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Robin in COLORS

Okies I hope y'all likes . I managed to finish coloring the ROBIN design.
I really like how this one turned out.
I learned quite a few new things as I was figuring out how to color this one. and I hope in my next few upcoming pieces it can help me solidify my theories on it.

enjoy !
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Which Robin is it?
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cool pose! nice background too!
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This is a must have...
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Turned out great man. Love the dynamic pose! Your treated all the muscle structure and shadow just right. I dig it.
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OW! rly amazing work! awesome :)
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man i really like this robin... from the belt design to the cape.. i really love the cape. it reminds me of ken the eagle's cape from gachaman/g-force. but the pallette of colors you chose really make him look like he belongs alongside batman. probably one of the best artist adaptations i've seen of him.
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thanks so much !
yeah the cape was influenced by both G-Force design and the fact that his namesake is of a bird.=D
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I love everything about this picture.
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This Robin does have all the bird's Robin attitude
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I meant to comment on this last night; but I hate browsing DA on my gf's MAC, plus the colors on her LCD always look dull. Anyway...

I think you knocked it out of the park with the colors. Very simple, muted, yet vibrant. I love the way the compliment the pencil linework. All in all it's a great style!
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Thanks so much for that man !
I've been working on my coloring for a small while.. my original tutor was Cheeks. =)
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Wow, that's a pretty big tutor! Sean's coloring is exceptional and you are definitely achieving that effect of muted yet colorful images. Very nicely done.
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This looks like a Robin worthy to be the Bat's protoge! Nicely done. :)
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It's ROBIN!! Turned out awesome!! :-)
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The proportions are still pretty funky, but that's my only complaint.

The design's much more solid [except maybe the feathery bits, which remind a bit much of that cartoon whose name I can't recall...] than the one in Teen Titans Year 1.

Scaly underwear?! UGH!

This would go well next to Steve Huge's Batman, I think.
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Love these colours.
reminds me of Barry windsor Smith or P. Craig Russell.
The colours totally change the piece. This is very cool.
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wow man thanks for the compliment !
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hey thanks.. !

I uh.. just noticed we all the have teh same avatar ???? WTF ??
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April Fool's Day on DA! ;)
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That's great! The pose and your awesome colors make a good match! I also like the background as simple as it is. :)
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Thankee !
I liek my simple bg too.. ! altho i wouldn't mind doing more details later I think this balanced out my focus well.
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