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Rough Metal

A texture I stumbled upon while trying to make something else. :slow:

This could be used for a object or thign with a rough metal look - what do you all think? :?
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Awesome! I'll use this for my Age of Wonders 3 Tamriel mod. The Draugr could use some nice basic iron armor texturing and I'm sure others will as well!
Thanks a lot!
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Used your stock for this deviation: [link]

Thanks. :]
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That's groovy but label where you got the texture from on your deviation. :ohnoes:
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I'm sorry, I totally spaced, and haven't been online in a while. I added the credit - won't happen again!
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It's ok, I've been that way on/off these past couple days. Been kinda sick. :ohnoes:

Feel free to any of my other textures. =P
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Since most people like to be let know, I'll be using this texture to make a diffuse for a model of mine.
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Just show me it when you're done! :lol:
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this is really great, thanks for posting it ;)
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It repeats very well so i am going to use it on the background for the new skin for my Naruto site i am going to make tomorrow xD
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Be sure to show me it or I'll send Pirate-Ninjas to reclaim it! :shakefist:
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No problem, i'll post a screen of the skin on here when i have made it and link you to it :3
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Just saying that i finally got to make the skin with this as the background.
Here is the link since you wanted to see it.
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I used your stock: [link]

Thanks for great stock :D
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came out rather well, but the pattern looks a bit too organized (kinda like a weird puzzle)
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Thanks. :D

Ummm, I'm learning. ^^;
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awesome texture :w00t::clap: bravo! I will note ya when I make use of it :)!
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Thanks! :D

Feel free to use whatever other works. :dance:
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