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Name: Skye
Age: Young Adult ((2 years))
Gender: Female
Height: 36"
Weight: 80 lbs
Build: Slim build although is very strong of a wolf of her build, knows how to fight although weight is not on her side, so probably couldn't pin a full grown male down.

Territory: Chandor
Family: N/A
Rank: Omega

Personality: Skye is a very sarcastic wolf, and a little reserved. She likes to muck about and play fight mostly, but won't get to that stage unless she trusts the other wolf. She likes to be cheeky and can sometimes push her luck, but knows she is to be respectful to those above her. She would like to form a close bond with a wolf, however as she is a wolf of few friends, she has not really found another wolf that she can call her best friend and share a bond with. She carries out tasks with a mission in mind, and makes sure everything happens through to the end. She is also a very confident wolf, and believes that she has to put up a confident front most of the time, however deep down, she does want to be accepted and to have more friends, even if her personality sometimes stops that.

She can be hot headed slightly, and jump to conclusions, and even go as far as making up situations in her head where she has let her head think of all the possibilities to a problem. She worries silently however, and has never really had anyone to share her thoughts and feelings with and sees herself as quite a lonely wolf, which she doesn't tend to show on the exterior. She defends her friends and packmates as much as she can, and feels a passion for the wolves that surround her, and feels that she would die fo her pack mates. She very much believes that a pack is a strong force and should be one.

Pre-Group History: Skye was born in a litter of six, and was the youngest. She doesn't remember much of her mother, as a few weeks after her birth, her father chose her as his successor and took her away, leaving her mother and siblings behind. Her father often told her that her mother was going to 'get rid' of her, if he hadn't of stepped in. Being so young, Skye believed him. He trained her, made her confident and strong, made her believe that the pack was the way forward, raising her the way a master would raise a student. She loved her father yes, but she was isolated from other wolves and missed the rest of her family, and also hated him for that. She thought that maybe she deserved this unhappiness, for not being good enough at birth and that was why she had to go through this. 

Once she had 'graduated' in her fathers eyes, he took her to the edge of his territory and told her to leave, to find her own life and live it to the full, to go out and experience all she could. He also told her not to return to this forest every again, as if her mother found out that she was still alive, she would kill her. With that, Skye traveled, going from place to place, although, being brought up to believe that the pack was the only purpose of a wolf, she found it difficult to join one. It wasn't until she had been living a few days in a particular spot that she found another pack territory, known as Chandor. Here, she felt accepted, like no other pack had made her feel, so she decided to stay, and that her traveling days were over. She never understood her fathers weird and contradictory behavior, and decided that she never would.

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