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Published: October 17, 2013
Yo peoples. This is probably the only other place on the net where I have a teeny bit of existence so I shall spam this here.…

Long story short, any of you Silver Souls who want this awesomeness released in the west should poke Sentai and/or generate as much hype as possible by any means. Tell your family, tell your friends, tell the local hobos! And if you're not a Madao complete with mobile cardboard home, a radio and a pet stray dog, you can directly support by purchasing the Gintama DVDs already released by Sentai, or at the very least the first movie if you haven't already.

And don't say that your voice won't make a difference or that Sentai won't notice you. If there's plenty of us crying out, they'll definitely take note. If not, perhaps Yorozuya Soul will and add you to the campaign~ Shh, you saw nothing else here.

Yorozuya Soul has graciously put together links and ideas for how to help out on that nifty campaign page there for everyone's convenience, so there's no reason you can't take two minutes of time to tweet or tumblr or just simply shout out "GINTAMAAAAA" and disturb all the neighbours. Every little bit counts! And let the official release of Gintama Movie 2 be your reward~!

Thanks for your time~!



Mar.30: 'Ello. Not much of an update here. If things go the way I hope, you may see some art from me in the next month or two.


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