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(June 22 – July 22)

General Description: The Sun enters Cancer, the 4th Sign in the Zodiac, around the 21st of June every year. The Crabs are extremely intuitive and emotional, and possess a profound maternal instinct and take great pleasures in the comforts of their home and family. It is not easy to understand the Cancer, as these extremely introvert individuals take time to open up and often hide their actual emotions beneath their tough outer shell. That is why, they run the risk of being perceived as arrogant and impolite people who are not sensitive to the feelings of others.

Element: Water
Quality: Cardinal (= activity)
Characteristics: Cold, Phlegmatic, Feminine
Ruling planet: The Moon
Detriment: Saturn
Exaltation: Jupiter
Fall: Mars 
Symbol: The Crab
Birthstone: Moonstone and Pearl
Birth Colours: Blue, Puce and Silver
Other Lucky Colours: White, Silver, Smoky Grey, Silvery Blue and Green
Lucky Day: Monday
Associated Flowers and Plants: All White Flowers – White Roses, Acanthus, Lilies and Water Lilies
Quality Most Needed For Balance: Mood Control
Deepest Need: A Harmonious Home and Family Life
Compatible Sun Signs: Scorpio and Pisces
Best Sun Sign/s for Marriage and/or Partnerships: Capricorn

Anatomically Cancer corresponds to: Breasts, chests, stomach, pancreas and thoracic duct; breast bone, the ribs that are nearest to the stomach; muscles between the ribs, muscles used in breathing; diaphragmatic arteries; mammary, gastric, gastro-epiploric and diaphragmatic veins.

Important Qualities: Patience, Tenacity, Domesticity, Kindness, Devotion, Versatility, Adaptability, Patriotism, Sociability and Maternity. 
Negative Traits: Untruthfulness, Unpredictability, Sentimentality, Pride, Untidyness, Resentment, Vanity and Lazyness.
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