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F2U Couple Pose 1

I had this in a larger pose pack i planned to make but, i ended up not liking all poses in the pack and just chose to finish and post this one c:
Hope it's of use!


- MY ANATOMY IS NOT A 100% AIMED TOWARDS REALITY! I like to give my own twist in style to it, but if you have any pointers or help its welcomed!

- You can NOT make pixel/MS paint friendly blank bases out of these.
- Please do always credit me when using these! By name please!
- Show me what you did! I'd love to see your work, and i will always fave it.

- DO NOT RE-UPLOAD THE ACTUAL SKETCHES TO YOUR ACCOUNT IN ANY WAY! If you wish to use them for auctions and such, turn it in to your OWN sketched version first! Dont use the actual sketch i made!


- make YCH/TCBY auctions off of them
- commissions
- personal work
- adopts ( custom and non custom )
- art trades, gifts, raffles etc

Do NOT re-upload them elsewhere!

Pose from shutterstock was used c:

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Minako Aino and Myles Commission

Done by LukaM1992

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Look sgood! Glad the pose helped~

Hi uwu

Would you give me permission to use the base for my partner (personal use)?

And Thines to link when I finish or link the DA? :0

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Can u use my characters who are in a closed species? For personal art

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Thank you so much! Do you have a Toyhouse I can credit or should I link your da?

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My DA is just fine ^^

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Used! Thank you sooo much. 
Image1 (1) by ArtemisBarlow   
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Glad it was of use!
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Ooh! I’m going to use this for my OC OTP for sure! :D

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You don't have a lineart version do you? (without the white background) XD
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Im afraid not x3 Sorry!
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Thanks for the reply! <3
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I still love this pose lmao
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Still? Its a new pose o:
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Ohhh you have a similar one in one of your packs lmao.

IN THAT CASE, I love this pose <3
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can i use this and i will credit you
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