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:MC: TitanCraft

So I got bored, was watching a bunch of stuff about Titanfall (AHH I CAN'T WAIT FOR IT) and decided to do something Minecraft-y with TF.
4&1/2 hours and 2 cans of soda later, it is currently 4:30 AM for me and I'm tired.
The HUD could have been done better but by the time I got to it, it was already 3 or 4 ish and I just wanted to finish this, so it's there.
If anyone wants a version without the crappy HUD, I will gladly upload another version.

Got rid of the crappy lens flare that ruined everything xD
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I would love to see a titanfall mod for minecraft!
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I want this to be an actual Minecraft mod. :la:
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That would be amazing :D
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this looks pretty awesome. I haven't seen much titan fall gameplay but it looks way better than any of that call of duty stuff. And being thats it just minecraft. Its just awesome.
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Thanks! Appreciate the kind words.
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Your welcome bro! :la:
*clapping* I have no idea what this "Titanfall" of which you speak is, but this looks awesome anyway. And wow, you are so lucky you have internet access until four-thirty in the morning, you don't even know.
I actually kinda like the HUD. It's snazzy, if a tad off-center. That's easily dismissed, though.

I've been meaning to ask you something, actually. Mind if I pop you a question related to Blender? Because I can find literally zero tutorials that are at all helpful to me here on DA, Blender's official tutorials boggle the slag out of me, and I don't have access to anything else. So... Yeah.
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Titanfall is a new FPS game being released on Tuesday. I played in the Beta test and I can assure you, it IS awesome.

There's so many things I could have done better with the HUD but I just wanted to finish it xD I Also think the lens flare could have been less opaque, or at least have had a different one.

And go ahead. I'm no blender expert, but if it is something I can help with I will definitely try.
FPS meaning...? (I'm not really a gamer anymore, regardless of the massive spreadsheet made today for Harvest Moon farming profits.)

I thought the lens flare was just that thing in the middle glowing, to be honest. XD

Well, I'm making a 3D model of this guy (wow, having uploaded that picture is really coming in handy for me XD). The sculpting and whatever is totally fine and I'm not nearly far enough along to be worrying about bones and rigging or whatever, but you see that decal on his chestplate? I can't figure out how to do that. And when you showed me the model for Myez, I noticed you using something I think was UV mapping(?) to manage the colors... Would there be any way I could make that sort of thing work to stick his decal on once I get his chestplate formed into the proper curve? Because I tried applying the decal image as a texture to test it while his upper torso was still a cube and I couldn't even figure out how to shrink the damn thing. Changing the image did nothing.
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Also, forgot to answer xD

FPS - First Person Shooter
Ah, I see. Yet another thing that should have been obvious. *laughs* Grazie.
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It's rather hard to explain over text, but you do need to use the image as a texture. You need to select the chest portion of his body, go into edit mode and open the UV editing window. From there you can choose the face you want the decal on and select the proportions. I'm not the best at explaining so if that made absolutely no sense, try googling "Blender UV texture mapping tutorial" or something of the like. or alternatively you could send me the .blend file after you're done the modelling and I could try to texture it for you.
That should be very helpful, actually; I had no idea I needed to do it from edit mode, although now that seems stupidly obvious. *is a derp* ^^; I should be able to figure it out now, though, thank you~! ^^ And if not, I'll keep that in mind. *chuckles*
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Glad I could be of assistance!
So am I. *chuckles*
On another note, though, looking forward to more arts from you. They're always pretty darn fabulous~.
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Why thank you ^^ I'm going to be pretty hung up in Titanfall for a while, but I'll try and do some more stuffs :D

Got any suggestions?
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