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Golden Kiss

Happy Birthday :iconekeeya: :la: :party: :cake:

Let's celebrate once again with our favorite elves: Lira and Ellis.
I hope you still like these two!

I am so out of practice that I don't know what to write into an artist comment anymore.
Rohrer & Klingner ink
Coliro gold water color
bristol paper
edited in photoshop
Refs used

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So zärtlich und liebevoll.
Ein sehr schöners Kuss! :heart:
ShadowmakerSerenity's avatar
Danke schön :love: 
Ich habe aber eine Referenz für die Pose benutzt, 
allein bekomme ich sowas nicht hin xD
Freiha's avatar
Gerne doch!

Nicht so bescheiden :hug:
Auch bei Referenzen ist es nicht immer einfach, die Stimmung mit rüberzubringen :meow: Aber hier hast du das ganz toll hinbekommen.

Wie geht's dir sonst so? Alles gut? Ich hoffe doch :)
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I said it on Tumblr but I'll say it again: THIS MADE MY WHOLE DAY 100x BETTER!!! :heart: You have no idea how much I wanted to squeal out loud at work when I saw this! And I will never not love these two! :glomp: I'm not even kidding when I say that they're stuck in my head ALL. THE. TIME.
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Soooo glad you like them!
(And I just saw your comment on tumblr)
You gotta tell me everything about it!
I swear I will make time to read and reply Sweating a little... (As well as to our rp - god what happened to all my time I think I've fainted.)
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I love them so much I have no words! :hug:
And dear god I don't even know where to begin with everything I've imagined about these two. :faint: I've actually been tempted to make a whole separate blog on Tumblr just to try and organize all the ideas in my head, but they keep changing too much and too fast. :lmao: But if you're interested I'd be happy to share some of the tidbits I do have on file.

Life, by the way. Life happened to all your time. :XD:
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Yeah, life is a very time consuming thing :xD:

Sure! Just throw everything you have at me!
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Beautifully drawn.
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