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Every year the small town of Williamsburg is made a little busier when the community recreation center throws the annual “Little Miss. Darling” pageant. The pageant was a city tradition going back to the early 20th century; in the initial days of the first world war the show created a sense of unity and peace for the women of Williamsburg, and during the great depression the pageant was sometimes the only reason all year to dress up. Today; mothers and grandmothers could watch the show and remember their days on that stage. However, the show was also quite infamous for bringing out a person’s “inner pageant mom” as the phrase went. Last week an ambulance had to be sent to the local clothing shop, a lot of girls are absent from school during the week leading up to the pageant, and one mother brought her daughter all the way from another state just to compete in the pageant that she had participated in as a young one. However, no one would ever guess the len
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Waiting Down
Emily was enjoying a movie when she heard a car pull up before speeding away. Emily looked at her phone, “one hour,” she said to herself, “she was there for about forty minutes, lasted longer than I thought she would.” Emily heard the front door slowly open, “well look who it is,” Emily announced, “six and wild, you kids grow up so fast…” Emily looked at Lyndsey who was now struggling to keep the dress she left in on her body (and losing the fight), her high heels and pantyhose were nowhere to be seen, and the makeup on her smaller face gave the impression she was merely a toddler who’d gotten into her mother’s things. “Whoops, spoke too soon,” Emily joked, “looks like someone lost a few years.”
Lyndsey stomped her little foot and put her hand on her hips (although this caused the dress to fall which made Emily giggle), “Sissy is meanie poo-poo head!”
Emily looked at the
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Guest of HonAR
The Thompsons’ living room had been changed for a particular occasion, ten-year-old Betty was having a sleepover with her two friends; Tina and Jenny. In truth, this was one of many changes the Thompson’s were doing, and this slumber party was to help both Betty and formally sixteen-year-old Roxie.
Tina and Jenny were in their pajamas waiting for Betty and her “surprise” whatever it was.
“Come on, that’s it, you’re walking like such a big girl.” The voice came from nearby where Betty was carefully guiding a little toddler girl who was wearing Bettys’ old Frozen nightgown which pictured Anna and Elsa hugging.
Betty smiled, “and here she is. Roxie, all ready to play with the big kids at our slumber party.”
Jenny was skeptical, “you’re lying Betty, Roxie is a teenager.”
Betty grinned, “was a teenager, but she was naughty, so mom and dad had her made into a toddler.”
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Go to bed Sleepyhead
Go to Bed Sleepyhead
The characters in this story belong to the Disney movie Frozen and the song “Go to bed Sleepyhead” belongs to Disney’s original series “Bear in the Big Blue House” I do not claim either as my own.
The kingdom of Arendelle was as still as could be as the grey night skies looked down upon it, the shops were closed with their owners having been snuggled under their sheets for hours, the sea was nearly still with only gentle waves cascading to shore, the only noises on the docked ships were the occasional scamper of a rat as it searched for food and the cry of the nocturnal cat as it caught wind of its midnight meal, and with the clouds covering it not even the sky was awake, it was almost as though the sky too was sleeping and had been since early afternoon.
A sleeping sky was very good news for the king and queen, their youngest daughter, who was just under five years old, Princess Anna took an early fascination with the night sky and th
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Tales by firefly light
The moon illuminated the magical city of Canterlot as ponies across the land prepared for slumber teeth were brushed, nighttime clothing was dawned, prayers were said to the princess of the night, and tired little ponies were tucked into bed as they fell asleep to prepare for another day. However one little unicorn by the name of Twilight Sparkle was wide awake much to the dismay of her foalsitter Cadence the two ponies were currently in Twilight’s room as the little pony bounced up and down chanting “sleepover with Cadence, sleepover with Cadence!”
“Twilight” said Cadence her eyes following the bouncing filly “it’s time for bed”.
“But Cadennnnnnnnce” Twilight whined “we still have so much to do” she said as she looked at one of the many books in her room “makeovers, and pillow fights, and smore’s” she read but suddenly the book was closed and shelved by Cadence’s magic.
“Bed” Ca
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Never give coffee to a filly
Cadance happily trotted through the streets of Canterlot while many ponies her age considered foalsitting a chore the young princess of love simply adored the chance to spend time with little ponies. Currently she was on her way to foalsit for her favorite little filly Twilight Sparkle upon arriving at the house of the filly in question she found the door already open “Hello?” she called in.
Sitting at the kitchen counter was Twilight’s older brother Shining Armor with a cup of coffee next to him “hello Cadance” he greeted.
“Good morning Shining Armor” said Cadance walking in closing the door tightly. “So are your parents gone already?” she asked putting down her saddle sack.
“Yep left a half hour ago” said Shining Armor.
“And where’s Twilight?” asked Cadance.
Shining Armor coughed nervously “Ummm yeah about Twily…” he began.
“Cadance” said the filly in question bouncing i
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Diaries of Sisterhooves chapter 5
After waking herself up the next morning Rarity walked into Sweetie Belle's new bedroom and as she suspected she found the little pony sleeping soundly with Snuggles held tightly in her hoof. "Time to get up dear" said Rarity as she opened the curtains and let in the sunlight.
Reluctantly Sweetie Belle opened her eyes and yawned loudly "morning Rarity" she said as she rubbed the sleep out of her eyes.
"Good morning dear I hope you both slept well" said Rarity.
Sweetie Belle blushed slightly "yeah we did" she said.
"Well I shall leave you to get ready for school" said Rarity turning to leave.
"Wait sis" said Sweetie Belle.
"Yes dear" said Rarity turning around.
"Can you fix Snuggles?" asked Sweetie Belle as she held up the teddy bear.
Rarity looked at the bear in question her fur was so dust colored it looked grey; her eye shaped buttons were falling off, and Rarity could tell that her aged stitches were beginning to fail. "Well dear I'm not a toy maker but I'll see what I can do" she p
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Diaries of Sisterhooves chapter 4
Big thanks to my friend for designing Golden Spool.
The golden light of the dawning sun awoke Rarity from her slumber she stretched out her body with a yawn then cast a half-sleep gaze onto the still sleeping Sweetie Belle. "She's always looked so cute and innocent when she's sleeping" said Rarity nostalgically with a motherly smile she continued to stare at Sweetie Belle for a moment before deciding it was time to wake her up. "Time to get up Sweetie it's a school day" said Rarity giving Sweetie Belle a gentle shake.
Sweetie Belle gave a small groan "five more minutes" she begged.
Rarity chuckled lightly "come on dear time to wake up" said Rarity. Sweetie Belle opened her eyes and produced a long yawn. "Good morning sleepy pony" Rarity greeted.
"Good morning Rarity" said Sweetie Belle as she rubbed her eyes. "Thanks for letting me sleep here" she added.
"It's absolutely no bother darling I hope you slept well" said Rarity.
"No nightmares" Sweetie Belle reported happily.
"Good to hear
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Diaries of Sisterhooves chapter 3
Sweetie Belle was stunned for a moment debating wether or not to respond knowing Diamond Tiara this was just going to end badly. "What do you mean over?" she asked.
"I mean that a real" said Diamond Tiara putting emphasis on the word "designer is coming to Ponyville" she continued with a whisk of her white and purple mane.
"Uh huh" said Sweetie Belle simply as she began to walk to the lunch table where Apple Bloom and Scootaloo were waiting.
"My big sister in fact" Diamond Tiara added.
That got Sweetie Belle's full attention "your sister?" she asked innocently.
"Golden Spool" Diamond Tiara responded her voice filled with a bragging tone that could be matched only by Trixie the unicorn who had passed through Ponyville a few months ago. "And she says I'm going to help her make "The Carousal Boutique" as dead as a doorknob" she paused before adding "like your parents!".
At that last statement something in Sweetie Belle snapped before she knew what she was doing she leapt on to Diamond Tia
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Diaries of Sisterhooves chapter 2
One of the advantages/disadvantages that came with living in a small town like Ponyville is that news from within the town spread like wildfire. Therefor by noon the next day the news of the fate's of Rarity's and Sweetie's parents was common knowledge. Concerned for her friend Twilight Sparkle rushed over to Rarity's boutique almost the second she herd the news waiting for her were Applejack, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Apple Bloom, and Scootaloo and of course Spike had accompanied Twilight.
"They haven't been down all day" Applejack told Twilight.
"Sweetie Belle wasn't even in school today" said Scootaloo.
"Ms. Cheerilee didn't get a note or anything" Apple Bloom added.
"Sounds bad let's go in they need us" said Twilight.
The seven ponies and one dragon searched the house for their friends.
"Sweetie Belle isn't in the guest room" called Apple Bloom.
"And Rarity forgot to feed Opal" said Fluttershy looking in the kitchen where Rarity's cat was looking into her empty food dis
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Adventures in Bonnie sitting part 6
"What a beautiful morning" said Brooke stretching herself awake.
"Looks like it's going to be clear sky's all day" Brooke continued as she threw the blinds open.
"Ugh... Brooke" Molly grumbled as she pulled the sheets over her head to be shielded from the light.
"Come on Molly we have a nice day ahead of us" said Brooke enthusiastically.
"We do?" Molly mumbled.
"Yep nothing to big though a trip to the mall is all" said Brooke.
"The mall?" asked Molly.
"Yes I just need to return something to glamour then I think a quick trip to the arcade for the girls and then lunch at that pretzel place" said Brooke.
"Sounds good" sad Molly.
The rest of the early morning was spent waking up Bonnie and Sarah, eating a quick breakfast, and waiting for the bus to the mall. The returns desk of Glamour was at the very back of the store and upon arriving the two tween's and two children found someone already there. A young tween girl was reluctantly taking outfits out of two storage bins while her mother wa
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Diaries of Sisterhooves chapter 1
It had been a special night for the land of Equestria merely hours ago in the beautiful capitol city of Canterlot Princess Cadance had been married to the caption of the royal guard Shining Armor. That however was hours ago and the dazzling fireworks had faded from the sky's and a number of ponies were riding the train back to Ponyville. One compartment in particular held nine ponies and one dragon who had each played their own part in the wedding.
"Well it was a beautiful wedding" said the yellow Pegasus named Fluttershy.
"Yeah to bad it almost didn't happen" said the rainbow haired Pegasus who was appropriately named Rainbow Dash.
"My favorite part was the reception party" said the pink earth pony named Pinkie Pie excitedly.
"You did a great job Pinkie" said the purple unicorn Twilight Sparkle.
"Thank you Twilight" Pinkie responded.
"Yeah, yeah great wedding but wait till you all see what I'm going to do for the bachelor
party" said the small dragon named Spike earning a few giggles.
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Adventures in Bonnie sitting part 5
Once all were sure that the humans were fast asleep Bonnie's toys began come alive all jumped from bed and went back to Bonnie's room and seated them selves around the plastic table Woody and Dolly seated themselves at the center.
"Ok" said Woody calling the meeting to order "first off I would like to welcome everyone to the weekly meeting and a special welcome to our new friends Lynn and Wheezy" Woody continued acknowledging the two new toys.
"Now onto business" said Dolly "we are less then a month away from the busy time of the year summer vacation so we want everyone to put their best foot forward and..." Dolly began before being interrupted.
"Will you two quit beating around the bush we all know what everyone wants to talk about" yelled Mr. Potatohead.
"Thank you spuds we were just getting to that" said Dolly.
"Right" said Woody "now at the last meeting we were all wondering what Mrs. Anderson was going to do for Bonnie while she was on business" he continued.
"And on another note
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Adventures in Bonnie sitting part 4
It was a relatively quiet scene later that afternoon the four tween's were watching TV while Bonnie was busily coloring on the kitchen table. "Finished" Bonnie announced as she gathered up her markers. Bonnie walked up to each tween and handed them each a piece paper Molly opened hers and smiled. Pictured was Lynn and Wheezy and then a set table with what looked like beans. "I'm having a welcome party in my room for Lynn and Wheezy and your all invited" Bonnie explained looking around hopefully.
"Um sorry kid but I have homework" Jenna lied handing her invitation back to Bonnie.
"And I have to call my mom" Hazel claimed handing hers back.
"No" Tracy said simply as she handed back her invitation which she hadn't even opened or looked at.
Bonnie looked at Molly with pleading eyes clearly disappointed with her lack of response so far meanwhile Molly's friends were all mouthing "NO" to her. Looking at Bonnie and seeing the pleading puppy look Molly just couldn't help her answer "sure Bonni
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Adventures in Bonnie Sitting part 3
"Ugh somebody please turn off the sun" Molly mumbled angrily as the bright sun awakened her from sleep the next morning. She was reluctant but got out of bed to look out the window last night's storm seemed to have subsided but a colony of clouds seemed to be hanging around "might get a sprinkle later" Molly said to herself as she closed the blinds and looked over to see Bonnie was still sleeping. "Sleep tight Bon" said Molly as she headed out the door for her morning routine.
"This babysitting thing really isn't as bad as you hear" Molly said to herself in the shower "I could use a summer job maybe I could ask Mrs. Anderson if she'll need anyone to watch Bonnie" she said. Suddenly Molly's thoughts were interrupted by the doorbell. "Boy they aren't kidding when they say deliveries always come when you're in the shower" she said but decided to ignore it before the bell rung a second time. "Oh all right I'm coming" she called out stepping out of the shower and looking around before spott
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