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Shadow Ninja Clan

Shadow Ninja Clan: Shadow, Kokoro and Helena by ShadowNinjaMaster, visual art


The Paradise Cafe Finale

DOA Cafe Photoshoot: The Paradise Cafe Finale by ShadowNinjaMaster, visual art

The Master's Harem

The Master's Harem: The Master's Birthday!!! by ShadowNinjaMaster, visual art

Bikini Ninja Girls: Moonlight Kunoichi

Bikini Ninja Girls: Moonlight Kunoichi by ShadowNinjaMaster, visual art

Hayabusa's Harem

Ryu Hayabusa Crossover Harem by ShadowNinjaMaster, visual art

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My Bio

Hello and Welcome to my DeviantArt Page.

My name is "ShadowNinjaMaster" but my good friends here call me "Shadow" or "Shad"

Thank you so much for stopping by and paying a nice visit to my profile. I hope you enjoy what you see and I hope you enjoy looking over my fantastic artwork in my gallery.

If you like what you see here, Please feel free to leave a comment, fave, and enjoy more of my artwork. As always, Enjoy your time and have an awesome day, my good friends!



Information about myself:

I'm a positive and friendly type of person here on DeviantArt, I'm also a video gamer and just a normal guy who is really into digital artwork both 3D or 2D artwork. I enjoy meeting new friends and new people here that into the same type of art genre that I enjoy as well. It's amazing to meet such many awesome and very talented artists here. I feel like this is my kind of place to feel like myself and also express my creative and artistic side.

My Type of artwork:

In my type of artwork, I like to do pictures and renders based on my favorite characters that I know from various games or fighting games like Dead or Alive, Ninja Gaiden, Or various other games that I'm very familiar with from my own gaming experience. Like I said, I'm a video gamer.

Programs that I use in my Artwork:

XPS 11.8


MS Paint

Photoshop CS6

My style of Artwork on my Profile:

For my style of artwork, it's pretty simple and easy to tell, I mostly like to do bikini photoshoot pictures of the DOA ladies in my artwork. Sometimes I would do topless or nude renders in my artwork for the DOA ladies specifically.

Other times, I will probably do various fan art pictures or 3D renders of other video games characters that I am more well experienced with in my gaming knowledge and stuff. So just in case, I might vary a couple times in what artwork I do here on my profile.

If you like what you see in my gallery, you're more then welcome to comment and fave my artwork to your personal favorites. The more you comment and fave in my artwork, the more you help me to get noticed more around here with other talented artists.

Q: Do you take any requests?

A: No, I do not take any requests, but I am open to suggestions or interesting ideas sent to me by note, depending on what it could be. If for any reason I do not like the idea, I have the right to refuse and say no to the idea.

Q: Will you do any specific type of pictures?

A: No, because in my line of work I have my limits, I liking making artwork based on my own choices and making up my own ideas as I go.

Q: Do you do collaborations with other artists?

A: Yes, but not so often, only sometimes, If the artist and I discuss what are we are working on together ahead of time which is good enough for both of us to be prepared when the time is right. So, really it all depends on time, the type of artwork we're doing and so on.

Q: What do you expect from your Watchers?

A: All I ask for of my watchers is to follow my rules respectively, Be sincere, Show your generous support of my artwork and everything will be just fine in good terms. That is all I ask for of my watchers.

Be sure to check out all these talented 3D artists and amazing people who are my most wonderful friends. They're all really great people and I'm glad to call them my DeviantART Friends.






























































Favourite Movies
Batman The Dark Knight, The Guyver, The Crow, and many more.
Favourite TV Shows
Adventure Time, Regular Show, Ed Edd & Eddy, and Many More.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Buckethead, The Outfield, Anarchy Club, Linkin Park, and Creed.
Favourite Games
Megaman X, Ninja Gaiden, Dead or Alive, Soul Calibur, Marvel vs. Capcom and many others fighting games and other games.
Favourite Gaming Platform
PS4, Xbox 360
Other Interests
Anime, Video Games, Music, and Movies.
Hello there, Everyone. Shadow here. Thank you all so much for your overall concern over my well-being and status over the hurricane incident that happened in Florida, I really appreciate that from all of you who took the time to comment and message me yesterday. Thank you all so much. As for some good news, starting next week I will be getting back to doing artworks again for your viewing pleasure and more, I know some of you are waiting to see what I will do next and I can assure you, I have some interesting plans and ideas for this month and the next forward. But, this will take time and you all know that. Anyway, I hope that you all are ready for this month, since it's spooky month. I gotta check my to-do list to see what I can bring up for this month if not anything spooky related, then you know what I'll do anyway. Let's have ourselves a good month this year. Happy 1st day of Spooky Month, my friends. 🎃
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Hey there, Everyone. Shadow here. In case anyone hasn't noticed I wasn't on DeviantART for the past 3 days. Hurricane Ian was passing through in the state of Florida and I didn't have any power or wi-fi for the past 3 days in my area. But not to worry, Thank God I am okay, my family and I are okay. As for the state of Florida it has affected a lot of people, I hope and pray everyone else is okay. Also, I hope everyone else is recovering well from this storm. As for fan art and stuff, I'm gonna be taking a hiatus for a while until things are back to normal. Thank you in advance for the comment and stuff. Shadow out. I'll be back soon when I get well organized.
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Hello there, Everyone. Shadow here. So I have some news to share about my first job experience. The job that I had was pretty good and it was something new for me try out on my first time having a real life job. I was working as a Front Desk Clerk at a Hotel. My job was to attend the guests, check them in to their hotel rooms, check them out when they make their departures. Answer the phones for any guest requests or business calls, etc. It was all great my first job, but a lot for just one person to handle on a daily basis, but that was the job and as much as I could muster to work in this job, I found myself being overwhelmed with a lot to do. But the important thing was that I tried my best and I did my best working in this job. After working in the Hotel for about 15 Days, I feel like I've had a good run and working in that business. After working 15 days, the Hotel Company decided to let me go. Did I feel bad for it? No, of course not, because I know I tried my best and I did
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Hey there, Everyone. Shadow here. If you enjoy my artwork and stuff, Please feel free to show your support by donating points to my donation pool. Any amount of points you donate, I'll gladly accept.

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Happy Birthday to our sultry MMA goddess, Mila! ¡MUY CALIENTE! :heart::heart::heart:

Mila Aloha Bikini with Sarong 1
Mila Aloha Bikini with Sarong 2
Mila Aloha Bikini with Sarong 3

Why did you remove this?

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That's not even from him.

Then who made this pic?

Thank you for Watcher Man You're a Great Man :hug:

You're very welcome. 😎