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weird dreams stamp

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i have very weird dreams...
mostly involving danny, robots and erm llamas
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stamp (c) me
credit if you use :D
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efka09Hobbyist Artist
Well I have weird dreams of a Japanese video game called Roly Poly No Nanakorobi Yaoki where Cho and Pon were babies (Cho was a baby fox kit and Pon was a yellow puppy) and they were playing
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Jokerfan79Student General Artist
I had a dream when I was very young about someone putting a spider on my head
that dream scared me and I still remember part of it.
my dreams are so random
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Jokerfan79Student General Artist
I'm not afraid of spiders anymore though
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MosoTokyo88Hobbyist Digital Artist
me too
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RabbitGuiltStudent Artist
hecc using
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monstermaster13Hobbyist Writer
Weird is pretty much normal for me.  I guess writing stories about people turning into different forms really helps with that.
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SaiyanstrongHobbyist General Artist
I’ve had three, one of which occurs when I have a really bad fever.
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MissShirisaidoHobbyist General Artist
I once had a terrifying dream that someone took all of my files and put them into one folder and I had to try and get them all back into their original folders
And I have a lot of files and a lot of folders
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Snarrly-iiHobbyist Artist
am i the only one here who loves reading interesting dream stories in comment section? anyone?
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pokemonsonicgirl123Hobbyist General Artist
Trust me, you're not.
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I forget usually forget them Sad dummy 
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YoyoThePotatoHobbyist Traditional Artist
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TheCartoonWizardHobbyist Artist
I had a dream that I went to the movie theater with Tom and Jerry
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So my dad was driving me and my cousin to a fast food place? My dad talked to one of my uncles by pulling up in front of the line directly in front of the person behind (either my uncle was too far to the right or that guy was too far to the left) So he looked like he was cutting to everyone else. I remember a stupid looking guy getting out of the car and making threatening gestures lol. Then spongebob (yes SPONGEBOB!) went to this pet determinator. The pet determinator put pets in this machine and then they die. The guy said before each pet died "I love you". The guy put like 10 pets in there until one pet stole his calendar keys (?) and everything went wild. At the end of the dream spongebob went back for his pets (there was no gary sooo that’s good I guess) and he was expecting them to BE ALIVE?!?!? What the freaking heck.

Also, when i was like four, I had this 'nightmare' where my mom sent me to this place where I HAD to go in there or else this guy would give me a hug. Yeah. 

Also, does anyone else ever feel like in their dreams, that they had dreamed something similar to that dream before you dreamed that dream but in reality you didn't and when you look back you ask, "what the?" When I was dreaming that pet determinator one, I felt like that determinator was SO familiar, but looking back I have never dreamed anything like it as far as I can tell.

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True...I keep a dream journal in my room.
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it's either nothing, a nightmare, or a wierd dream. i only remember ONE good dream
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I had a really creepy and weird dream a few days ago, I had a dream that I was on my laptop and somehow my puppy Gizmo was in the room and he rip up my pink bunny stuffed animal and I went to tell my Mom. She was in my older sister's old bedroom and here is the really creepy part, when I went to tell my Mom what Gizmo did I saw my Mom just laying there with a doll head and her real head was next to her body and I woke up after that Stare 


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That's why I always keep a record of them. It's kind of fun to go back too
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Miss-BarkerHobbyist Artist
That's me.

Every. Single. Night.
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Candy--PrinceHobbyist Filmographer
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Beret-RockHobbyist General Artist
I once had a dream, in witch someone tried to cut my neck with a knife and for less than a second, when I woke up, my neck felt like it was burning.

I also cant control my movements very well in dreams, like I cant take turns fast and easily.
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xXPastel-BunniesXx Digital Artist
I have the weirdest dreams, you guys have no idea. Like, one time I had a dream that I was at a party and my Dad got a horse but it was feral and would attack everyone at the party and bigfoot was there and I don't even know. It was so freakin weird. :o (Eek) 
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