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UPDATE: I completely forgot to put in Sonic eyebrows. I also added some blood stains to give the background some more creepy tension.

This is my contribution to the CreepyPasta fanfic, Sonic.exe. I only heard about this on Youtube from MegaGWolf.

Youtube page:

Looks like Sonic fans are taking creepy characters to a new level. First Tails Doll, now this.

If anyone would like to use this in any way, please let me know.

Here's the link to the CreepyPasta post:…

Here's the link to download version 4 of Sonic.EXE, because this drawing actually appears in the game if you push buttons on the "Game Over" screen.…

Enjoy, and sleep tight.

Link to commission page:
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Here's where I'm gonna piss everyone off. Sonic.EXE's most famous line, yeah, it isn't actually his. The phrase "I Am God" actually originates from a completely different Creepypasta. So yeah, Sonic.EXE took credit for something that wasn't even his.