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I was absolutely gobsmacked this morning to see that I had given a DD for my image of Ulorin Vex.  

Mature Content

Ulorin - 1 by shadowimagephoto

I extremely grateful to :iconamethyst-amygdala: for suggesting it and to :iconclickclickbanguk: for featuring it.

I'd also like to thank everyone who's taken time to look at it and make comments.  Your support is truly appreciated.

And, of course, huge credit must be given to the amazing Ulorin, :iconulorinvex: for making the image what it is.
now tweet-able:

Rest assured, I have very little of interest to say.
I just found out I received a DD this morning for

Mature Content

DeSalle - 3 by shadowimagephoto

I'd love to thank ladytwiglet for the nomination. I'm floored, it's completely out of the blue.    And, of course, the amazing DeSalle who made it what it is.

UPDATE:  DeSalle (aka Amanda Jean) just joined dA.  Go say "hi" to her here:
I'd like to wish all my fellow dA'ers a happy, merry Christmas and a wonderful, creative 2011.

I'd like to thank all of you for your comments, feedback and support.  It's much appreciated.

I'd also like to thank the wonderful artists here.  You inspire me to work and try harder.

Finally, I'd like to thank all the models I've worked with this year.    Without you I'd literally be nothing.

Happy Holidays Y'all!
Too many shoots in too short a time.  Time for a break.
wow, sometime during the last week I hit 50,000 views.

Thanks everybody! :)
I've decided to take a bit of a break from shooting.  After a slow start to January I did 9 shoots in February and the first part of March.  While I realize that must not seem like much to you full-time shooters, it's a lot when you're just shooting part time.   

My plan is to take six weeks off from shooting and concentrate on my backlog of un-post-processed images.

So, while there won't be new stuff coming in, I do hope to be able to share more of the images I've taken over the past few months.

I'd just like to wish everyone a happy, healthy New Year.

I'd also like to say a thanks to the great people I've met here, and a special thanks to the fantastic models I've worked with this year.  You make this so easy, and so much fun.

See you all in '10.
I got my first DD today for

Mature Content

Afternoon by shadowimagephoto
.  I'd like to thank everyone for their ongoing support and encouragement, but especially… for suggesting and sponsoring this DD. :love:

Finally, Eryn, thanks, wherever you are.

It's a good day.
No different from 14999 or 15001.

Thanks to everyone who has  fav'd me, watched me, provided comments, feedback and critiqued my images.
Sometime late last night I hit 15000 pageviews.

While it's tiny compared to some here, it's it certainly meaningful to me.

Thanks to all.
It's a morning of self-doubts.

I had two shoots this week and have been previewing the images.  While they're not bad, there's nothing straight out of the camera that knocked me out of my chair.  Perhaps I'm getting bored with my own stuff.

Of far greater concern is a comment I received on my profile recently from someone who said he liked my work, but that he liked it too-much and it was beginning to hurt his wrist.  Now, I'm not a prude and I'm not naive to think that dA is just for artists.  However, while most of the images I post are nudes, they're not typically explicit, and I somehow thought they were less likely to appeal to those looking for a cheap source of porn.

I think the biggest thing that struck me about this person's attitude was he seemed to believe that the nude images posted on dA were there strictly for his self-gratification.  Any concept of art was completely lost.

I guess we can't control what people see, think, or do with the images we create.  It does  makes me wish that dA had implemented a "block" option instead of a "share" option.
I've over-committed myself once again.  So many models, so many shoots, not enough time.  To those models I've spoken with about shoots and not gotten back to, I apologize.  I haven't lost interest or a desire to work with you; I've just been focusing on paid and TFCD shoots and haven't had a chance to set something up.  

I'm hoping that by the end of August things will have slowed down again and I will have more time.  I ask for your patience until then.