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The 3 Barons Of Hell

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The Devil May Cry 4 demo has hit the Live market a couple of days ago and it's been hard to get anything done. :omfg:

Considering it's coming out on the 5th, I didn't expect the demo to be out earlier than I figured [since I thought it would be the 1st or the day of its release that the demo would be released] originally, but I am ESTATIC that it is finally. :excited:

It's great to see that the team behind 1 and 3 are still in charge [seeming how Capcom fumbled the ball trusting the direct sequel to 1 to a unexperienced team and sort of sacked the original] and have the game rocking harder than ever. :#1:

The new character Nero is a welcomed start, especially with the new "Devil Bringer" and revving sword [you read that right] that [aside from making me laugh from the thought of Haruko's guitar and such :XD:] adds a whole new mechanic to the combat system. Not only can you just rev the sword 'till it's charged, but you can do revs during various times during slashes and swings to get more powerful slashes, quicker swings, or even a moment of power bursts. :wow: Even though I'm still trying to master it, it's a exciting feeling to see where they take this and just how other combos, moves, and even other types of weapons will utilize this function. :plotting:

Nero's dual-barrel pistol reminds me of HellBoy's "Good Samaritan" weapon. :lmao:

Speaking of the devil, anyone see the trailer to The Golden Army?? :D I'm excited. :omg:

But anyways, the 5th can't come soon enough. :omg:

:typerhappy::typerhappy::typerhappy: THIS WEEK ON THE INTERNETS... :typerhappy::typerhappy::typerhappy:

:bulletred:Chuck Norris President?
If that could happen in the future, I'd vote for whoever he supports. :lol:

:bulletred:LEGO T101
Someone went and constructed a Terminator out of LEGOS. :wow:

:bulletred:EA Calls Fox Out On Insulting Mass Effect
Go Electronics Art! :#1: I'm sick of the media demonizing video games. :shakefist:

:bulletred:Heavenly Star Fanpack
One of my favorite songs from Lumines II has a bitchin' customization pack for the PSP that also includes the ever-so-rare hit in a MP3! :deviation: Total recommendation if not just for the song! :stereo:

:bulletred:The NERF Lancer
Someone recreated the Lancer from Gears Of War using a Nerf Longshot! :wow: Video of it in action. :omg:

:bulletred:Actual Poltergeist Caught On Tape
Considering the documentation and impervious debunking behind this clip, PRETTY spooky. :fear:

:bulletred:Hello Kitty Ramen

:bulletred:Hello Kitty Burger Joint
…~!!! :omfg:

:bulletred:How To Make A Transparent Egg
Very interesting. :wow:

:bulletred:You Call That A KNIFE!?
Tables are turned on a robbery. :stab:

:bulletred:Cloverfield: The Third Person Shooter
Funny retrospective on Cloverfield and its analogies with gaming. :pacman:

:bulletred:The Top 10 Teaser Trailers Of All Time
#1 and #6 fills me with a epic nostalgia. :happycry:

:bulletred:The Front Fell Off
I dunno what's more hysterical – these guys or the fact that THE FRONT FELL OFF! :ohnoes:

:bulletred:Bombed In The Mouth
Guess he should've seen that one coming. :rofl:

:bulletred:Top 13 Free File Hosting Sites
Holy hell! :wow: suddenly seems obsolete. :faint:

:bulletred:The Super Smash Brothers Kirby Mix
This is too awesome for words. :boogie: :dance: :giggle:


Anyhow, been busy as ususal - aside from the Demo and homework - and haven't gotten new works to completion... yet. :work: Might be getting into a project that could open new opportunities for me and so forth, so stay tuned and thank you to those who have bared with me this long. ^^;

2oo8's gotten off to a great start with the end of this month! :w00t:

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LeoTravis80's avatar
Btw, have you seen the DMC anime? Just asking.
ShadowRunner27's avatar
Not yet, but I'm getting it with my pre-order of Devil May Cry 4. :excited:

You?? :omg:
LeoTravis80's avatar
What do you think of Nero? For me, I hope he does show some promise in the demo, I hope he doesn't completely steal the spotlight much like GSD with Shinn.
ShadowRunner27's avatar
Nero plays different from Dante and that's a good thing. :D Ever play as Virgil in DMC3? :?

GSD with who? :confused: Just so long as they don't do the whole Metal Gear Solid 2 shenanagan with Raiden, then I'm happy. :3 Wait, just so long as the game rocks, I could care less! :boogie:
LeoTravis80's avatar
Good point on the Raiden statement. A great example of ruining such a good game like a MGS2.

As for Vergil, yes I have. I wish he had a more detailed storyline.

I don't think you've seen GSD right? About 69% of the series is focused on Shinn. He began the series as the "hero" of sorts, but the staff also made him a villain later on. I'll be very upset if Nero turns out to be this way. He's a cool character as I checked out various arts.
ShadowRunner27's avatar
I don't think Raiden ruined it, just that the marketing behind it [the Doctored trailers 'n such] advertised it as a different game than it was. Granted, new faces and such were a welcome - so long as they weren't insanely bad - just that I wish they would've done more with it. :ohnoes:

Yeah, my expectations were high when I saw the intro to Virgil's side of the story, but was disappointed to see that it the rest of DMC3 as him was just a swap in place from Dante. :doh: Still fun to play as him, but kinda wish I knew what he was doing behind the scenes [like how the 2nd Scenario from Resident Evil 2 played out - it's like 2 games in one!]. :lol:

So what is GSD? Don't know the acronyms behind that. D:
EVA-Kirby's avatar
Awesome Kirby remix you found, Shadow. :dance:

Pbbht, forget the lancer, someone build a Nerf Spartan Laser! :shakefist:

Is it just me, or do women get the bigger weapons in media these days? O_o

Heh, nice to see a company actually defend their games for once. Indeed, this stereotyping of games is getting annoying... :no:

Ew... bird poo in the mouth... got any Listerine? :noes:
ShadowRunner27's avatar
I know! :lol: Download the MP3 to it? :dance:

A Nerf Spartan lazer would be cool, but c'mon, A FRIGGIN' LANCER! :chainsaw:

Hell yeah, it's a law. giggle:

Yup, the likes of them and Jack Thompson will annoy me till the end of days. :pissed:

That's why you never look up when birds are around! :boo: I've had my fair share of birds crapping on my head with where I live... Birds are EVERYWHERE. :ohnoes:
EVA-Kirby's avatar
Holy crap, I didn't! :omfg: <goes to download>

How bad are your birds over there? We got a black cloud full of crows at our local Walmart. :noes:
ShadowRunner27's avatar
Yup, got the video too. Now it's on ENDLESS LOOOOOP! *driving my roomates crazy* :stab:

Well, I have a tropical forest of birds right when I step out of my apartment. :O_o: The complex I'm living at has a ton of trees and BILLIONS of birds... can't walk outside with a sandwhich - that's a deathwish. :fear:
EVA-Kirby's avatar
Heh, that's nothing, especially if you have cannibalistic pelicans running about: [link] :omg: Try stepping out w/ a sandwich with THESE birds running about. :stab:
ShadowRunner27's avatar

Well how about zombie cows eating DUCKS? :O_o: [link]
EVA-Kirby's avatar
Not sure about it being a zombie, but... nom nom nom. =3

Try on a baboon eating a flamingo for size! [link] >= D
ShadowRunner27's avatar
Still wierd. :ohnoes:

Nothing like a spineless octopus to nuke a SHARK. :omfg: [link]
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