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Hekian Species Reference Sheet

I thought I'd post this since it's been laying in my file cabinet for awhile. This is a new species, called Hekian. (Heck-eye-en) They are large creatures with fiery manes. Their physical appearance depends on the gender. More information is on the sheet itself.

Believe it or not, I'm making this an Open Species. That means, you CAN make your own! However, you must follow these rules:

:bulletgreen: If you wish to use this species, comment below. This way, I can keep track of who's got which hekians, who is selling hekians, and so on.
:bulletgreen: You cannot just use the examples as your own, no matter how pretty they look. XD
:bulletgreen: Whenever you submit a Hekian, you must give credit to me for the species. I'd prefer if you said "Species belongs to ShadowhawkArt," but that is optional.
:bulletgreen: You can make point or cash adoptables of these. However, you must place "No reselling," in your rules. That makes it easier for me to keep track of everything.
:bulletgreen: Send me a link whenever you post a Hekian. I'd love to see it!
:bulletgreen: Please do not constantly make "Extremely rare," Hekian adoptables. If everyone makes "Extremely rare," Hekian adopts, they won't be so rare anymore, would they?
:bulletgreen: You can also sell customs of these. However, the price for any hekian adoptables or customs MUST be 50:points: No higher, no lower.
:bulletgreen: No adoptables or customs for cash. Only I, creator of the species, can sell adoptables / customs of the species for cash. 
:bulletgreen: You CANNOT make a lineart for this species. I will, later on.

Sorry for all of the rules, but other than that, have fun! ^-^ Feel free to ask any questions.
Customs available for 50:points: / $0.50 Send a note if you wish to order one.
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Dec 8, 2012, 2:35:34 PM
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these paws are extactly how my best friend used to draw them~ a lot of your style is like how she used to draw xD
ShadowhawkArt's avatar
XDD Kewleo. Although I have no idea who you are unless you've been secretly stalking my life or something creepy, so...XD That is weird.
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[link] reminder? xP
sometimes when people want my adopts, but dont have enough points i go look at what they have to offer and usually buy something x3 i was checking out your egg adopts and just happened to notice that this drawing reminded me of my friend xD
ShadowhawkArt's avatar

I beg of you, though, I'm seriously not an art thief. *Eye twitches* :P

That's nice of you. <3
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hehe itd be hard to anyway unless you searched around in a bin under her bed xP
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:P Creepy. Goodness darling, I may be evil but I'm not THAT creepy! Gosh! XD
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I'm gonna make one right now weeeeoooooowwwwwwww :onfire:
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Okz. X3 Make sure to send a link of any drawings you finish!
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I might make one :meow:
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Ok! Just remember to send a link once you're done! :iconmeawplz:
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Of course! Make sure to send a link once you're done! :meow:
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I made a lineart of this >///< i don't have a fancy art program and i only have a mouse, so it kinda sucks, but... ya..
Umm, tell me if i need to make any changes, or delete this :)
ShadowhawkArt's avatar
You did a nice job, but according to the rules, you aren't allowed to make a lineart for this species, I'm sorry. :( However, once you delete it, you can use it on your art program as a base to draw adopts for it! :)
KinkyUnicornSpit's avatar
:) okay. its all good, i thought i would have to delete it ^u^ thanks for clarifying
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iW-O-L-F's avatar
well not RIGHT now ^^'
iW-O-L-F's avatar
im gonna make an adopt now :3
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