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Brotix: New Species (CLOSED)

This was actually made a long time ago. I wondered what a crocodile with wings would look like, and those wings morphed into insect wings, and I gave it creepy demon teeth, and...there you go. XD

This is a CLOSED Species. You cannot make your own! Therefor, you can only get these at :iconshadowhawkart:
Brotix Species (C) *ShadowhawkArt
Customs available for 100:points: / $1.00 each.
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© 2013 - 2021 ShadowhawkArt
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Hey, hey if you make too much then I can't make my own for Thunder because it is all copyrighted by you!
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XD That's true. If you wanted to, though, you could order a custom from me...(80:points:=#$1, so in reality I'm charging less then a buck for a custom. XD)
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It is about copyright on the species itself, not a single beast.

Thereby, how could I ever charge points if I can't buy them? DA does not accept euros.
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Sorry if this seems confusing, here we go. :P

I've seen many other people do it as exactly as I did. Yes, the species is copywright and belongs to me, but if you order one from me I allow you to own that actual design. Whenever you draw it, you'll have to give me credit for the species. The design will then be copywritten to YOU. You own the design once I make it for you. I'll place this in my description

"Design (C) So and so
Actual Species (C) Shadowhawkart"

And everything's fine. That's just how it is.
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Okay since I can not pay a fart I will just make a list of my existing species. (Which can not be bought.)
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Hehe awesome specie. I love those teeth and wings. Grat job
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:D Ooh, I like your new icon! :D
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Hehe thanks :hug: :iconkuro-hiryuu: made it for me
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You're welcome! :glomp:

Kewl, perhaps I might get one from them too, if they have commishes open...
Magicull-Delesia's avatar
I think he/she dose have them open.
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Hmm. *Begins to go look at their commish prices* XDD
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