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So. Er... just a while ago, a friend of mine gave me my own FTP Server. ^_^ If anyone doesn't know what that is, then I'll explain:

FTP basically stands for File Transfer Protocal. It allows you to upload your files online (Doesn't even matter what those files are; can either be video's, MP3's, midi's, pictures, anything.) and only you can access them.
I honestly think it's pretty cool. It's, like... a wireless external hard drive. You get to put your crap on it, without having to lug around a flash drive or a... er, box of memory. (An external hard drive.)
Anyhow. Now for the point of this journal. Anyone wanna share the server with me? I mean... I'll need to note you guys with the information as to how to even get IN, but either way, I really like it. Just think of it as a file hosting website.
Just note me if you're interested.
Anyhow. These past couple of days have been hectic. @_@ I got lectured by one of my best friends, though that lecture was really needed, and my friend's getting worse.
Honestly... I have to admit. Lately, I haven't been trusting in God with my whole heart that he can help my friend and everyone else out of this. Heck, it took until Hannah lectured me about it to finally realize how stupid I've been for not entrusting all of my problems to God. But y'know what? I'm all right with what she did. Even IF she got a little mad at me, what she told me really hit hard. It's... definitely something I need to improve on.

Also. Courtney, if you're reading this... you should also try to improve on all of this. Like you told me on the phone last night, you haven't been trusting in God with all of your strength, with everything. Even I haven't. We both have a minuscule understanding of what God can really do if we just believe He can do it. And we need to improve on that. If we do... things will get better. Trust me.

...Anyhow. Over and out.
EDIT: Forgot to mention. The FTP server can hold 100 GB's of stuff. Which is a lot, by the way.
EDIT: Meh. I find this pretty cool. Anyway, here goes.
1. What was your first impression of Courtney?
-Um... I like-liked her. XD (But remember, this was back in, what, preschool.) Ever since then, she's... been one of my best friends.

2. Have you ever been in Fable's house?

3. What would you do if Cat from Hell confessed love to you?
-...Holy shi*.

4. What is one thing Rachel isn't exactly made for?
-Doing the crazy kind of stunts that I do.

5. Does Rachel have any pets?
-Um... I dunno. I think her dog passed away a while back ago, but I don't know if she has any other pets.

6. If you could do anything with Daniel, what would it be?

7. What's Philip to you?
-I dunno... a crazy friend who likes guns? I guess he's just an ordinary friend...

8. Danielle is actually Cat from Hell in disguise, you know.
-...That... that can't be...

9. What song could be Hannah's theme song?
-I don't really listen to music, so from my vast assortment of video game music and anime music, I'd have to choose Sit Beside Me. Forgot what game it came from, though. Possibly Suikoden?... I dunno.

10. What song could be Fable's theme song?
-No clue.
So, uh. Learned some horrible information about the Cat from Hell. I'm scared. Really. I am.


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