The rebirth of OC-Maddnes

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Please fav this journal to spread the news around about the rebirth of the group! OC-Maddnes was a very popular group and was loved by it's members [shown through the feedback journals that I had often done to see what members liked of the group]

OC-Maddnes is coming back! but only under a different name.


After my account was hacked and deactivated, the support team wasn't able to recover the group for me as it was made off an log in account and not through the create group settings.

This group though, I am determand to make it bigger, and better then OC-Maddnes and that itself is a giant task. With over 9000 members of OC-maddnes and up to over 100 submissions per day I hope that OriginalsClash can be brought up to the standards to my old group and more!

When the group is remade PLEASE rejoin if you were a member of OC-Maddnes and spread the word to any other members of the group that you may of gotten in-contact with through the group!
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