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Wow. this is exceptional work here. Truly amazing. I especially love how you've used only black and white to create the image. Normally...

So, I don't know if you've heard, but Paramount and CBS recently dropped a set of guidelines for what Star Trek Fan-Films can do:

I'm sure you can see the big problem with them.

They pretty much kill every single Star Trek fan-film ever. And every single Star Trek fan-film which anyone might ever want to make. For example: Star Trek: Horizon. It's supposed to have a sequel. But now, according to these guidelines, it can't happen. In fact, CBS has already gotten in touch with the man responsible for Star Trek: Horizon and has advised him against making the sequel (…). Or Star Trek Renegades, which is awesome. Or Star Trek: Intredpid, a fan-made series so awesome that it's been going for NINE YEARS but has now been forced to suspend production of new episodes because of these guidelines. And, of course, the fan-film which kicked off this whole thing, Star Trek: Axanar, the highly anticipated Star Trek fan-film which could be the greatest fan-film of all time. We won't get to see it, either. Or anything like it. EVER. AGAIN.

Now, I, myself, do not have an issue with most of the guidelines, but two of them, the first and the fifth, are completely stupid, uncalled for, and have absolutely nothing to do with the copyright issues which these guidelines are meant to resolve. I mean, come on! What the hell do a film's RUNNING TIME and ACTORS have to do with @#!%* COPYRIGHT?!

If you are like me, and you want to see these guidelines changed and made more reasonable, please take a look at and sign this petition to establish a dialog between Paramount and CBS and Star Trek fan-film creators to devise a new set of guidelines:…

Also, please share this journal entry. That way word of this can be spread around even more.

Thank you,



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Cameron Park
Hello! I am former Deviant Shadowkey39. LONG LIVE THE DARK SIDE!!! I found it necessary to change my identity when I forgot my deviantART password and my Hotmail password. So I changed it and am now Shadowkey392. My OC's (Kylar Vento and Kaituus) are the same, and now I am introducing a third: Agent Shadowkey!

I do my own artwork, I do not do commissions. Also, you can check out my YouTube channel at…



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