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Halloween Horrors


“Everyone hail to the Pumpkin King”

Lukka loves Halloween since it is one of the festivals where he can let out his anger on everything in Mad King Thorns Labyrinth without having to worry about a thing.

It all started as a request for a Halloween-Banner for and turned into a giant monster, which was totally worth painting.
I pulled an all-nighter for this and though it doesn't show much of the character, it is one of the pieces I'm hella proud of.
It's the first piece in over a year I actually finished and one of those rare paintings with which I improved and that shows the progress
of my art style.
Tumblr :bulletblue: Twitter :bulletblue: Facebook

Total working time: about 10 hours
References were used for Lukka and Mad King Thorns head
Painted in Photoshop CS5
Lukka and art - (c) me
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© 2016 - 2021 ShadowmakerSerenity
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Wow, that's so cool! And it's really interesting to see, because I'm so used to your other style of drawing.
I really like the way you did his eyes, they're beautiful. But... honestly, my favourite part of the picture is the background :XD: I just love the way you can just about make out the ground with the torch light. I am loving his hairstyle and accessories though. Is Lukka your OC?
ShadowmakerSerenity's avatar
I'm really proud how it turned out, especially his expression and the lightning.
It is one of those drawings in which I show my potential, haha.

Yes, Lukka is one of my Guild Wars 2 characters and an rp-character as well :)
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He looks cool, you should do a backstory pic for him (if you haven't already??)
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Well, he has a lot of backstory actually but I never drew a proper picture of him,
only quick doodles for banners and such for (which I'll upload eventually)
coldphoenix1's avatar
Well, maybe you could type his backstory up into a text post :) I'd like to read it.
ShadowmakerSerenity's avatar
Well, there is a (shortened) backstory for him - unfortunately only in German though.
But I'll translate it eventually and will send it to you :)
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