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Squid Girl Vs Cthulhu- 1.3
Squid Girl Vs Cthulhu-1-3-"There's Something Fishy About These Squidnappers!
Our third Part, entitled: "There's something Fishy about these Squidnappers!"
In an alleyway in Innmouth, Squid Girl was getting more and more irate. Finally, she snapped a little.
"I Already Know All This, De Gaso! Why are you going into so much detail?"
Martin looked confused at his associates, who looked back at him, and they shrugged together.
"Sorry Squid Girl, but we just feel like getting all the facts together first. We think. To be honest, it feels a little weird going into all this detail. I mean, to explain why we can't find our Kidnappers yet, we just needed to go over the actual kidnapping. I wonder why we're going on about the business with Sanea?"
"Maybe because she was also-"
"Whos Goes Thar!"
The Local law enforcers had found them again, though it was unclear just whose law they were enforcing. Immediately they all jumped to their feet and started running in the opposite directio
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Squid Girl Vs Cthulhu 1.2
Squid Girl Vs Cthulhu-1-2-Squid's A Trip!
And so, we move onto our second part, "Squid's a Trip!" during which we look at the start of this weird adventure…
When I say start, I don't mean the very start, as it is hard to say exactly where to pinpoint an actual start, but I believe this moment should suffice.
The Aizawa household was packing up their clothes, and other essentials for travelling. The sisters, Eiko and Chizuru were doing most of the hard work, to be perfectly honest. Though even their brother, Takeru, was very busy. Their extra member, however, was simply getting under foot, as she turned over a simple small pieces of paper in her hands. This extra member was, of course, Squid Girl. They had first met Squid Girl when, as part of her first invasion attempt, she declared she was going to use their beach house cafe as her base of operations. In the end, she had started working there instead, eventually even moving into their household.
"I don't get what is
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Squid Girl Vs Cthulhu- 0 + 1.1
Squid Girl Vs Cthulhu-Introduction and Disclaimer
Greetings and hello, welcome to my.. library.
Who am I? Oh that is not of any real importance, but since you humans, I mean, we humans find it unnatural for things to go around with no names, you may call me…
…Chessboard Man.
I am a Story Teller, and Information broker. Are my stories pure works of fiction, or maybe I'm mixing some truth in? You do not know, and I may not answer truthfully even if I did answer you, so it is not worth your time to ask, I assure you.
Now occasionally character to whom I do not own the copyrights will appear in my tales, or information. I do not claim to own these characters, such as Squid Girl and friends in this tale. I do not mean any harm by using them in this work of possibly fiction, and wish merely to entertain, so whoever owns the actual copyrights, please do not take legal action.
Now, shall we start?
Today's story, "Squid Girl Vs Cthulhu, Episode One: Tentacles Over Innsmouth/
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The Choir Girl and The Oni-1
The Choir Girl and The Oni-Chapter.1
It was supposed to be a day like any other day. A nice peaceful Sunday morning for all to enjoy. The Sun was shining, the city was full of people enjoying a day free from work, and nothing seemed like it could disturb this peace. That was until she appeared. No one seemed to notice where she came from, she just seemed to be not there one moment, and then there the next. Obviously she couldn't have appeared from out of nowhere, but it didn't seem she had just walked to the street she was now in. You may ask when I am so certain about this point. It is just that she was singing, and one moment there was not a single trace of her voice, the next her voice seemed to fill the street. It is doubtful she had only just started singing too, or if she had, she choose a very strange place to start it.
I won't leave a single man alive.
La de da de dai,
La de da de duh,
An ocean of blood.
Let's begin the killing time~!
Total Slaughter,
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Morri vs Anakaris :iconfranja2190:franja2190 160 16
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Hey.... I lost my job a couple months ago (made Redundant, any Video Game Developers near Oxford in the UK need a Level Designer?), so I've taken up Blogging...

Mostly doing toy and Anime reviews.

Give them a read. For the toys, I pose them in funny ways, and for the Animes I get screen caps and write over them. For images, I also umm talk about strong points and bad points of the figures.... and generally have a laugh.

Also posting my articles on Japanator and Tomopop.

Well I suppose I should use this time to get my creative juices flowing....



Jonathan Luke Barret
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom
Current Residence: Oxford, most of the time..
Favourite genre of music: Various, Appart from Pop.
Operating System: Some Windows of a sort....
Wallpaper of choice: Spike and Ed looking into a Computer monitor, which happens to be the opposite side of mine...
Favourite cartoon character: Right now, Vash. Vash all the Way... Love and Peace!


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