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Floating feather

Went for a walk in a park this morning and saw this. Not sure what it's a feather from, but I know that there are oftne geese in that park so maybe it's a goos feather?

Increased sharpness and contrast in photoshop and altered the cropping

For :iconnature-lovers: feather contest
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I reallly truely love this image. the sharpness is amazing, however i think i may have tried softening the sharpness so that it seemed more whimsical thats just my opinion, maybe something you could toy with in photoshop if you were interested. the reflection is PERFECT!! i adore this aspect and wouldnt change it at all.
I am assuming the background is water. if so i may have made it more blue... and vibrant not so much to take away from the feater but enough to make it a happier image. it almost seems kinda dull in the grey tone.
but i do love this imafe a lot. GREAT capture!
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Would you charge a fee for using this image on a business card for a small business?  If so, what is that fee?
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This image is stunning! I particularly love the reflection, simply beautiful!
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Whoa. Dude, I love how perfect and poised this is. The way the reflection is caught is amazing. Very inspiring.
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You've been featured here: [link]
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Love it, looks like a boat floating from the heavens :3
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Very beautiful... :love:
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Amazing. Truly fabulous, my friend. Amazing shot. Really
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thankyou :)

how are you doing anyway?
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Okay. Had a lot of downs recently. But I think I'm getting a better? How're all of you doing?
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Awesome shot!! I love the colours! Amazing picture! I think its a goose feather too!!
You should swing by my Gallery some time, I would love to hear what you think of my stuff, no pressure!
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I featured this picture here: [link]
Love the reflection in the water.
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I can't say anything bad about this's quite lovely.
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Beautiful shot, Hon! Excellent work! :nod: :clap: :hug:
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please tell me. what camera do you use?
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A really rubbish one... I've been saving up for a good one for over a year :/

I have a cannon PowerShotA580, I have to take all pictures on top quality to make them decent which mean I can only fit about 15 on to a memory card lol. Hopefully will get a D-SLR in the next few months :)
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ah. :) It's better than mine. XDD I can't wait to see what your photos will look on that camera =P
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