerLv)
~ for lift.power this means = (STR)*(Magnitude+PrimalLv+xSTR.Lv)
~ for read.speed this means = (SPD)*(Magnitude+AstralLv+xINS.Lv)
> The BONUS ability formula is = Math.max(0, Energy1+Energy2)*(1+SkillLv/10)
~ for lift.power this means = Math.max(0, Power+Vigor)*(1+ProperForm/10)
~ for read.speed this means = Math.max(0, Focus+Fight)*(1+Literacy/10)
> The formula also supports a Scaling Factor, if needed
~ for lift.power this is = xSTR.multiplier*unstack(muscleMass/10) * Math.max(0.1, muscleCondition%)
~ for this is = (xSPD.mult+xINS.mult-1)*(%Language * %Cipher * %Subject / %Mnemonic)
- TPL.CHAR has been extended with Athletics/Records branches
> CHAR.O now has 3 sub-branches:
~ CHAR.O.A is reserved to store the cached Abilities from the BASE formulas
-- the BONUS ability formula has to be run on each activation of the ability, and thus cannot be cached (depends on current energy levels)
~ CHAR.O.L is reserved to store the estimated ability for each Lift or Athletic Action (Bench-Press, Sprint, Long-Jump, Squat, etc.)
~ CHAR.O.R is reserved to store the records for Athletic Actions/Lifts (highest Bench-Press, etc.)
- The new calculations will take awhile to integrate, but will go in alongside the existing lift system
> the CHAR.O.L & CHAR.O.R branches will be integrated into the Athletics Summary Screen that I'm adding to the Menu
> the CHAR.O.A branch and formulas, once tuned, will be slowly worked into the gym and workouts in the next few builds
~ this will ultimately culminate in the renovation of the gym to using actual machines and weight plates
-- following this, equipment to furnish your own home-gym will become available
- CHAR.O.A has the following abilities reserved for addition to the DATA.ABILITIES table:
> 'aware.empathy', 'aware.lang', 'aware.logistics', 'aware.spatial', 'power.discipline', 'power.jump', 'power.lift', 'power.logic', 'power.math', 'power.speech', 'power.xform', 'speed.climb', '', '', 'speed.swim', 'speed.walk', 'speed.xlate',
> initially only power.lift and will be implemented, but if all goes well, more will be added over time
* Reduced Codebase by 16KB by replacing all references to setup.ALIAS with a global reference pointer (sX) on the window object, and another 2k by shortening some of the high-frequency method names
* formatSignificant() ( now called fmtSig() ) has been extended to allow fixed, min, & max decimal PARAMS
* Athletics/Ability screen (menu) added/started, currently shows Lift-Power & Reading-Speed calculations, will be expanded upon later (abilities will show the raw power/speed potentials, a separate athletics screen will be added later to show specific records, lifts, etc.).

The updated Roadmap going forward is:
v0.271 should be the ability calculations fully integrated (gym-lifts, the start of a better striking system, & the framing for a grappling system)
v0.272 should be the room-system and navigation
v0.273 should be the site/address/property system
v0.274 should be the tags & furnishings system
v0.275 should have fully functional housing
v0.276 should have all locations using the new format, including an updated gym with real weights & home-gym equipment
v0.277 should have the action-system finished and tied in with abilities, exercise, exploration, item-use(books/weights/etc.) & combat
v0.278 should have a modest set of skills & a development system (books, practice, etc.)
v0.279 should have the ability to upgrade powers, and a few discoverable ones (like Lena's Primal Magic & possibly Vampyric Blood Magic)

and with luck, we'll get the time system switched over from Active to Passive right around engine v0.28, which will put us on track to have:
v0.281 regular Income & Expense events (paydays, subscriptions, rent, utilities, etc.)
v0.282 services to buy or offer (utilities, webcamming/private-sites/shows, etc.)
v0.283 investment/property ownership and partnerships
v0.284 a basic job system, with support for events, scheduling, & performance reviews
v0.285 better support for electronic devices, virtual-sites, and a prototype remote-viewing system (for webcams, astral-projection, mind-control, remote-access/control, dreams, etc.)
v0.286 full support for event-scheduling and an encounter-probability/queue system (forget to pay the landlord for a couple of weeks?)
v0.287 NPCs converted to the DATA table/compressed structure, with many new NPCs introduced
v0.288 full conversion of random NPC & generic encounters into a single unified system (combining features from both for a better and more consistent experience)
v0.289 outfits/clothing mix & match properties & descriptors ("a man approaches in baggy old jeans and a shoddy-T, making him look like common riffraff..."), using an extension of the TAG & TRAIT systems
v0.29 -- a prototype Character Generation system (including new traits)
v0.291 proper loot on defeated opponents
v0.292 a prototype item-containment system, allowing you to find/put things in rooms/furnishings and wearables (pockets, shelves, purses, wallets, etc.)
v0.293 sub-targeting, allowing you to aim for particular regions, or interact with them
v0.294 support for multi-target/multi-opponent encounters/combat
v0.295 a prototype injury/wounding system
v0.296 the start of a grappling system, with simple grabs, slams, & throws (non-stateful)
v0.297 a prototype stateful combat subsystem, allowing more complex holds, pins, & submissions
v0.298 weapon-based attacks/actions, allowing for grappled targets(objects/persons) to be used against other targets in melee or ranged attacks
v0.299 a prototype weapons system, with durability, ammunition, sharpness/hardness/mass/recharge and other logistical factors
v0.3 ---- integration of all features into the new-UI project/refined code and data-base
v0.31 -- conversion of encounters to the multiple/simultaneous "situations" system
v0.32 -- prototype modular metabolic system and re-introduction of weight gain/loss, this time allowing for fat and muscle to be gained and lost independently, and alien/non-mortal metabolic needs (blood, elemental energy, lust/fear, etc.)
v0.33 -- metabolic needs & mood factors (sleep, boredom, anger, lust, etc.)
v0.34 -- adult interaction mechanics/prototype system (the necessary logistics will already be available at this point, so it primarily a matter of actions & descriptions)
v0.35 -- a prototype relationship system (trust, desire, attraction, faith, respect, etc.), intended to allow Casual, Professional, and Romantic relations to develop independently (with some overlap)
v0.36 -- a prototype multifactoral reputation system, meant to integrate with the relationship and upcoming Faction systems
v0.37 -- a prototype faction/political-motivation system, which predisposes members certain groups to react favorably or unfavorably to the reputation you've built thus far. (meant to make NPC reactions/encounters more interesting and manageable)
v0.38 -- a prototype pets/minions system (to replace the current slaves system), including for training, needs, housing, and commanding in the current environment (primary/physical-location) and a single active remote environment (viewing-location), and possibly a mission-prototype sub-system to allow them to be sent elsewhere without requiring your attention to control them
v0.39 -- support for swarms/multi-creature units (including as pets), in preparation for encounter escalations (next time they'll send more cops/thugs/etc, with bigger guns)
v0.4 ---- contest/competition core system -- meant to allow 1v1 contests in a wide range of fields, and be expanded upon later for free-for-all and team contests (including 1-v-team) and sports. (may require some optimization/caching for large-scale contests)

Several other systems are planned for development/integration along the way, including:
* Weather, Storms, Disasters & Elemental Powers
* the Astral Plane, Mind Control, Remote Viewing & Psionic Powers
* the Ethereal Plane, Afterlife, Reincarnation & Spiritual Powers
* Wildlands/Fields undeveloped land (dynamically generated)
* Combat & Athletic Skills
* Unlockable Skill/Power based Actions
* Nutrition (for normal human metabolisms)
* Simple & Advanced management options for human metabolism (do you need to worry about specific nutrients and hormones-- such as Creatine & Myostatin, or just general stuff like fat/protein/sugar/toxin levels?)
* Simple Graphics (some icons, faces, scene objects, etc., with experimentation for clothing & physique graphics... early prototype stuff mostly)
* Improved Karma system, including the Instant Karma Store! (option to spend ludicrous amounts of Karma to instantly manifest items/etc., and later to invest small seed amounts to increase the odds/rate of finding/creating the desired items)
* Advanced Karma system, allowing you to use it more directly to shape the world (the intended behavior of Karma in the PSL role-playing system), such as by helping or harming specific factors with specific groups. (aka wishing/willing to make someone stronger, weaker, healed, harmed, richer, poorer, etc.)
* Extension of Advanced Karma Mechanics to include Faith & Will in general, such as providing/receiving devotional energies between deities and their following, and related systems/energies such as between one's hero/idol/team and their fans. (yes, your prayers and emotional energy investment really can affect the outcome of sports, wars, and more)
* Ascension and Divine Powers (independent from the "super" powers system)
* Additional Cities & Worlds/Planes, including the ability to generate them dynamically. (will begin small with dynamic homes, shops, etc., but eventually extend to full environments)
* Technology- a system to advance or revert, or create alternate scientific histories for other worlds and times/timelines
* Magic- a more complete system of manipulating the fundamental forces behind our universe, including allowing the mixing and creation of spells and schools of magic
* Tattoos as a form of spellcraft/enchantment/warding (by the way, Advertising is a highly related School of Magic, but then so is Propaganda/Storycraft  ;p)
* Religion- building upon the mechanics of Faith to include divine favor, being selected to champion a cause, and the formation pantheons (either Dynamically or through Mods & DLC)
* Law- with Enforcement, Judgement, Crimes, and Punishment/Consequences (part of the system of escalation for those able/willing to resist)
* Authority/Governance- to allow for alternate political & socioeconomic systems in alternate worlds, changing of the existing world, and pretty much taking over when your powers grow to match your ego ;p
* Reproduction, Progeny, Family/Marriage, Genetics, and Racial/Special Traits & Abilities with a system for dynamic inheritance. (father's ears, but mothers infravision?)
* A Player/Soul-Jump system allowing you to switch characters, either to an established family member, minion/underling, pet/slave; or some form of psycho-spiritual/energy-based, or parasitical/symbiotic entity ability to change/control host bodies.
* Complete integration of the PSL rulesystem
* Complete integration of the PSL omniverse/planar structure
* DLC, Content-Updates, and Online Play Options/Features (still single player)
* In-Game and IRL time based cooldowns, log-in rewards (for online play), linking rewards for supporters (including support for special builds, custom characters, unique items, long-discussed karmic bonuses, and other forms of both free and unlockable DLC.) Will use 1-time linking codes, not patreon logins/auth; will later allow creation/linking of account on my website (currently down for redesign, though I have finally renewed the hosting and reserved the PSL domain for future development of the HL engine and PSL rulesystem), which will give us another hosting channel for the game (with better reliability than Philo of late, plus the ability to keep play statistics when the CURRENT VERSION has been updated), and a less restrictive ToS than some of the hosted sites (this and pretty much any other game I have or will develop has and always will be intended for an AO audience, even if the featureset hasn't yet been extended far enough to demonstrate such intent... I like an open sandbox with in-world consequences, I do not like censorship or forcing arbitrary moralities upon people... though you will meet people/NPCs/factions IN said games that very much do [hint: don't have sex in public while jaywalking and giving an officer the bird and talking shit about the mayor's mother, unless you can back it up. ;p ])

----- OLDER PATCH NOTES: --------

HardLife engine v0.26997 notes:
*    new preview character Lena(Elaine)
* SCENE DATA added to store special encounters/story passages
- call_scene function added to fetch scenes, supports appending & replacing current passage or element
- character intros moved to DATA.SCENES (reduced passage count by 5)
* Fixed current-passage progress-loss on saving. (still won't store temporary variables/encounter details, but will now remember your stats, inventory, etc. The NEW-UI branch can be made to keep encounter/room state, specifically because it has the unified-UI for all encounters/interactions)
* Created new universal home passage and began converting differences over to the new DATA.HOMES table
* Added DATA.ACTIONS & DATA.STATES table to prepare for Passive Time & Tags systems needed to complete housing feature
* removed 27 deprecated housing-related & menu passages, with 9 more pending with the exercise refactor, and about 20 more through other refactors
* "desc" function upgraded from desc(trait, CHAR) { describe "trait" of "CHAR" } to desc(trait, OBJ[, SUBJ]) { describe "trait" of "OBJECT" to "SUBJECT" }
- extension supports adding descriptions for clothing, rooms, items, vehicles, environments, food, and traits...
- allowing for comparison, bias, and scale testing... (a large or snobish character might describe things very differently than a small or poor one might)
- will enable size-difference content, social classes, etc. to be added
* Combat styling/feedback improvements & bug-fixes
* Unified Menu [TAB] (still needs work, but gives a character overview and lists other menus)
* Shards are now displayed (in the main menu)
* Styling improvements/fixes, including fixing display of height/weight on start screen for metrics-system users
* Added support for per-menu styling, and fixed stat-alignment bug in the guide
* Created batching function for faster/easier shop generation (supports arrays of category patterns, optional arrays of items within said pattern, optional pricing rate multipliers per entry & per shop, optional conditional hiding per entry and per shop, and an array of entries... allowing the entire catalog for the shop to be included in one call)
* Added option(s) to give Alice all of your primal shards, or 10 shards at a time
* Added support for use and give/use-on item actions in combat
* Added [Test: Drink] action to use an Elixir in combat, arms and core must be intact to use items, cannot evade while using items, resting, etc. Elixir's give a small health bonus and recover 10k qi.
* Rebalanced qi-falloff rate to new energy calculation,.found and fixed related bug that swapped energies incorrectly
* Qi falloff(overcharged) and recovery now scale with difficulty level
* Elixirs now grant a bonus % your of max qi, based on difficulty level, and provide a minor boost to your quantum state/energy makeup ('energy' permanent stat modifier)
* adjusted bio-scaling algorithm to only affect n-1 dimensions, keeping the height dimension intact
- added a circumference scaling function to compensate for simple metrics
* expanded the random-bust function's default min & max parameters to increase range and compensate for recent calculation changes
* discovered and fixed bug on junk page in new menu system, that was causing all but the last item to be omitted
* power upgrade system started, UI hooks added, interface coming soon
* fixed save-file descriptions so they actually show useful information now (instead of twine's default- the current passage text)
* working on several new menus... reserved hotkeys for upcoming items
* object integrity/damage system started, vehicles can now be destroyed by slamming and throwing them (beta feature, lacking detail)
- destroy vehicle branch now functional, gives punch and kick options, does %integrity damage based on attack strength
- additional post-lift actions shown in list during vehicle encounter, branch-options are in development


HardLife engine v0.26913 notes:
* New Cheat: Wayfinder Mode (unlocks all locations)
* Enabled Venus Mode cheat to affect generated species (non-NPC mobs)
* heightGain & breastGrowth rates are now affected by difficulty level
* height draining rate adjusted to fix bugs
* Fixed Negative-Drain bug...
* Changed drain-target stat loss from negative "drain" training to affect base-stats directly
* adjusted soft-cap on the index to scale better
* Tuned difficulty slightly upward (0.42->0.69; 1.00->1.34; 1.69->2.16; 3.16->3.46; 6.00->6.90; 10.00->16.00)
* Significantly reduced stat "bonus" on lower difficulties, so they start close to normal/default levels
* healing damage/fatigue now scales with difficulty level (fatigue uses stack, damage uses square) -- base recovery significantly buffed to compensate/balance change
* Enhanced status/condition display with severity indicator colors and explanation tooltips
* Added status conditions for low "Focus" and "Force" of Will
* Added status levels for Qi in positive range
- fading (1-25%)
- slowing down (26-50%)
- okay (51-75%)
- good (76-120%)
- energized (165%+)
* Energy statuses (Vigor, Power, Tough, Focus, Force) are now automatically hidden when the character is unconscious/killed
* Refactored S-Mart and converted Item-IDs to the more flexible URI/UID format used by the CMS and new-UI branch
* DeviL abs is still toxic(-health stat modifiers), but now has an infernal-gains side-effect(+demonic stat modifiers), and the fat-burning formula has been adjusted to scale better
* Parkside Fit-Rec's Juice/Protein Bar is now open!
- Mega-B Complex (allergy warning: contains athena-a1)
- Protein Powder


HardLife engine v0.26867 notes:
*     difficulty now affects encounter rates
- multiplies rates of enemies, stalkers, and vampires
- divides rates of random bills, lost wallets, and shopping baskets(*NYI)
* taunt action now also tones/damages abs (note, as before, attempting this with injured abs can greatly increase damage taken... but if your abs are strong enough, you can severely injure your opponent instead)
* the species table/parser now supports placeholders for text/non-numeric fields
- non-npc opponents now show gender in display-name
* support has been added for sub-zone encounter rate scaling
- encounter rate in workout area of gym is 3% of normal (6% of last build)
* Food now adds nutrition modifier (new positive modifier to counter effects of toxic products, such as DeviL abs, and eventual inclusion of poisons)
* items table simplified, onUse callback moved to separate table
* onUse support extended for all objects (using UIDs), not just items (forms basis for activated abilities for skills, powers, and devices)
* new version of onUse now also supports canceling if conditions not met, allowing for conditional use/equipping, and supporting effect-on-equip
* formula update - stat-modifier-overcharge:
- combined stat-modifier overcharge-cap implemented in anticipation of the introduction many new stackable stat-modifiers
- per-modifier bonus added to to permanent modifiers (unstack of modifier)- allows smaller gains once overcharge-cap has been hit (also serves as pre-cap training buff)
- net result is similar overall stats, with open ended support for new/upcoming methods of training/growth
* patched over null encounter bug (results