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Ship concept

Introducing the Ring warper, a concept I did for my uni course, utilising random shapes I had to creat a useful object from the batch, so I ended up creating this ship =D

Art and Concept by Miles Arquio
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Dontburnit's avatar
Can I have one?
If you can build can have the second one you build.
Equals-N-LessThan's avatar
hooray for more original designs from you :D
That's a clever looking one.. This is the kind of stuff you can build with Lego |D
You should search up some Bionicle/Technic galleries for vehicles. I bet you'd find tons of awesome stuff like this that you really ought to try and draw.
Zsy's avatar
Love the colors, and I definitely wouldn't want to mess with the pilot of that ship.
Well, its sorta a reconnaissance ship, I didn't think of it as a weapon ship, perhaps it could also double as a cargo ship.
Zsy's avatar
Sunburst-Super-Hero's avatar
gr8 job. looks kinda like the elite's helmets from halo
now that you mention it, they do XD I haven't played the game in a while but I guess it still has an effect on me
artistafrustrado's avatar
totally amazing concept i love the design :3
bowei20049's avatar
Looks more like a head for some mecha. Good job
heh ya know that's not such a bad idea, I might develep that later on. Thanks ^^
TwilightCage's avatar
Nice concept. I'd like to see it used some more. c:
I actually might use the concept of the warp rings more, I love the glowyness as ya know so it'll be in future pieces C:
TwilightCage's avatar
Dooo eeet. They're amazing. : D
HappyAggro's avatar
Ah snap, its cool~
T3Am-GaM3rZ1's avatar
Looks like something straight out of Mass Effect, nice work, man.
Never played Mass Effect, but from what I've seen, I'll take that as a compliment, thanks guys 8D
T3Am-GaM3rZ1's avatar
SonicAdvance's avatar
I totally love this blue color :love:
But it looks a bit like a dolphin to me, lol :lol:
XD you're not the first to think of it as a dolphin, I guess its down to the shape I developed it from, a lot of them came out looking organicy.
DragonFairy88's avatar
That's gold: I really like its design!:+fav:
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