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This is something I should have posted a while ago, when I wrote it, it is not edited and is what it is.

"I strive to be a presenter of nature, opening a gateway for people to understand, respect, appreciate, and love nature. My presentation will emphasize on the animals of the world and their beauty as well as the vast landscapes of the world. I wish to be remembered as a lover of nature, viewed as a wonderful teacher of the earth. I believe everything in this world should be respected, appreciated, and loved no matter how small or large, cute or creepy, loved of feared and I will try to dismiss any fear or misconceptions of the natural world.
I want to live surrounded by a forest in the low mountains of North Carolina (or any place that isn't too cold, but still has snow). Dream house.
I want to live in the rainforests of south America in a cabin.
I want to live on the savannahs of Africa.
I want to live in a simple house/apartment in Australia.
Dorm or family's house in Germany.
I want to have generosity, many exotic pets, a friendship with Lorey Cook <3, a loyal lover who knows and loves me for me, a teacher's/presenter's job for nature, home in the forest, food, family, degree in zoology, and children.
I want to travel the world, work in/with the Australia Zoo, create beautiful artworks of nature, study abroad in Germany and Australia, learn several languages, visit the pyramids, live in several areas of the world, help those in need, in any way I can, build my own home, and raise a family.
I want to be a loyal, wonderful, supportive friend, happy, an informative gateway to the natural world for others, continue to be grateful for the supportive family I have, what I have come to know, and what I have experienced, wonderful and dependable mother, Adventurer to see the world, artist to show the world through my eyes, confident, loving, and knowledgeable.
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Moving journals down 'cause I don't feel like having the last one on my page, sorry for the spam. In other new, I'm feeling really love.......y? I don't think lovey is a word, or lovy, oh right, loving. 'kay. I KNOW ENGLISH I SWEAR!!!!! >>;;;;;;;
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You say I didn't care about how you felt, but I guess that was before you deleted me, blocked me. You should know better, YOU out of all the people it the world, should KNOW better. You should KNOW I care, I wanted to know how you felt, I still do, you know I love you, even though it may be in vain, I'm sorry, I miss you, I love you, and that should matter.
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Well, I am not PO'd any more, and I want to make sure someone doesn't think I was PO'd at her. Lost my two closest friends, I feel like I need one of my old ones, but I don't think she'll be there for me, however, I'm not on my own, and I'm thankful for that.
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I don't think I've ever been this pissed off in my life. Guess it's my fault though, whatever, I'm picking up my shit and moving on.
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I miss you, I can't wait until we kiss. <3
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Ninja'd from :iconatani1:

[] you meow/bark to get attention (lol Lorey)
[x] you find pet toys amusing
[] you get hyper by the smell of catnip
[] you growl/hiss when someone gets too close to your food. (I think I USED to do this)
[] you growl/hiss when someone you dislike is too close to you (I think I used to do this too)
[x] you purr/shake(makes animal noises ) your leg when someone shows you affection (Scratch my ear please! >3)
[x] if someone tosses a ball, you chase it and bring it back (BALL BALL BALL BALL)
Total so far: 3

[x] you love to be scratched behind the ear (LOL)
[x] you love fish/meat (OMFG THAT SOUNDS GOOD. I'm hungry. :c I want a green squishy thing.)
[X] you like to stick your head out through the window of a moving car (CAPITAL X BISH)
[x] you like when people pet your head (<3 PETS)
[x] people can make you stop doing stuff by hitting you on the nose (Damn Matt lol)
[] you think feathers are fun to play with (Never played with them actually)
Total so far: 8

[] you sleep a lot during daytime (Depends)
[] you enjoy scaring birds
[x] you lick peoples faces to show you like them (<3 <3 <3)
[] you bite people if they annoy you (No. I bite people I like lol.)
[x] you tend to steal food from your friends/family's plate when you have eaten all of yours (I think I do this LOL.)
[] milk or water is your favourite drink (Sounds good right now too.)
Total so far: 10

[x] you own a collar and you enjoy wearing it (FUCK YES COLLAR)
[] you own a leash and enjoy wearing it. (I want a leash. :c)
[x] you own animal ears/tail/paws or a fursuit (Does it count if I made them myself? Where are my ears and tail anyways?)
[x] you enjoy long walks in the park (Fuck the park, let's go to the woods!)
[] you meow/bark when you see something you want (No lol.)
Total so far: 13

[] you call your hands and feet "paws" (No that's weird lol!!!!!)
[] you tilt your head when you do not understand what someone is talking about (Not any more)
[] you run to the door when someone mentions a walk
[x] you really enjoy cuddling (CUDDLES OMG)
[x] you stretch your body and whimper a bit every morning when you wake up (Hmmmm..... I think? Sometimes?)
[] you can wake up and go back to sleep right away after looking around
Total so far: 15

[] you have your favorite spot besides your bed where you like to sleep (Girlfriend's bed?)
[] you meow or bark very often (Can't bark, yet.)
[] you hide when you get scared (I attack whatever scares me)
[] you run to the door to see who it is every time someone comes in to the house
[] you like to chase flying insects and try to catch them with your bare hands
[x] you tend to chew on stuff a lot (Mmmmm..... chewy. >3)
[] you like to do tricks to get a treat (Tricks?)
Total so far: 16

[] you own a wearable item/tag with your name on it
[] you refer to your self as an animal
[] your username has something to do with animals (Kinda?)
[] your e-mail has something to do with animals (lol no! Wait, Idk, what is a warfyingzopgar????? LOL.)
[x] if you get a bleeding wound, you lick it to make it feel better.
[x] you look for edible stuff often (I WANT NOMS!)
Total so far: 18

[x] you often find yourself looking through the window for a long time (I like outdoors)
[x] you like to say hi to strangers (Not just say hi, but show them my awesome socks. xD)
[] you like to be pretend when you have done something good (WHAT THE FUCK DOES THAT MEAN!? LOL)
[] people think you act like a pet (*shrug*)
[] you growl/hiss at stuff you do not like (Used to.)
[] you like to eat grass
[] if you get wet, you shake to get rid of the water (Hmmmm...... used to.)

Total: 20

Now, take your score and multiply it by two to get your final score.
Final score: 40
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Okay, so besides Photoshop, what drawing programs are there? Like, with all the options of Photoshop, and NOT PHOTO MANIPULATING PROGRAMS. >C xD
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Have you ever had a kiss that the passion was so strong that you could just kiss them forever? And ever? All you need is in that kiss, you don't need to breathe or eat, or move, never move, just kiss. (I'm definitely going to write a poem about this so you'll probably see these words again).

I wanted to leave it there, however, I must say HAPPY HALLOWEEN! OMG BEST HALLOWEEN EVER, and I should totally be studying now lol. BUT I MUST SHARE MY NIGHT WITH THOSE LIKE, TWO PEOPLE, THAT READ THIS LOL. I woke up to the morning sun, 9:30 am, it was, and I was like, fuck this lol, and went back to sleep.... after having a smoke and laying on the downstairs couch of course. xD Then I woke up and went back upstairs and slept a little more, then I woke up to Lorey bein' all like, OMGZZZZ WHERE YOU BEEEE!? And I'm like, meeeerrrfff.... girlfriend... And so I called my girlly and she was all, 'kay. AND THEN WE WERE OFF, after she picked me up, TO LOREY'S! And we got in our costumes, Lorey a hippie, Desmond a black man (lol don't ask), me in a Chinese dress (yay I was pretty) and Kate, which is my girlly (I like the term girlly, 'kay?), in uhhh the second week game master in the game (which you just lost) The World Ends With You.

AND THEN, WE WENT TRICK OR TREATING, after getting Lorey's bro and fighting a twelve year old to come on, but then she ended up not going, ANYWAYS. IT WAS COLD, but luckily having someone to snuggle against comes in handy, SO WE GOTZ CANDIES. Then we stopped by a Kroger, yay driving, and got APPLE CIDER AND CANDY CORN OMG, and we went back to Lorey's and enjoyed our candy, hot apple cinder, candy corn, and The Nightmare Before Christmas. Yay cuddles. >3 And then I went home and here I am!!!! lulz.
Warning: Venting for the most part. *thumbs up* Lots o' cussin' and that shit. But like, not emo, mostly frustration, so difference? lawl. Even though emo is emotional and frustrated is still an emotion, BUT YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN, GAWD.

TL;DR WARNING: Good luck reading all this shit. LOL. –Message brought to you after this fucked up essay was completed. Essay of my life, Danielle Nicole Bailey. Yeah. I had to. (Don't ask, just read and you'll know why this is stupid after reading what's up there). ^ Oh and this does get emo, yay, disclaimers are fun, oh I should actually write a tl;dr thing huh? Hmmmm, nah, just fuckin' read you lazy ass. Besides, those who have been reading might just feel that a tl;dr section is just more shit to read, since, like I said, you read it all anyways.

So like, every day that I let go by without writing a journal just made my next journal longer, and truthfully, it would help me to write everything out that's goin' on/bothering me/etc., but I feel like it's too damn fuckin' long at this point that I'd rather just say it over the phone, except the people that read this either don't have minutes or are not that interested in talking with me. *shrug* I don't really know about the second one, but I'm too in a I don't give a fuck mood. Let me explain why.

Alright, so last time I wrote a journal it was the day before classes started, well, I thought about writing a journal just for that day (The first day of class that is, man, even with a few drinks I can still make more sense than when totally in a clearer mind), but I had been writing journals for every two days, not just one day, so I thought, why break the chain. Well, I should have written it 'cause that awesome day is gray, it's so far away from my mind now it's not even funny, no really, it's fuckin' not.

So, basically classes were easy shit. I already knew what they were talkin' about, I was like, wtf, where am I, 'cause this ain't college... And the next few days were like that, throw in there not having all my books and freakin' out, and rushin' everywhere to get on time, you know, it's fuckin' awesome still and I wish I could explain how awesome college is, but I'm too fuckin' lazy. This is going to be tl;dr as it is, so..... actually, see, this is one of my problems, I REALLY wanted those that are reading this, how awesome college is, but now you're just going to see it through my uncaring eyes at this point. Okay, not totally uncaring, but uncaring at this point, which means I probably shouldn't be writing a journal right now, but I don't give a fuck. I've been wanting to write this damn thing ever since I woke up, so. Yeah. Seriously though, college is awesome. Lorey knows it at least, she knows all the great things in the area and how great campus is! There's another person that doesn't know, but they'll soon find out, or wait, maybe not soon, but... eventually.... or maybe not, IDK, I don't know the future or if I want to show them personally, which brings me to another one of my issues, but I'll save that for later.

So classes were awesome, Friday was a blur, I don't even want to like, try to decipher, I remember free Hookah and that's about it LOL. Um.... next day went to the UC football game, was lonely 'cause we had to stay in our seats and no one was around me, like, at all, okay, there were people, but I had no clue who they were. I was thinkin' about shit that was none of my business to think about, gettin' jealous and upset, while I was at a damn football game, which was pretty awesome, even though we lost by two (it was against Oklahoma, which is actually a team out of our league so supposedly we did great even though we lost, of course, I didn't know this because I'm a freshman lul). So yeah, and to add on top of that, it became the last night I'd ever get to talk with my mom. She called me while I was on the way to the game, which I just lost god da..... still can't say GD, but anyways, I was on the way to the game and I couldn't understand her and told her I'd call her back.

Well, I didn't get home from the game until 2:30, well actually, I was over a friend's house and didn't get "free" time until 2:30, which is total bullshit 'cause I could have called her before then, but I still tried her house number and the number of her "friend's" (definitely not her friend) cell phone and couldn't get a hold of her. I didn't think anything of it and went to sleep.

Next day, Saturday, the one before this past Saturday, so a little over a week ago, wow, has it really only been that short? I guess so, I mean, I know it has, but so much shit has gone on it's fucked up. So Saturday I get a call around 8:44 am, okay, so I get a call EXACTLY at that time LOL. Anyways, so I get a call sayin' we can't wake your mom up, we've called 911, we're on our way to get you, and I'm like, okay, she's goin' to the hospital, so I pack some stuff to study, and on the way to the house I muse over the whole, we can't wake whoever up scenario meaning death, well, of course, I didn't amusingly think it over, I seriously thought about dealing with Alice's death if it were going to come to that. So I thought of letting her know that it was okay for her to go home, that she won't be in pain anymore and no one could steal from her anymore and that I was strong enough to know that she would be "better" if she (scene change! My dorm to Chelsea's house, yay! Anyways…) were to pass on. Well when I got to the house I was told she did, (added that comma, yeah, proofreading lol) in fact, move on, however it was two hours before hand so I felt a little betrayed that they didn't tell me she was dead before on the phone, but I understood that they probably didn't want me to freak out while they weren't around to comfort me or whatever, but I felt led on, if that makes any sense, to believe she still had a chance, yep, that makes sense (added after essay was finished, I like giving my proofreading credit! Damn it's almost one in the damn morning, I started this before 9!).

So I cried a little at first and then went into shock, peeps came over, yadda yadda, the people that came over are probably going to be the ones reading this, so there's no use in explaining that, besides, I'm tired of repeating what happened.

The next week was full of missing classes, making phone calls, and feeling like I was getting no where. I still need to find out what my mom's health insurance was, I still need to find out her cause of death, which means I need to figure out if I want to continue to pressure those in power to have an autopsy done, well, those with the power to do such a thing, or simply a toxicology report, what was in her blood, would be enough for me if it came out that she over dosed on some of her medications or something. Well then of course I would have to figure out if I want to pursue accusing the one person (Another scene change, back to my dorm room, and after a few drinks I don't feel like I don't give a shit any more, but isn't it supposed to be the other way around? Oh well, I feel like being into what I'm typing now, not that I wasn't before, but I'm more okay with writing it, if that makes any sense. Idk, I could be writing some bullshit now and I won't realize it until I read it some other date from now, but this is what I feel at this moment. Maybe writing this will help someone understand why sometimes, this kind of thing is needed for coping, anyways, before I branch off into some philosophical shit, I better pick up where I left off, by the way, there's like hella typos, but I keep going back to revise them lawl) that might have killed her, but I can't determine that without any kind of evidence, WHICH I CAN'T GET.

I have Judy, which is the program coordinator for the Generation 1 theme house in Stratford Heights dorms, telling me that I might just have to let it go (At this point, I can't even reread what I wrote and need sleep, I'm submitting this and will edit later, if I feel the need to lol. This is the last thing written on this. Night. *hugs* lol. YAY ESSAY PUZZLE. If you understand what I mean, I love you. If not, you can suck my dick and fucking like it. Yay Eminem, OH SHIT, I forgot to say that he's been helping me make my anger and frustration flow out. "You don't know how sick you make me, you make me fuckin' sick to my stomach, every time I think of you, I puke!" And this is where my present conscious leaves you and may my past conscious make some kind of connection with your present one, for I am too tired to make more sense of this shit. Again, good night. Here's a good night hug, for Lorey, no one else gets one, unless you decide to hug me at the end of this, 'cause, I could really use some hugs, even if they're over the internet. *goodnight hug for Lorey*), and not ever find out how she died. Fuck that, sorry, but she's my mom, no, wait, I'm not sorry, she's my mom, and if I have to, I'll take out a loan to find out how she died. A part of me feels like it's my right to know how she died. And at this point I'm really amazed how my thoughts are directly appearing on the screen, ANYWAYS, haha.

So no luck on life insurance yet, I've been trying to get an appointment with my mom's dead attorney's husband, D. Leggit lol, to find out all this shit. Thankfully he found a will stating that everything goes to me, or else I would have had to go to court against her filthy, greedy brother, John, to get what is "rightfully mine." Now, I mean, I care if I get it, but it's not the most important thing to me. What's important is that I find out how she died and well, that's about it at this point, no wait, it's also important if she gets her final wish of being cremated and buried with her father, did I mention that her brothers have to okay that? No, I don't think I did, so guess what!? I might have  to go to court against them ANYWAYS. And the way I see it, they don't really have a say, yeah I know, that's their father, but damn, they weren't the ones that took care of their parents while they were dying, my mom did, and she has a right to lay beside them in eternal rest, she loved them, while her brothers were greedy pieces of shit, well, that is what they appeared to me to be, even if I was like, 7 years old or whatever, and that's what they appear to me to be even now, but of course, they might have changed since then, but I highly doubt it.
So, what else to rant about. Oh classes are screwin' me over now. I became hella confused in Biology 101 (Now I understand why it's whatever 101, it's an actual college like, statement? Idk the right word for it right now, and this isn't the exact moment when I realized it, but this is the first time I've been able to say that anyways….) 'cause my professor started lecturin' about some shit I forgot, but now I think I'm doin' okay because I went to an SI session (supplementary instruction session, which exists because the class is "naturally difficult" Oh and if you put a : and a ) by each other, it's a smily face on Word lawl, just found that out by accident, and again I say NEWAYS!!! HA NEW WAY BITCH, of saying that same thing that is…..)))))  <- THAT IS A SMILEY IN WORD. <-actual last thing written 1:01am) lul, amused. UM ANYWAYS DAMN IT, and it's fucked up how I'm learning more Chemistry from Biology than I am from Chemistry 'cause duh, IT'S BIO NOT CHEM, but I am, the Chem. Professor is from Switz., not that it's hard to understand him, but I've been focusing more on Bio than chem, which reminds me, I need to find my PRS clicker for Chem, too lazy to explain what that is, okay, it a remote, that has multiple choices on it, A,B,C,D,etc. and there will be a question and the choices will be on an overhead and you select the choice you think is right and it's recorded with your name and shit, it's nifty and now I think I've already explained that, yep, well, now, you definitely know what a PRS clicker is LOL.

Um, today was particularly stressful, 'cause after a fun weekend, that wasn't all that fun, I was feeling lonely and wanted someone to cuddle and NO ONE BUT MY EX TEXT ME WTTTTTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. NOT COOL, MAN, NOT COOL. Anyways, I like the word anyways lol, it helps draw attention away from the previous statement and towards the next, so like, you can make it seem the last statement isn't all that important, when in reality, it might be. Yeah, see what I did there? Haha, but really, anyways, Camp Bearcat was a blast and we did silly fun shit, that I'm actually really too lazy to explain right now, especially when I already explained in detail to one of the people that might read this so why repeat myself? I'll just tell you, Lorey, when we get Hookah next LOL. It's a DATE, YOU HERE ME!? A DATE. ANYWAYS.

Yesterday I slept when we got back around 1:30pm, and woke up at 7, wtf, why, you know why? 'Cause I lost the game, yeah lol. No, but because I came down with a cold or SOME STUPID SHIT. So I sort of freaked out 'cause I don't know if I still have insurance 'cause my mom died and I spent the insurance money UC gave me back, but now I think it's okay 'cause several people have told me that I should still have insurance. So good on that, but I don't know what's wrong with me. I've been imbibing (OH YEAH LOOK AT THAT, A VOCAB WORD FROM HIGH SCHOOL. Man, that's really depressing. :c) vitamin C likes it's the LORD THY SAVOR. Okay, now I'm just bein' dumb, but maybe that'll make someone laugh, Idk. I'll be SUCCESSFUL if I did. And if someone raegs (raeges??? Spelling???), I will also be successful. Alright yeah, now I'm being dumb.

So today my academic advisor tried to talk me into considering taking "a breather" and dropping all of my classes until next quarter. So this really stressed me out, I don't feel like stopping right here, even for a break, because well, I guess I'm just that hard on myself. They said, 'cause my academic advisor is Kayti (Another damn "Katie" :/) K. Lawl, Kayti K. I like how her name is spelled, anyways, I have like two advisors, Kayti which is under another chick, Barb B., who is getting a promotion so Kayti is getting a lot of Barb's "students." So they said that it might be best for "Danielle" to have a breather because Bio and Chem are difficult subjects even in "normal circumstances." And "this is definitely not by any means, a normal circumstance." But I still feel like it isn't right to just take a break, I don't know why, but it just doesn't feel right, but then again, I don't know how difficult these classes will really turn out to be. I'm a little nervous about this and I wanted the, well, like, two people who will read this opinions.

This brings me to another dilemma. I have a couple people who mean a lot to me, and it saddens me that to one of these people I do not mean as much to them as they do to me, but there's nothing I can do about that at this exact moment, except well, just be me I guess. See, my dilemma is, I don't have a mother, I have a sister and someone that means very dear to me and helps me feel like everything is okay, even when it's obviously not. Now, I don't exactly want to have any kind of contact with this person, 'cause I don't want to interact with them while I still have feelings for them, which I will explain something about that in a second. But on the other hand, they really help me, a lot, it's like, no matter what, they can make me feel tranquilized. But what emotion is that? Is that a part of love or what? Peace? I don't think that's a bad thing to feel, but what I think I need to figure out is, is that a part of my love? And I don't want to apologize for loving this person, but I do want to make them feel comfortable, and not that I'm "PINING (fuck you Lorey lol)." WHICH MAKES ME COME TO, OMG, I REMEMBERED HOW I GOT OVER CRUSHES.

In my mind, when I think about getting over "crushes" (Idk if this is a crush or what, but damn, I gotta get over it before I drown myself or some shit) I picture a HUGE room, a cylinder of sorts, and the wall, 'cause a cylinder room would only have one circular wall lol, is one big book shelf. And on this shelf are letters, letters of names that represents every thought and feeling I have about that person or thing that that specific letter or letters represent. Well, if I find myself thinking about loving them or kissing them or what not, I reject the thought and push that letter, or those letters, into a mental closet. Now, of course some people might say, oh you're running from your problems, you're not accepting the fact you still have feelings for them and you're trying to run from your feelings. Um sorry, but no, I'm PRETTY sure I have indeed acknowledged this fact and this is my way of "getting over them" putting them somewhere in my mind so that I don't think about them, and eventually I will not think of them. Now, this has worked in the past, with Olivia, Krista, etc., but when I think about it, what have those relationships turned out to be? I care about them sure, but not to the extent I did, which is sort of the point, but I don't want the same exact outcome to result from this scenario. Or maybe, I do? See I'm really confused, really, really, really confused, and it's at this point that I cry, not because I still love someone that doesn't feel the same about me, but it's because I don't know what to do at this point. Walk away from my feelings, get over them, move on, whatever you want to say, but, it's like, I'm doing that because it's because it will save me pain, not because I want to do it, but do I want to do it to save whatever kind of relationship I can with that person, friendship speaking here. Is it worth it? Is it worth to sacrifice your love to keep someone that hardly cares about you? I mean, I know they care, but to what extent? And maybe, I'm not sacrificing the love I feel for them, but for myself, so I won't drag myself down, or get depressed or whatever. See, right now, I'm reaching out, not to try to guilt or drag shit out, but because I'm hoping, that if I explain how I feel, I'm more understood (I wrote understanded lol).

And at this point I'm crying and think that topic is left as it is, but I still feel I could put more into it, but I just, I don't think it will be received as I wish it to be, so I better not try to push my feelings, though, it's more venting than rather trying to push. I'm asking for advice, but, it's fucked up, 'cause it's more from the person it's about that I wish would respond than anyone else, but whatever, they probably won't, and that's cool 'cause that's some emo shit that no one really wants to read or some stupid shit like that.

SO enough about that shit, tired of that shit. I went out on a date with a lovely man named Salvator, now, I know what you're thinkin', what the fuck, you're a whiny bitch complainin' about still loving someone, but you're seeing someone????? WHAT.T HE. FUCK. IS. YOUR. PROBLEM? RIGHT? Well, I wish you'd tell me, 'cause I have no fuckin' clue. Now, anyways, I do have a clue lol, see the above "problem," if you will, is something I just thought about earlier today, talk with someone who helps me, or avoid them until I just see them as a friend and it doesn't fuck with me to talk with them, now, when I'm actually talking with them, it's not a problem, but when I have time to think, it does, but anyways, enough about that. So, the above is minimal, why? 'Cause I think it might just work out on it's own, do I want it to? No, I want advice, which is why I expressed it. Now, boys, oh boy, boys. What the hell, really? Why the fuck, do you, decide to come out of FUCKIN' NO WHERE!!!!????? Joushuyoo (so sweet <3333), Conner (stalker FOR REAL, crazy type man), Salvator (Fluent in German, works at Gamestop, and will tutor me in the ways of Sie Deutschland, okay no, just the language, oh and piano, so I can put these "piano hands" to work! In exchange for porn of course LOL. OKAY DRAWN PORN GUYS, NOT ACTUAL PORN, 'KAY??? Wait, that's still porn, BUT YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!!!!), Cameron (who isn't actually interested in me, but he's on my, you're cute, nice, fun, relaxing, and I'm interested group lol), and finally, another Josh (pretty boy, categorizing as DANGEROUS, has many chicks fallin' on him, and I refuse to fall, but he pets me, and his hair is soft and he has the prettiest eyes ever, or not, I have emotional bias for other PEOPLE, but you know, he's pretty, so…. Technically, he's my eye candy LOL). So…. I'm thinkin', damn, she fuckin' underestimated me. Google a flirt guide? Really? Thanks for the advice, but I think I got it…. Lul. And for real, I didn't flirt that much, just, was myself, now, with Salvator, definitely flirted. I have a date with him tomorrow! : D I'm excited.

OH WHICH REMINDS ME, I'm on my way to quitting smoking again, even though I had a cigarette at Chelsea's, but I only had one in 24 hours, so I think I'm good, I was just hella cravin' it, let's see how tomorrow goes. Oh oh, and I'm getting into Parkour, which is the main reason why I want to quit smoking, 'cause you can't be doin' SPONTANEOUS FLIPS and have FUCKED UP LUNGS at the same time lol. So I signed up for Tennis 1, a one hour credit course in, uhhh, Tennis! xDDDD Oh and I did drop my Pre Calc class (I typed Clawss lol), 'cause I felt it was going to sneak up on me and I think it'll be okay if I take it next quarter. I'm also getting into the Physical Conditioning course too. So like, watch out, next time you see me, I might be SOOPEUR BUFF, yes, I had to spell it that way (speel lol for spell)! So yeah, I'm going to quit smoking, in the process of it, I don't really want another cigarette or anything right now, and I'm going to learn how to do front flips off building roofs and live! YAY! Haha, if you don't know what Parkour is, you need to Youtube it, NOW.

Anyways, I kept thinking I saw Joushuyoo on campus today, like I would get SUPER EXCITED, but then I'd be like, he's not up here wtf, so I really want to see him. ;3;

And now, I feel like, I need to sleep, before I start caring about what I'm saying and how my emotions are appearing to people as and all kind of shit.
Oh and P.S.-I might be double majoring in Psychology, I think it's interesting how humans think, and besides, we're animals too. *wink* Damn, now I have the Bad Touch stuck in my head. EMO.
Night, love you guys, I'm tired, and emo, and uhhhh, stuff. *cuddles anyone who will*
Oh, I was reading over this when I was reminded of something. If you notice, I don't really mention anything about me dealing with the emotions from the death of my mom. Well, I'll have you know, that every so often I get really saddened by it, but I'm trying to keep those emotions at bay until all of this legal business is over with. But something that really did depress me yesterday when I realized I was sick was, I don't have a mom any more to get me chicken noodle soup. I don't have a mom any more that will tuck me in a bed and call me off sick from school. I don't have a mom any more that will tell me she loves me even if I yell at her. I don't have a mom any more that will support me no matter what I do or who I am. I have a friend, a buddy of sort, over WoW, who lost his dad. He said, it was the small things that you have to remember to keep you going even after they're gone, and he's right, I sort of knew what he meant, but when I thought of the soup, I knew, then, what he meant. Everyone, everyone that still has family alive and well, appreciate every single little thing you can, and I know one person that does this, and I respect you for it, even if I don't fully agree with everything you'll stand by for 'cause it's your family, I'm glad, that there is nothing you don't miss, when it comes to them. You know who you are, at least, you should. Anyways, I wanted to say that, I realized, I don't have a mom to bring me chicken noodle soup anymore while I lay in bed cozy under blankets she just wrapped me in. Think about that, realize my emotion, and understand, that even though I may talk about some other situational drama, or emotion, it's because I'm okay with dealing with those emotions right now, and I keep the ones that really hurt, deep inside. Alright, I'm getting too deep lol. Night. *self hug*

If anything, if you say nothing else, a hug, emote, that is, would be greatly helpful. Oh, thank you, Katie, for the initial hug you gave me, when you saw me that Sunday my mother died, I didn't know how to react, but it helped. And of course, thank you Lorey for being my sister, and even though Word doesn't know your name exists, I still love you. LOL. I hope I'll be able to hear your voice soon, and that we'll be able to enjoy some fine Hookah even though I'm not smoking any more, and it will be a grand guilty pleasure. <3 Heart balloons for both of you. ~<3 ~<3 And for Krista and Carmen if they ever read this shit. ~<3 ~<3 And one balloon for anyone else. ~<3 'Cause this shit is so tl;dr, I think someone would have to pay me to read it. Okay, unless, it was like, Lorey or Katie. Or some emo shit from Krista, or someone of that nature, you know what I mean.
*reaches out for hug(s)*

Note-Written in Word 'cause it was just that tl;dr. Oh and this is the last thing for real written here, don't ask why I have to make sure you know where I left this. I don't really know why. Maybe for your amusement. I lost count how many pages this was in Word, btw. And I had to add the paragraph spaces 'cause copying from Word to Devi isn't user friendly. >c
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xD I'm likin' my titles for my journals. BTW, listening to this, which reminds me of this,…. Awesome shit.


So the day before the day before refers to yesterday, had to go to Pride Grant meeting then a Cincinnatus Scholarship (I can't believe I'm singing along to Chicken on a Raft while righting this lol. Yay multitasking!) right after, which was hella boring. Then signed up for Zoo Mates, which is a community service where you take a kid to the zoo and just mentor them and stuff, and I thought it would be fun to take someone with me to enjoy animals with me, and you know how kids are about animals, "LET'S GO SEE THE *INSERT ANIMAL HERE SO EXCITED ABOUT IT, ETC.*" Well at least, that's how I was LOL. And I also thought that maybe I could like, read about the animals and teach the child about the animal so it would be like, practicing for the fuuuuutttuuurrrreeee! I'm excited. : D Oh and I have to 10 hours of community service every quarter to keep my Cincinnatus Scholarship. I also signed up for Girls Scouts lol, I would go to a Cincinnati Public School and help girls who don't have time after school to do scouting activities during the time they would have gym or music, etc. That's cool I guess haha. They gave me free cookies, which reminds me, I have to finish those, they gave me like, half a box of mint panties, yum, you so know I did it for the cookies LOL. Oh and that also reminds me that I need to check my e-mail for those two things.

Then after that I ran my ass to a study abroad meeting, which reminds me that I have to write in my planner that I have a meeting at the McMicken Commons on Oct. 6th for an exchange student program, maybe writing these journals really will help me haha.

Then I ran my ass to a Blackboard review, BB, not Booty Bay, but Blackboard lol it's annoying to spell it out all the time, BB is a site that professors post assignments and required textbooks, etc., so that was really helpful, because I will use that hella.

Got my book voucher on my Bearcat card, which is like a debit card here at UC, and is my ID too. So nifty.

Then ate dinner, another bowl cream of broccoli found my stomach, like the first day, a tasty "Bearcat Burger" which is just fancy for a burger lol, so gooooood, more cake, and Bake Ziti, which was like, baked Italian noodles in like a lasagna sauce, omg I spelled lasagna right the first time! Now watch, lasagna won't be the word I'm thinking of, but you know, the stuff that Garfield is all OMG about lol, yes the cat..... that lives with John, and the dog..... what was his name? Fuck... oh well, I need to type more so I can't think about it too long LOL. Not Pluto.... damn it, I'm WAY off track! LOL. CHICCCKKKEEEEENNNN ONNNN A RAAAFFFFTTTT!

And seriously, I don't remember what happened after dinner! OH I had ice cream and went to put more money on my debit card to activate more WoW time, but then I needed my permanent card to reload my account, and I tried to get one, but the site was like, WE CAN'T VERIFY YOUR IDENTITY WITH THE INFORMATION YOU HAVE GIVEN US PLEASE REVIEW YOUR INFO. AND RESUBMIT, yes, I know the entire statement because I saw it hella, I kept putting in the right info, but I think my SS# is fucked up 'cause it got stolen and I still haven't checked my credit, oh well, lol, I'll find out eventually, right? (I know I really gotta get on that.) So I was pissed 'cause I spent $31 on this damn thing, which I could have just bought a 60 day card for my account and I was FUMING, and I was supposed to call them on my acquaintance's cell, but didn't get time for it today, oh well, I get my PNC debit/credit card this Friday and the same acquaintance is spotting for me, I gave him the $16 bucks already, so I'll have time on WoW tomorrow, around 11am, and then I'll have time to play until like, 4pm or 5pm. Sweeeetttt dealllll!!!

So I was pissed, but then it became all good, 'cause Demarco Siler, one of the Dater peeps living here, bought me a Black and Mild and he "freaked" it, which is where you take out all the tobacco and take out the rat poisoning and then put the tobacco back in, and it hits you stronger and plus, you're not inhaling rodent exterminator LOL.

Then went to sleep hella "early" at 12, after talkin' with Joushuyu LOL.

Woke up today, got dressed in a dressy outfit, my black dress pants I got hella time ago, and a new black dress shirt I got the day before, oh yeah, I forgot to say I went to Walmart the day before LOL. I should have gotten a backpack, but oh well, I still have 12 bucks since I took back my charger I bought (I found my old one, well not mine, but one I used and Lorey doesn't need it), so I'll get a backpack later, I have like, four already, but not that's really big enough for everything I need to carry, but I'll manage.

So I grabbed an apple and went to the McMicken College of Arts and Sciences meeting at 9am. Ate doughnut holes, milk (white and chocolate), orange weiss, (AH OH CHICKEN ON A RAFT), cup of coffee (OMG SO GOOD. I want some tomorrow!!!), got a free McMicken A&S shirt (yay free shirts, I've been getting a lot of them so I can put off doing laundry and so I have more shirts of course lol). I also got a WHOLE box of Dunkin' Doughnuts frosted doughnuts holes, 'cause they were like TAKE 'EM WE'RE GONNA THROW THEM AWAY IF YOU DON'T! So I was like NOOOO I GOTTA SAVE THE DOUGHNUTS. They were a bitch 'cause I carried them around ALL day and I still have them, I like food....

So then I went (OMG ONE OF MY FAVORITE PARTS OF TODAY!!!) to a book discussion (We were supposed to read Life on the Color Line by our new University President, though he wrote it 30 years ago, and I met a professor, she had an old looking face, lines above the upper lip you know, but she wasn't that old for real, and her voice, was high pitched, but not too high, and it was sweet and smooth, and soothing, but when she inhaled she uhhhh man, whats the word for it, oh rasped! Her voice didn't match her body either, she was small, but it somehow didn't match, like, I pictured being a banshee, where she was really sweet and pulled you close to her and trust her and then she'd breath in your soul!!!! Now, that's not what banshees do, but that's what I pictured! And I drew it too, her face on a banshee body, well, not really and banshee body, but a little doodle lol, except the face, I put effort into that lol. It's on the back of my schedule of courses. xD I'm proud LOL, I gotta modify it though, 'cause the legs aren't what I pictured, I like, gave her four skinny legs, but that's not what I pictured haha, I didn't really picture her legs so like, I just gotta make something that fits the banshee look better. I'm weird, but anyways, it wasn't creepy, I thought her voice-body conflict was cool! She was a pretty good person with the discussion, I learned not many people read so I felt better for only getting through till bought a third of it, but I want to finish it, it's a good book!

Then I went to our adviser meeting, made a new friend, Jeanie, pronounced Jennie, an Asian girl who's going into an English major if I remember correctly, I got her number. :3 Learned more about BB in the meeting and learned that I probably won't have the same awesome adviser as I do now, 'cause she became the director of advising, so she's helping newer advisers and has less students to advise herself, but I'll probably have her or some chick named Katie. *shrug*

Then I ate with Jeanie and her roommates on the McMicken commons, and met hella professors and had to figure out which professors matched these quotes on a red sheet and then have them sign under their "fun fact." If you got signatures you got a prize depending on the number of signatures you had, well I got all of them 'cause duh, I'm an overachiever and couldn't turn it in not finished. I got two t-shirts, one McMicken and a movie t-shit "The Virginity Hit, Are you ready to take the hit?" lol, and a folder, I could have gotten a ticket to see the Virginity Hit, but I didn't have time to go see it tonight at 8. :c Oh well, it's still a funny shirt. (I keep typing shit instead of shirt LOL).

Then I went to my major orientation meeting, yay Biological Sciences! Was a little late and sat next to a red-haired chick, I sort of paid attention to the lecture, but then I noticed the chick next to me started doodlin', checked her name tag and it read "Kathryn" WTF PPL IS WITH ALL THESE KATIES????? God dang. For real! Anyways, so I felt a little weird that I was like all over her name tag with my eyes for a second there so I tried to pay attention to the lecture lol, and like learned how to check what classes to register for for my major, a major audit, which I need to do too... And my Biology professor talked about study skills and his class and what we would need for lab, which me and Katie were takin' notes on, yes I noticed this too, what can I say, a chick that doodles catches my attention! Anyways, it gets BETTER, with the chick that is. LOL. So Kinkle, my Biology professor ranted for a little bit and like, he was like, turn to your neighbor and discuss which of these about study skills is backed up with facts, and well, Katie was on the end and I was next to her so I was like SCORE I NOW HAVE AN EXCUSE TO EXECUTE COMMUNICATION! So we were like, definitely not cramming before a test, that isn't good, and like, I got off track like always and was like, man I'm tired and she was like, yeah me too, I stayed up late playing video games, and I was like oh, do you know WoW? And she was like, HA! Did you see my shirt AND SHE WAS WEARING A ROGUE SHIRT OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG "Rogues the first Gangstas" BADASSS. So then I told her how I noticed her doodlin' and she like covered up her doodle all embarrassed, SUPER CUTE, and told her that I had a friend who doodled all the time *COUGH* so when I saw her it reminded me of that friend and she was like, yeah all my math had doodles all over it and I was like FLASHBACK OMG, and so then Brain Kinkle was like, study partners are very helpful to succeeding and I was like, we should be study partners and she was like yeah, so we exchanged emails, score number two! I'm on a rolllll!!!! And after the lecture I explained my new nickname, Shinxy, which yes, I have been telling EVERYONE, to her and she was like I breed my Pokemon and take them to anime cons and I was like WTFFFFFF..... this chick is hella awesome haha. Not the prettiest, but you know, that doesn't count! I still noticed though, man, does that make me shallow???? I don't know, oh and I took note that she has a boyfriend haha, but I'm not lookin' for any one in that way, even though it seems like it, but a friend email is still a score if they're awesome you know?

So then I went to the book discussion with our president, the dude who actually wrote the book, and he talked about it and it was really interesting and I asked him if his family ever discouraged him from writing or finishing the book, which was really just to ask him a question 'cause I wanted to feel special lol. He said the white side of his family (Ah OH CHICKEN ON A RAFT!) did create a fuss, but the black of his family encouraged him.

After that I went to the bookstore and was only able to get my Biology and Chemistry books, I need a Personal Response clicker for tomorrow, but I can't get it, both of those books took all of my 400 book voucher, but I have more money coming to me after classes tomorrow and the clicker is important, you answer questions to in class quizzes with them (the buttons on the clicker read A,B,C,D, etc.), but I won't lose too many points for not having it, as I learned later. Oh well you know, can't help bein' poor at this point in time. :/ DON'T GET ON ME FOR NOT HAVING IT, I ALREADY CRIED OKAY???? So yeah, I went to One Stop, which is a center where you wait in a long ass line, seriously one hour minimum wait every time, anyways, you go there to talk about financial aid and shit like that, well other shit than just financial aid, it is called One Stop for a reason. So I went there to try to put more of my credit on my financial account on my bearcat card to try to get the rest of my books, but I have to wait until tomorrow like I said earlier. I met this dude there, Dawone, a Sophomore who told me to keep the books I had, I was thinking about taking back my chemistry one to get the clicker, because the books are worth a lot more than the clicker and he said the points I will lose won't mean much at the end of the ten weeks of first quarter, so then him and I got my student ticket to the football game at Paul Brown Stadium this Saturday (OMG MY FIRST COLLEGE FOOTBALL GAME!).

I was running low on time 'cause I had an induction to the Gen-1 House to go to at six and I was already dressed up for it, thank God I decided to wear it all day (I had to change my shirt in line though 'cause I changed out of my fancy one for a McMicken shirt, thank you Lorey for the changing shirts without taking them off trick lol, though I think I still showed my bra, but I really don't care, I don't think anyone really noticed). My RA, residency assistant, called me and was like stop what you're doing and come back and get dressed. I almost went off on her 'cause I didn't have minutes for calls and she was talking down to me, "How are you going to get there on time when you don't know where it is?" fuckin' smart ass tone and everything, but I was like, "Please just tell me where it is then. I'm next in line for my student ticket." And she told me, so then I got my ticket and hustled my ass to the induction. Got inducted, long ass process that I got to first and had to wait an half hour for guests to get there so I was like, wtf I didn't even need to rush, then we got in a line, sat down, stood up, said some stuff, sat down, got up, got our individual candles lit from alumni of the house, and then it was over. I saw Mrs. Jameson, YAY, and told her that we're going to be doing Stoichiometry (dot lines lol) for the first quarter (I learned from the Sophomore) and we went over it right quick and then I walked her to her car, talked about how I had no money, she gave me 20 bucks, yay, and then she drove me back to the house.

I went out to eat at my favorite of the two food courts at the university (Why is a chicken on a raft a terrible site to see on a Monday morning???? LOL), ate a hotdog, fries, a slice of pizza, tea, and left, everyone got a hotdog, fries, and pizza lol. Chilled a little bit then went back to the house, got some peeps together to go scout for where our classes are, even though it was like, 10 at night lolololol, and we decided we didn't need to 'cause we can figure it out on the map, yay bein' lowly freshmen and probably getting a reality check tomorrow LOLOLOLOL! So then Marco, Anastasia, and I went to a store and got two cigars and some gum. Got back to the house, smoked, chilled, and I went in to write this. I also have to print out this stupid thing I need to get my professors to sign, it's like, callled (I was wondering why that had a red line under it saying it was misspelled and I was like oh I put three l's in it lol), anyways, it's called Introductory sheet to professors. It's supposed to let them know that I am a choose Ohio First scholar. I hate those things that you gotta sign and bring back, I'm really bad at it lol. And I was gonna use my housemate's printer, but she's using it and she was supposed to text me when I could use it, but it's been like an hour and I think she forgot so I'll just do it in the morning, and there's no deadline on it, I think it's at least until the end of the first week, which would be Wednesday next week, and I meet with most of my professors twice before then, 'cause you know, you take the same class for several days of the week. So yeah, I think I'm good. And I can do it in the morning 'cause her roommate and I have the same classes so I can get it before we leave from her.

Anyways, this is REALLY tl;dr, but I think Lorey really wants to know what's going on in my life. I don't think I can keep up these every other day postings, there's too much shit to say..... I'll try to put one up tomorrow, it's my first day of classes! I was (OMG 1:23! GOTTA MAKE A WISH! Okay made one. :3) anyways, I was really tired two hours ago, and was gonna go to bed early, but now I'm wide awake, but I can go to sleep fast now, I did it last night. I'm getting better at making myself sleep. Good night and I love you guys! Well a few of you LOL.

Oh and I took an assessment while writing this too. xD
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So I thought of putting up a journal, 'cause moving into a dorm deserves it! So yesterday, got up hella early and still didn't make it to the dorm until 1, which, I wanted to get there at 10, but OH WELL.

We got there and I only had like, four bags, which was "light" to them, so I got in quick. We went to dinner, which OMG, is the meat of this journal. Lawl. Meat, dinner, I didn't even realize when I typed it. Anyways, I walked in and there was sooooo many people! And then, I saw the food.

Now let me tell you, there were so many different kinds of food you COULD NOT eat them all in one sitting, and it hits you, WTF DO I EAT FIRST? There's mashed potatoes, roast beef, salad, noodles, cereal, tea, hot chocolate, soda, pizza, pudding, ice cream, TWO different kinds of cake, apple pie, all different types of mixed salads, like macaroni, potato, etc., sloppy joes, french fries, and hella other shit that I didn't even see. So I get my food, which was broccoli, french fries, and pizza, yeah I know, what the Hell, right? And then, another issue came to me, WHERE THE FUCK DO I SIT?

There's so many people, but amazingly, there's enough seats, so I sit with my buds from Gen-1 House and go for second, a slice of cake, and thirds, cream of broccoli(I learned how to spell it with Firefox, yay! lol), and fourths, an ice cream cone. Oh I didn't mention they had all kinds of fruit and vegetables and soups, did I? Not to mention the soft serve ice cream that a chef manages for you, huh? Well now I did! Best part is, I don't have to pay for it, all paid for, yay grants/scholarships!

So I go on a tour then like, we're free for the rest of the night, well I wanted to go swimming, which I haven't yet (:/), but the pool was closed, thank God I found that out before I left, so I went outside, cravin' nicotine like a fiend and one of my Dater peeps was like, you got a lighter? And I was like, you got a cig? And he was like LOL, I can buy you one. So we went out and he smoked and we were walkin' around and it was hella LIVE. Like, two parties, on the same block that my dorm is on, was going on. I was like, DAMN, they weren't kiddin' when they said it was EASY to get sucked into it, but I didn't go, damn 11:30 curfew lol.

So then I got a dollar from my peep and walked to Shell near the Hookah Cafes and got a Wine wood tip B&M and ran all the way back to make it back in time for curfew, smoked a little bit with my Dater peep. What amused me about this trip was, I had like, cat calls the whole time, well like, three, but you know lol. "Hey girl, what's up?" floated over to me a couple times and I was like, damn college boys, SHOOOO!!! The chicks are hot up here though man for real, you turn every direction, I mean, EVERY direction and there's one, every where haha.

We went upstairs into the dorm and it got even better, one dude was playing the acoustic guitar while another sang hella songs, so we were jammin', learned a few new techno bands, like, Starfucker lol. Awesome shit.

Woke up this morning, got hella sleep, yay, and went to this boring Convocation, like, a welcoming of the Freshmen ceremony, but it was cool 'cause I saw Kylee up there, another yay. And Alex Reed, you know you wish you were there Lorey lol, Ta'Eisha from Dater too, and then I made sure I ate enough food at this fair they had afterward so I didn't have to use one of my free meals on my meal plan, got a free haircut, which I just had my hair trimmed, I want to grow it out (I had a dream where it was half way down my back and now I'm determined to get it to my ankles even when I have it up, IDK FOR REAL, I just want to lol, man high maintenance though...) and then I chilled with Kylee again, yay nicotine, got a debit card from Kroger for WoW, 'cause I gotta keep playin' for Jousha xD, yay excuses lol, but really, I want to keep playing with him, went to another boring meeting, then went for Hookah, which was awesome, especially since I didn't have to pay for it.

Played WoW, same old, same old, and now I'm postin' this to get it out. That's what I've been doin', oh and I played WoW till like 3 the first day and still got hella sleep, (got up at 11). Not all that interesting, but I like it. Tomorrow's gonna be busy, got a lot of meetings to go to for scholarships and that. :/

Hope y'alls' lives are goin' as great as mine!

P.S.- I have my own room, it's small, but cozy. :3
Let's get some shoes, let's get some shoes, let's get some shoes, let's party. ... FUCK YOU, FUCK YOU, FUCK YOU, FUCK YOU!!!!!! ... Shoes. Shoes. Shoes. omg Shoes.

We can dance if you want to, we can leave your friends behind, 'cause your friends don't dance and if they don't dance well they're no friends of mine. We can dance.

I see a little silhouetto of a man. Scaramouch, Scaramouch, will you do the Fandango?
Thunderbolt and lightning, very, very frightening me! Galileo, Galileo, Galileo, Galileo, Galileo Figaro Magnifico!!!

Sweat, baby, sweat, baby sex is a Texas drought. Me and you do the kind of stuff that only Prince would sing about. So put your hands down my pants and I'll bet you'll feel nuts. Yes I'm Siskel, yes I'm Ebert and you're getting two thumbs up. You've had enough of two hand touch, you want it rough, you're out of bounds, I want you smothered, want you covered like my Waffle House hashbrowns. Come quicker than FedEx, never reach an apex, just like Coca-Cola stock you are inclined to make me rise an hour early just like daylight savings time! Do it now, you an' me baby ain't nothin' but mammals so let's do it like they do it on the Discovery Channel!

Wow, last one was long lol. I hope I succeeded in getting one of these stuck in your head. :P USELESS JOURNAL IS USELESS, besides me trying to rule the minds of those who read this for uhhh about one minute. MUAHAHAAHAHAHA! (This is what happens when I wake up at 8 in the morning, it's too early, I shouldn't be up! Wtfuck man!)
  • Listening to: Fucking nothing but songs in my head.
  • Reading: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
  • Watching: Computer Screen
  • Playing: About to play WoW.
  • Eating: Nothing.
  • Drinking: Nothing. :c I'm thirsty! (STILL THIRSTY OMG)
So like, I think last night was one of the best nights I have ever spent with friends. Donnie, Nick, and I traveled to Florence, Kentucky (Florence Y'all lol)to meet these two chicks, Ashely and M'lynn. We swam in their hotel pool (they had a hotel 'cause they were visiting from Cleveland) and omg it was the most I've laughed in a LONG time. Ashley climbed on Nick and M'lynn climbed on Donnie and played chicken, well I think that's what it's called, anyways, the game where you get on someone's shoulders and try to knock the other person off. Well then it got really hilarious when they tried a boys vs. girls battle and Nick tried to get on Donnie's back, which didn't work out too well LOL.

Then we went to the Hookah Cafe, which is a cafe where you smoke this blend of tobacco that has been mixed with fruit and honey and IT IS SO GOOD OMG. Like, if you were to smoke just one thing in your life, you gotta smoke that! It isn't that expensive either, like, three bucks a person. Simply amazing. Tastes great and it really relaxes you.

Oh, bad stuff did happen yesterday though, got into a car accident, wasn't hurt too badly, just scraped my head again the roof of the truck I was in, and while we were at the Hookah Cafe, our car got towed. :/ Well we got the car back so that was good, and I got to see another friend of mine, Jousha, while we were waiting on the car. I'm hoping he and I will be going to a club like we planned tonight!

But yeah, that's what happened to me yesterday, pretty much a useless journal lol. SPAM! (Ignore the sad mood lol. Can't lie about my mood though haha wtfffff I'm bipolar!!!!).
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  • Playing: About to play WoW.
  • Eating: Nothing.
  • Drinking: Nothing. :c I'm thirsty!
The other night my sister and I were supposed to be home at eleven, well we were watching a movie and tried to call my mom like, eight times and she didn't answer, so I figured it would be alright if we finished it because she let me finish a movie with one of my friends earlier in the week. I finally got a hold of her, got yelled at, no, screamed at, had one of my friends get cussed out, when he didn't do anything wrong at all, went home, told Alice I was leaving in twenty minutes so she tried to get me to stay with a lie about going to Cedar Point the next weekend, I left to cool off with some other friends, came back, and learned Lorey wanted to leave, so we sit and talk about it for like an hour or so, long, well devoloped talk.

It was decided that living with Alice was no longer safe, one she's physically abusive at times, not terribly, but still. Two, she does some things that Lorey and I could get in the crossfire and go to jail for, even though we have nothing to do with it, and we can't get our lives messed up like that. Not to mention she's controlling, very, very controlling, usually we have to come home at eight at night, now, an eighteen year old, home, at eight? What the hell??? Not just that though, I couldn't freely hang out with someone that means a lot to me, actually, more like two someones, but yeah.

Then we find a place to stay that night, which it seems we can stay there for a while, a very good thing, way better than what we planned on doing, moving around from friend to friend every night. I wake up the next morning and get a text from one of Alice's friends, accusing us of taking my mom's money order for her house payment, her cigarettes, and all her money. Okay, Lorey and I love Alice, we care about her, we wouldn't screw her over like that. And why the hell would we want her shitty cigarettes anyways??? This morning I asked her friend if they figured out what happened with it, and she said Alice found it in the spot that she had looked five times.... odd.

Good news is that Lorey can keep her job, we have a solid place to stay, and we're not starving or something. We're not alone either, we have mass friends here for us, and I thank God for that. Oh and, yay library! Because Alice took both our laptops before we got home from our friend's house... what a bitch, not mom, but I need that for college! Anyways, wanted to rant and get that out.
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  • Drinking: I still have orange pop at the new home...hmmm....
So I have to complain that MY HOTEL ROOM IS FREEZING! Really, my fingers are freezing up because IT'S SO COLD! *shivers* I have to like, sit at the computer with a blanket around me it's so cold! My mom is crazy and like, keeps the AC BLASTING. SO.... COLD..... Anyways, just had to complain lol. YAY FOR USELESS JOURNAL!
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  • Playing: Waiting for GM to get my stuff back on WoW, hacked
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Grape Soda lol.
Deleting this.
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  • Drinking: Spit
I'M SO PROUD OF LOREY FOR REALS! She's going into job training tomorrow with Kroger's, yay! I can't get a job with them because I would have to change my schedule with UC. :/ What a bitch.
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Beware, these next pics are mature, nothing showing though, won't post anything that's showing.…………………

It eventually showed boobs of course..... but we never found out if it was a girl or a boy.........

SO CREEPY GUYS. Only difference was the hair, eyes, glasses, and I think she was chubbier than I.