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My hand slipped edited by ShadowRoth My hand slipped edited :iconshadowroth:ShadowRoth 1 0 LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT MANGOSTUCK by ShadowRoth LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT MANGOSTUCK :iconshadowroth:ShadowRoth 1 0 W4S J3TZT?? by ShadowRoth W4S J3TZT?? :iconshadowroth:ShadowRoth 0 0
I cry, I cry alone, without help, without you.
I cry, I cry without my sister, without the one that would always be there for me.
I'm drunk, I'm drunk because I know I lost you.
I will get through this, but I miss you.
I miss you, without you.
I do not make sense.
I do not make sense at all.
Fuck you, you did this to me.
I should be an island,
A person who stands by themselves.
I do not need you.
But I am still lost, still lost.
I hope you do see, how much you mean to me.
My sister, my only sister.
Out of my whole family, my pack,
You meant most to me.
But now, my cries are lost.
They do not reach you.
I.... wish you'd see,
all the little things I did,
that showed I cared.
Please, Lord, I beg of you,
Return her to me.
:iconshadowroth:ShadowRoth 1 6
Live Free
The Rain has come,
To take me along,
and leave this Consciousness behind.
To the Dream World,
Slick and Swirled,
With opportunities filled with Lore.
A call answered, I Agitate......
from an Excited Rage!
Someone seeing Red, my Love connects, the thread almost worn bare.
But do not fret, we soon forget
those held dear and loved.
Anger stays, and hatred lays,
Passion leaves, and good-times gone,
all that's left are mistakes.
Drained of the smiling memories, hatred churns to leave scars.
The Rain is Gone,
I wake up, mind quick with thoughts of her,
You are gone, I wish to talk, but the distance is still clear.
You are gone, the feeling's lost, and all that's left
is the same, the thread breaks, hatred lays, still and cool,
I do not worry as it seems you do.
Please be clear, I ask the sky, to show her
my love once strong, to fill her heart with smiling memories
and let her live, free, of my mistakes.
:iconshadowroth:ShadowRoth 1 0
Claws by ShadowRoth
Mature content
Claws :iconshadowroth:ShadowRoth 2 9
In the Waves. by ShadowRoth In the Waves. :iconshadowroth:ShadowRoth 0 0 What is this I don't even... by ShadowRoth What is this I don't even... :iconshadowroth:ShadowRoth 1 30
Heart of the Ocean
I want to see that Ocean
The one you Knew when you were Young
Lay on the Beach, Dreaming of each other
Touching, Caressing, Kissing Our Lover
I want to Make Love with You on the Sun Kissed Sand
Waves of Passion flowing through Gentle Contact
Warm pools of clothes collecting beneath us as we lose ourselves in Avidity
Our Sweet Storm; calming but Never ending
I want to see that Ocean
The one you Knew when you were Young
Lay on the Beach, Dreaming of each other
Touching, Caressing, Kissing Our Lover
:iconshadowroth:ShadowRoth 1 0
Spirit of Animals-For Katie-
May the animals Guide you
Upon your Way
May you Meet Angels
May God send you a Hawk
To Explore with you
Warn you of Dangers
Open your eyes to things gone Unnoticed before
The spirit of Powerful Vision
May God send you a Fox
Fully Opening your senses
Giving you the Capability
To Create the Future
As you wish it to Be
The Anima of Creative Energies
May He send you A Cougar
Giving you Might
Helping you Surpass
All Obstacles Before You
The Spirit of Strength
May you Find many Rabbits
Keeping you Healthy
Helping you when You're down
To Overcome the Past
The Symbol for New Life
May God send you a Wolf
A swift messenger from me to you
To watch over you
Protect you
The Anima of Archangels
Speaking through Telepathy
The communication of Animals
May you hear their Spirit
Their Life
Their Aid
May you hear my Howl
Through the wolf's Spirit
And live on with Freedom
As thou Should Be
:iconshadowroth:ShadowRoth 0 0
Simple Pleasure
Smoke away the Pain
Foul the Tongue that use to Kiss and Make Love
Burn the lungs that used to Breathe your Air
Dull the senses
Sting the Eyes that view you as Beautiful
Smile only when it feels better
Laugh when it is over
Puff so may I die
Misery is the Emotion
Destroying is the Answer
Tomorrow it will be the same
Alone, waiting, smoking
Until it is done
Smile only when it feels better
Laugh when it is over
:iconshadowroth:ShadowRoth 0 0
Wolf's View of Love
Some say beasts do not feel love,
That they can't understand it.
But what if love made a human
Feel like a free, tameless mastiff?
Love brings me a strange sensation.
I feel my furred paws slap the ground
As my heart races with happiness.
I feel my pads grace the rough earth
As I smile at those who give me joy.
I feel the wind breathe against my pelt
As I embrace those I love.
I feel the breeze push me, giving me impetus.
The exhilarating marvel pushes me in motion.
I follow my heart's desire to run
And I feel I can run forever next to you.
Are you running with me?
:iconshadowroth:ShadowRoth 2 4
Scorpion Waja Coloring by ShadowRoth Scorpion Waja Coloring :iconshadowroth:ShadowRoth 3 11
'He's dead? No, this can't be happening. He was just here. What about her? They were fighting. Oh God, she must feel horrible.' These were the thoughts flashing through my head. "How long?" I barely spoke.
"About an hour," my mom replied. Those words struck me like cold water. I sunk to the cold concrete, the wind gently glided across my face, as if trying to soften the heartbreaking blow. I pulled up my knees in a defensive position and started crying. My mom leaned down and tried to comfort me.
"It's okay. It'll be okay," she wrapped her arms around my curled up form. Usually I pull away from her embrace, too emotional to want to be held, but this time I have no strength to pull away. I leaned my weight against the red brick of our house, the soft ringing of chimes added to the sadness of the scene. "Come on, let's go inside where it's warmer," my mother said lifting me up.
I looked around at the other people, his daughter and ex-wife were there, his next wife was sitting on the porc
:iconshadowroth:ShadowRoth 0 6
That always seems to be the question.  
I'm sorry.
That always seems to be the answer.  
I thought I was over her, but it seems that some things just don't heal that quickly.  
I miss her so much, but how can I ask?  
New one, you pass me up, throw me down, and say you're sorry.  
I'm taking it too personally.  
You just miss a friend.
I want to get away, to her, but how can I ask?  
How and why?  
Must I feel these things?  
Can't I block them out?  
Can't they disappear?  
I want them to, so I can be comfortable, not thinking of times past.
Get over it!
It won't come back.
That happiness is gone.
So be happy with what you have!
Can't I get it through my head?
So please, someone, answer my cry for help.
:iconshadowroth:ShadowRoth 0 2
Xenophobia by ShadowRoth Xenophobia :iconshadowroth:ShadowRoth 2 26


Tyrunt Shaming by Dragonith Tyrunt Shaming :icondragonith:Dragonith 317 25 Gyarados Shaming by pancakesandhalibut Gyarados Shaming :iconpancakesandhalibut:pancakesandhalibut 215 27 Pokemon Shaming: Luxray by That-Stupid-Dingo Pokemon Shaming: Luxray :iconthat-stupid-dingo:That-Stupid-Dingo 402 27 Curiosity by Mr-farts Curiosity :iconmr-farts:Mr-farts 1,290 63 Realistic Pokemon: Galvantula by ReneCampbellArt Realistic Pokemon: Galvantula :iconrenecampbellart:ReneCampbellArt 1,040 48 Still Waters by SteveDeLaMare Still Waters :iconstevedelamare:SteveDeLaMare 306 41 Simetry by phalalcrocorax Simetry :iconphalalcrocorax:phalalcrocorax 231 18 Molesting machines by AtomicRedBoots Molesting machines :iconatomicredboots:AtomicRedBoots 456 31 Oh Tee Pee: Rosemary by Tentacuddles Oh Tee Pee: Rosemary :icontentacuddles:Tentacuddles 46 4 Homestuck: LOLAR by aoikiwi Homestuck: LOLAR :iconaoikiwi:aoikiwi 9 9 In a Bucket by raequiem In a Bucket :iconraequiem:raequiem 309 93 slow dancing by dashyice slow dancing :icondashyice:dashyice 25 6 Tea time by irVampire Tea time :iconirvampire:irVampire 572 54



Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Favourite genre of music: Techno
Favourite photographer: Myself
Favourite style of art: Sketchy
Shell of choice: Gyoura
Wallpaper of choice: Dark things
Skin of choice: green
Favourite cartoon character: Too many to list,literally
Personal Quote (s from my past): "guess what!""one day i was walking and i found an acorn!"
"Mattie!!Lorey breathe fire!!!!"
  • Listening to: 8-bit Lavender Town in my head.
  • Reading: Nothing
  • Watching: Computer Screen
  • Playing: Nothing
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Coffee and Chocolate Milk
This is something I should have posted a while ago, when I wrote it, it is not edited and is what it is.

"I strive to be a presenter of nature, opening a gateway for people to understand, respect, appreciate, and love nature. My presentation will emphasize on the animals of the world and their beauty as well as the vast landscapes of the world. I wish to be remembered as a lover of nature, viewed as a wonderful teacher of the earth. I believe everything in this world should be respected, appreciated, and loved no matter how small or large, cute or creepy, loved of feared and I will try to dismiss any fear or misconceptions of the natural world.
I want to live surrounded by a forest in the low mountains of North Carolina (or any place that isn't too cold, but still has snow). Dream house.
I want to live in the rainforests of south America in a cabin.
I want to live on the savannahs of Africa.
I want to live in a simple house/apartment in Australia.
Dorm or family's house in Germany.
I want to have generosity, many exotic pets, a friendship with Lorey Cook <3, a loyal lover who knows and loves me for me, a teacher's/presenter's job for nature, home in the forest, food, family, degree in zoology, and children.
I want to travel the world, work in/with the Australia Zoo, create beautiful artworks of nature, study abroad in Germany and Australia, learn several languages, visit the pyramids, live in several areas of the world, help those in need, in any way I can, build my own home, and raise a family.
I want to be a loyal, wonderful, supportive friend, happy, an informative gateway to the natural world for others, continue to be grateful for the supportive family I have, what I have come to know, and what I have experienced, wonderful and dependable mother, Adventurer to see the world, artist to show the world through my eyes, confident, loving, and knowledgeable.


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