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TWD: Michandrea Kiss

What should have happened in Welcome to the Tombs, they could have at least given us this. I'm still not over what actually happened. :(

Drawn traditionally, colored in MS Paint and edited in PS. (Background was a manip of a screenshot!)

Andrea, Michonne and The Walking Dead belong to their respective owners. Although, I would have treated them better.
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I wanted this so much, though, would it be safe to kiss someone who'd been bitten?
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By TWD logic it would seem so. There was a lot of making out between characters who were sick in the prison and only certain characters got sick because plot~  (Seriously, some of that just logically did not make any sense...)  

As far as actual logic, if it were a chaste kiss it might be safe but I feel like any swapping spit would be dangerous.
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This is why they cut away when Andrea's not impossible that this is what happened after they cut away!
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The feels! This episode made me cry so hard :/ way to break up my favorite pairing AMC...
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Oh cool, I love this show.
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Thanks! :)  Us too, too bad this never happened in the show!
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lol I see..Not my particular thing but the idea was their.
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Im not alone!!! I actually cried after that episode! I had so much hope, and after every episode I would be yelling fangirl sqees and all this fluff everywhere and my girlfriend was just like "you're so cute, stop it. :3" And now my heart is dead! T^T
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Definitely not alone! I was really hoping they'd say it was just a really bad April Fool's joke... :( I'm going to really miss Laurie too, luckily there's Twitter.
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I guess even in the zombie apocolypse there is time for romance! ^^; This reminds me more of the characters from the game "The Last of Us" rather than Walking Dead for some reason......I guess similar premises lead to similar character development! :D
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Of course! If you're going to die, might as well do it with love in your heart right? :) Never played! I haven't been able to keep up well with the gaming world due to my lack of funds. My newest system is my Nintendo DSi, otherwise all I have is a dusty PS2. haha
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That's Ok, me neither. I have no time anymore for video games as work is eating all of my time and energy! :(
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Two Words

LOVE IT!!!! :heart:
FINALLY SOMEONE WHO DO SOMETHING JUST AWESOME and is and... ahh.... you´re a god you´re :O
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Haha, thank you! I'm glad that you like it! :)
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That ending made me so sad.
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I know. Us too! I was especially bummed because I just love Laurie Holden to pieces and now we won't be seeing her on the show. :(
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I really liked her, too. She'd been through so much. Overcame so much.
And now she's gone. T~T
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I heard that Laurie was in Georgia, right by where they were filming... and she was taking pictures with Norman Reedus. We're hoping that she was filming flashbacks from the winter where she and Michonne traveled together.

(A girl can dream!)
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