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WTF - Rapheal Vs. Huntress by ShadowPhoenixStudios WTF - Rapheal Vs. Huntress by ShadowPhoenixStudios
wait... angel vs demon, WRONG RAPHAEL! OH NOOOOES! heh heh heh.
Yeah... I don't even know. :la::la:

Actually, I lie, I do know. I was looking through my sketch book and it occurred to me all I ever do is draw Huntress now, so I figured what's one more sketch of her?
Why Turtle Raphael? You're guess is as good as mine. Raphael is based on my redesign seen here [link]

I probably could have made the poses a bit more dynamic, but it was just supposed to be a couple of warm up sketches/talking heads that just I kept drawing.

Anyway, I'm still alive. Just haven't been drawing much and trying to change it.

Media: red drafting lead, color altered in photoshop
Huntress belongs to Janeen Satone, based off Gaia online avis, no touchie, me bitie.
Raphael and Casey Jones belongs to Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird/Mirage/Nickelodeon/and whoever else owns rights to those bloody mutants now.
little deformed Janeen is ME! Why would you want to steal me as a character design anyway? I'm borin'!
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SparkletteMachina Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2011
Wow! So many great posts today! :)
The Poses look great. That looks like a great stance for Raph, poised for action! :D
I'd love to see the 2 of them fight at some point! :D

Yeah, I find myself drawing this character of mine, Jewel, more often these days to: [link]
if Huntress was really serious (ie if Janeen wasn't lazy and didn't just start off by drawing talking heads and took the time to actually draw them really fighting) she'd be trying to take his head off. But I think if she were to walk into any of the TMNT series, she'd eat everyone alive! I don't know, I don't recall ever seeing Hell hounds running amuck in the TMNT universe. *LOL*
*goes to draw the outcome of Huntress taking on the turtles*
*Rock falls*
*Everyone dies!*

But seriously, considering I don't have any real plans to make Huntress a character in any comics at the moment, I need to stop drawing her all the bloody time!
SparkletteMachina Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2011 the TMNT wouldn't stand a chance against her huh? ..Well she is VERY hungry! LOL

Heh, Ya'know, now tat I think about it, I don't really know too much about what runs around in the TMNT universe. Somehow I thought everything under the sun did! lol.
Well there's always room to add hellhounds into the mutant-mix right? :)

Someday I still want to that fight of Huntress vs. TMNT (Perhaps they have a challenge of who can lift that said rock highest above their heads for the longest!) :D

I think sometimes doing the real project takes time. And I'd say my problem is having the same enthusiasm I used to have for doing such heavy work.
Maybe right now Huntress is just there to blow off steam, while you take your time & write out the story for your comics. Y'know, to keep your skills up! :)
well, yeah, this is true -- Not sure if they've gone up against an arch-demon or anything from the celestial host, so I imagine they're cute little martial arts skills won't mean dick.;p
SparkletteMachina Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2011
LOL! :lmao:
Bunny-in-a-box Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
and you really did post it~
yeah, a day late and a dollar short, but I posted it. ;p
RoniBro Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2011
I know, I'm a dork. See... look, there's even a little SDish Me saying so in the art! ;p
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