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Dusk Till Dawn by Shadowphoenix21 Dusk Till Dawn :iconshadowphoenix21:Shadowphoenix21 17 14 WWF palette meme Thrya by Shadowphoenix21 WWF palette meme Thrya :iconshadowphoenix21:Shadowphoenix21 1 6 WWF Hypo Pup Meme Thrya by Shadowphoenix21 WWF Hypo Pup Meme Thrya :iconshadowphoenix21:Shadowphoenix21 3 10 Species Swap meme by Shadowphoenix21 Species Swap meme :iconshadowphoenix21:Shadowphoenix21 8 6
[WWF] Ooh lala
Val played by Koeyohte
Thrya played by Shadowphoenix21
The days were beginning to run together for the male.  It had seemed as if only yesterday he had been keeping guard over the pregnant female of the island.  He almost snorted as he brushed a low hanging branch.  The fact that a pregnant female had somehow managed to seek aid and chased the proud Vultures from their captors’ lands was embarrassing.  It was humiliating.
Valentin did not blame Osha, though, as much of the pack seemed to quickly have done.  While it was on her, he understood his position below her was to follow.  That was all.  And yet… something was not right.  She had been neglecting them.  She had ignored his pleas to speak with his Mistress and she had not come from her den in days.  Perhaps the Ancestors - if they really did exist - had punished her for her attempt to put Jova in their place?
An irritated smirk shadowed the wolf’s
:iconshadowphoenix21:Shadowphoenix21 1 4
Just follow my scent trail
The grey she wolf walked along keeping watch for any prey as she headed towards the Draugar boarder. Her head still felt conflicted about the whole mess the Vultures has stirred. But she would try and tell someone from Nahimana’s pack that their alpha was alive, as well as the rest of the message she was asked to tell them.
Thrya went to step into Draugar’s territory. She hesitated, her front paw hovering above the invisible barrier on the ground. The last time she had wondered into Draugar was pure accident, lost in thought. She was lucky not have been attacked, ending up so close near the pups. Now her pack had captured one of theirs. No, that would not be wise, she thought. Even though she could defend herself against one or two wolves. It was best not give them an excuse to attack.
She turned around and walked over to sit under the shade of a tree. Safe in neutral territory. She would wait to see if anyone would come close to the boarder. Thrya looked around. A sm
:iconshadowphoenix21:Shadowphoenix21 0 0
WWF_Dimitri by Shadowphoenix21 WWF_Dimitri :iconshadowphoenix21:Shadowphoenix21 6 9 Flying Flower by Shadowphoenix21 Flying Flower :iconshadowphoenix21:Shadowphoenix21 14 6 Horus by Shadowphoenix21 Horus :iconshadowphoenix21:Shadowphoenix21 10 11 Anubis by Shadowphoenix21 Anubis :iconshadowphoenix21:Shadowphoenix21 11 10 Feeling like a fool for trying by Shadowphoenix21 Feeling like a fool for trying :iconshadowphoenix21:Shadowphoenix21 5 4 James Character Sheet 2018 by Shadowphoenix21 James Character Sheet 2018 :iconshadowphoenix21:Shadowphoenix21 7 8
What is loyal and what isnt?
Shadowphoenix21 as Thrya
TheDevilsLotus as Amadeus
Amadeus stretched out the kinks in his legs as he awoke to the smell of sage that was a beacon of his home. It was not often he was without his bed mate, Ekon, but such was an occasion, and it wasn't that Amadeus minded any. After all other things had to be prepared for. Time for fun came when it was most opportune.
He had yet to hear anything from the Ancestors, which was beginning to trouble him. Surely something was amiss if they refusing to contact him? He had tried his best to reassure Osha of these concerns, but now Amadeus was feeling the inklings of something being wrong.
The Priest did not show much of it, though, as he sauntered into the camp, seeing the familiar faces of his pack mates but one catching his eye in particular. One of the newer wolves, whom he had not yet gotten acquainted with - Thrya. And it appeared she was... observing the Knights?
How interesting...
With a fatherly smile Amadeus sauntered ov
:iconshadowphoenix21:Shadowphoenix21 3 2
Quick head shot sketch by Shadowphoenix21 Quick head shot sketch :iconshadowphoenix21:Shadowphoenix21 10 4
Two starving alphas and a little hunter
Alina played by Koeyohte
Nahimana played by EternallyDrunkSmurf
Thrya played by Shadowphoenix21
Alina’s eyes had not opened in hours.  As they fluttered open, her eyes stung.  They were dry - drier than they ever had been while living on the island, salted by sea water.
Weakly, Alina lifted her head.  It was going to be getting dark soon.  It would be yet another end to a painful, disappointing day as the alpha starved in the pit.  Alina glanced toward her companion, Nahimana, who lay nearby.  The time alone in the pit had not been kind to either wolf, but Alina found herself more concerned for Nahimana’s growing children in her belly.
Tan fur littered the small area of the pit Nahimana had chosen as her makeshift 'den.' A few weeks into her pregnancy, the expectant mother's nesting drive had kicked in. The cleanest old bedding she could find, assorted pelt and feather scraps, and her own tufts of fur made up the ru
:iconshadowphoenix21:Shadowphoenix21 4 4
Blinking Pixel Icon Vira by Shadowphoenix21 Blinking Pixel Icon Vira :iconshadowphoenix21:Shadowphoenix21 11 10

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(Question) Do you prefer to see an artist's Commission list as a deviation image (All examples on a sinlge nice layout page or a Journal with thumbnails/ links to samples?

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So with my new job I have 12 hours a day (which starts tomorrow, O.O) Just been doing 6 hour training so far. 7 days a week then you have a couple of days off then have to switch to night shifts, same deal, 12 hours 7 days, couple of days off switch to day shifts.


At some point in my days off I also have to do at least 1 day at my retail job to stay on the books which they said could only be 3 hours. But the roster they sent out is more than that. X.X


But back to the heading of this said journal

I will be staying up late/ early to get ready for night shift and when I finish day shift to re-adjust to sleep patterns.


So in all these all nighters/ days

I will do some art (maybe live stream) I will attempt to set up some art on my next days off.

Watch Netflix (tv. Or movies)

Or Game. Hence why I asked if anyone plays on Steam or PS4. There is a chance I can game with you if I have the same games as you. I was going to do some game recording but I don’t think I will be able to do that, that sleep deprived or at night when everyone else is sleeping. (truth be told I don’t want them to hear me doing game recordings) They will think it is weird. Hence with my current YouTube game videos I don’t talk much yet. Not used to talking out loud.


Let me know if you want to be added on either. If you know I already have you, you need not apply : ) (I have you two or three already) : )

Don’t get too excited though. Most times I will probably just watch a Netflix series being too sleep deprived and physically drained.


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