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Reflected Darkness, Mirrored Rivalry by ShadowpwnLord9999 Reflected Darkness, Mirrored Rivalry :iconshadowpwnlord9999:ShadowpwnLord9999 6 8 Come Along, Pond! by ShadowpwnLord9999 Come Along, Pond! :iconshadowpwnlord9999:ShadowpwnLord9999 8 4
Dark Legacy Epilogue
Epilogue: The Everlasting Flicker…
*Night Babylon: One Month Later…*
A voice… a voice she knew better than her own… but…
“No… that’s not fair… stop, just please… wake up…”
It was past midnight at Night Babylon. Three weeks after the war had ended, repairs to Club Rouge and several other buildings and streets had, for the most part, been patched up. Just a few days ago, Rouge had moved back into her house with Luna, just next to Club Rouge. Most of the lights in Night Babylon were still out, but a few houses, a hotel and another bar had all been repaired. The comfort of her own club’s lights made Rouge feel a little more at peace. E-123 Omega had moved back in to safeguard Rouge’s house and help monitor Night Babylon’s construction during the day.
But now, when Rouge had finally started to get a peaceful sleep, it seemed
:iconshadowpwnlord9999:ShadowpwnLord9999 13 18
Darkness and Light Prt 2 Ch 32
Chapter Thirty-Two: A World Fallen Silent
Leave the past behind, just walk away…
When it's over, and the heart breaks…
And the cracks begin to show… Begin to show…

*Guardkaku: Two days after the Battle for the Stars on Angel Island: 7:45pm.*
Though there were more casualties at the Battle of Guardkaku, over a week before the attack on Angel Island had been launched, everyone agreed that the Battle for the Stars had been a greater one by far, even with less soldiers on both sides.
It had been an offensive the likes of which had never been launched before. Silver the Hedgehog and Shadow the Hedgehog, two of the greatest heroes in human and Mobian history alike, had given their lives for the rest of the universe. Truly, it was the ultimate sacrifice, and the most heroic thing one could accomplish.
Gathered in the courtyard, still under repair from the battle, thousands of people had gathered before the main fortress of Guardkaku. There, a memorial
:iconshadowpwnlord9999:ShadowpwnLord9999 5 17
Darkness and Light Prt 2 Ch 31
Chapter Thirty-One: His Dark Legacy
Angel, angel, what have I done?
I’ve faced the quakes, the winds, the fire…
I’ve conquered country, crown and throne…
Why can’t I cross this river?
“Pay no mind to the battles you’ve won…
“It’ll take a lot more than rage and muscle…
“Open your heart and hands my son,
“Or you’ll never make it over the river…
“It’ll take a lot more than words and guns
“A whole lot more than riches and muscle…
“The hands of the many must join as one,
“And together we’ll cross the river.”

Angel Island was erupting with volatile energy now.
A little less than ten minutes, eleven at the most, until the whole island would erupt. Nothing flesh-and-blood could be on the island and survive the blast. Haste was of the utmost importance for everyone now.
Yet Shade just laid there, eyes fixed on Shadow, wide with horror and
:iconshadowpwnlord9999:ShadowpwnLord9999 4 10
Darkness and Light Prt 2 Ch 30
Chapter Thirty: Even Stars Burn Out…
Medicated, drama queen,
Picture perfect, numb belligerence
Narcissistic, drama queen, craving fame and all its decadence
Lying through your teeth again
Suicidal imbecile
You're pounding on a fault line
What'll it take to get it through to you precious?
Over this, why do you wanna
Throw it away like this
Such a mess, well I don't wanna watch you
Disconnect and self-destruct one
Bullet at a time
What's your rush now, everyone will have his day to die… die… die…

*Angel Island: Nineteen minutes until explosion; with Rouge, Sonic and Amy*
All humans, Mobians and Black Arms were now in full retreat off of the island. A few hundred of them had secured an area where Admiral Atmos was sending helicopters and other drop-ships to pick them all up. Mephiles’ hordes chased them and attacked them the whole way back, but when Sonic, Amy and Rouge had joined up, they had a solid chance of escape.
By now, several thous
:iconshadowpwnlord9999:ShadowpwnLord9999 2 7
Darkness and Light Prt 2 Ch 29
Chapter Twenty-Nine: Live And Learn
Can you feel life movin' through your mind,
Ooh, looks like it came back for more!
Yeah yeah yeah!
Can you feel time slippin' down your spine,
Ooooooh, You try and try to ignore!
But you can hardly swallow,
Your fears and pain.
When you can't help but follow,
It puts you right back where you came.
Live and learn!
Hanging on the edge of tomorrow,
Live and learn!
From the works of yesterday.
Live and learn!
If you beg or if you borrow,
Live and learn!
You may never find your way.

Everyone stood in a dead-locked tension, facing down Mephiles. Hate between the two sides burned so intensely it was practically visible. Mephiles took a few threatening steps forward, dragging the Sword of Chaos’ energy blade into the dirt, leaving a small trail of hissing steam behind him.
One way or another, this was it. When this battle was done, the struggle would be decided. All the Mobians, each of them having lost at least one friend or loved
:iconshadowpwnlord9999:ShadowpwnLord9999 4 10
Allons-y! Into the TARDIS! by ShadowpwnLord9999 Allons-y! Into the TARDIS! :iconshadowpwnlord9999:ShadowpwnLord9999 6 9 Vegeta Defends the TARDIS by ShadowpwnLord9999 Vegeta Defends the TARDIS :iconshadowpwnlord9999:ShadowpwnLord9999 6 1
Darkness and Light Prt 2 Ch 28
Chapter Twenty-Eight: Absolution
In the night-light, do you still feel your pain?
For the valor you waited, never came!
If you were able, would you go change the past?
To mend a faux pas with one last chance!
And I might know of our future,
But then you still control the past.
Only you know if you'll be together,
Cause every night I will save your life!
And every night I will be with you!
Cause every night I still lay awake,
And I dream of an absolution!

The sounds of battle were much softer and more distant than before, as the humans, Black Arms and Mobians pushed Mephiles’ army further away from the ARK. The cyclone of clouds still lazily spun above the Eclipse Cannon, but the thunder and lightning had drastically quieted down. Now, only the whistling of a weary wind and the occasional rumble of distant thunder lingered in the air.
“They did it… they actually did it…”
Slowly walking around the Eclipse Cannon, Mephiles
:iconshadowpwnlord9999:ShadowpwnLord9999 2 2
Darkness and Light Prt 2 Ch 27
Chapter Twenty-Seven: The Day of Disaster
Battle, war, carnage, and death; right now, on Angel Island, they hung in the air like leaves on a windy fall day.
A few million humans, Black Arms, and Mobians clashed with hundreds of millions more of Mephiles’ creations. Solaris the All-Being hurtled every form of death from as many realties, alternate realities and timelines as it could at the two Mobians empowered with everything their small bodies could hold as an advantage.
Now, Sonic the Hedgehog held Amy Rose close by, carefully watching the smoldering carnage of Cerberus. The giant three-headed beast’s scales had been completely obliterated, and its skin beneath was burnt, blasted open, and shrapnel the size of cars stuck out of it all over. One head had been blasted wide open, the left head’s right side was unrecognizably burnt and scarred, and the right head was nowhere to be seen. The black ooze that only Mephiles’ kind could possibly bleed covered th
:iconshadowpwnlord9999:ShadowpwnLord9999 5 23
Darkness and Light Prt 2 Ch 26
Chapter Twenty-Six: The Shield of the Universe
Run and hide, there's fire in the sky…
The world is going to rise and pull you under
In your eyes,
I'm staring at the end of time.
Nothing can change us, nothing can save us…

Iblis grew larger, and the being's consciousness grew more intelligent and more aware, roaring at its surroundings. Drawing upon the energy from the Sword of Chaos that Mephiles had stored, Iblis was quickly returning to full power.
"What do we do?!" Shade hissed. "Solaris is about to return, and we're helpless!"
"I don't know… what could we use as an alternate energy source?!" Shadow demanded.
"Would Dark Burner suffice?"
"No, it doesn't supply Chaos Energy, it siphons, amplifies and focuses it like a lens; it makes my own Chaos Powers stronger, and enables them to grow slowly over time," Shadow replied. "There's no Chaos Energy of its own."
"Think! There must be something we can do!" Shade spat, eyes strained and wide with fear and
:iconshadowpwnlord9999:ShadowpwnLord9999 2 6
Helm's Deep 3, Deeping Wall by ShadowpwnLord9999 Helm's Deep 3, Deeping Wall :iconshadowpwnlord9999:ShadowpwnLord9999 15 4 Helm's Deep 2 by ShadowpwnLord9999 Helm's Deep 2 :iconshadowpwnlord9999:ShadowpwnLord9999 7 2 Helm's Deep 1 by ShadowpwnLord9999 Helm's Deep 1 :iconshadowpwnlord9999:ShadowpwnLord9999 15 7 Glitch Boat by ShadowpwnLord9999 Glitch Boat :iconshadowpwnlord9999:ShadowpwnLord9999 9 0
Mostly writing, occasionally photos and program-related pics. xD

Random Favourites

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DEAD OR ALIVE ANGELS PREVIEW :iconwitchking00:Witchking00 792 91
Bleach - Grimmjow and Neliel photo by JeyHaily Bleach - Grimmjow and Neliel photo :iconjeyhaily:JeyHaily 303 31 CE: +:Can You See Me Now?:+ by AuspiciousAries CE: +:Can You See Me Now?:+ :iconauspiciousaries:AuspiciousAries 142 102 My Heart is an easy thing for you to win by HayaKenta My Heart is an easy thing for you to win :iconhayakenta:HayaKenta 7 3 The Milkshake Challenge! by 6601 The Milkshake Challenge! :icon6601:6601 206 70 C.O.G by faustus70 C.O.G :iconfaustus70:faustus70 19 2 having a blast by faustus70 having a blast :iconfaustus70:faustus70 14 17


Not sure what "impact" means but hey; its not a meteor. xD Awesome job. ^^ The camera really amplifies the sand grains, and I like the ...


So hey, last journal entry here, at least for a long time. :)

First off, not closing the account down, just pretty much abandoning it. I want people to be able to read or look at the stuff I still have here, and it'd be nice to come by here every once in awhile to look at it myself. 

If anybody's interested in taking over the (dead) clubs I own, let me know. First come first served. 

Finally, here's my new account:… The writings I'll be posting there will mostly be Magic the Gathering based for awhile, if anybody's interested.

Also, thanks to everyone who bid farewell in the last entry. It was just six people but hey, that's six people more than I was expecting to comment, lol. Anyways, bye, cya on my new account! I'll sign on here every once in awhile until things are set in order.
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Loves Shadouge4eva ^^
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Okay, so I was born in a log Xbox building, with nobody for company except my grandson. My girlfriend is Shadouge4eva :iconshadouge4eva: and we are truly awesome. I like Star Wars, except for the lima beans and the car chase.
I led the Egg Roll Conspiracy in 1991 1/2, and my interests include Shadouge, gaming, Star Wars, gaming, blogging, writing, Shadouge, gaming, history, destroying the victims of the Moon-Estate Crisis, and...

Current Residence: Kansas... boring ol Kansas
Favourite genre of music: Rock and Metal
Favourite photographer: Shadouge4eva
Favourite style of art: Too many to decide
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: PSP
Shell of choice: Leonardo's shell
Wallpaper of choice: Something Sonic-related, though it varies
Skin of choice: Fuzz
Favourite cartoon character: Shadow the Hedgehog and Rouge the Bat
Personal Quote: Sometimes all hell needs to break loose before heaven triumphs.


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