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Lilith 2.0
I still love drawing demons. The first image here is from 2007. So about the time I became a member here actually. 11 years ago.
So, there are some.. difference (I know!)

Angles can still sod off, horns fron different angles are still hard I think.
Face too small, hands too small. Found new tools to help me with proportions of the people I draw.
What's up with that foot? Twisted ankle..
Better skincolour, not so glowing. This one looks more natural.
Titties half way down her stomach, what's up with that tho? So she got a boobjob.
More expressive face, poofier face, bigger lips and eyes. Since I love to draw faces these types of changes are the best to look at.

I had plans to make the demons in the backround the same demons I drew from the beginning. It's supposed to be my version of Asmodeus and Nergal. But I was too lazy to work on non-important details. They're alright now. And the pose was alright, but not perfect.

Better background, a bit more 3D.

What the hell is that animal? I can't draw animals. I found a nice pose, made it to something animal-ish. And pretty, I think. I mean, it's hell, it could be anything.

I like to look at these changes. It changes with my mood and my personal developement.
The first one is from 2007, the second one is from now, 2018. I'm srunned how fucking reat those bangs look. Just look at them. How did I do that!? I DON'T KNOW. But they look awesome.
Female cop.
There has been some complaits about my lack of female officers. So I made one.
Pretend commissioner
The title says "Ever made out with a pretend commissioner?".
This is because the thingies on my shoulders, that states my grades, shows that I'm a swedish police commissioner. I'm not a *real* police or a real commissioner. It's all roleplay.
Zombie - Before and after
The first one was made in 2007. I even think I uploaded it here. This was about a year after I got my first Wacom, so I was new to all of this. The second one was made now in 2018. So it's an 11 years difference between them.
It's not perfect, drawing skin and bones aren't my thing really.

Some.. Frankenstein zombie thing. Someone tried to make some weird perfect wife or something. The lips are poofy because the person filled it with something. I don't know, I'm just speculating.


Shadowglove's Profile Picture
I draw: Fanart, mostly. Whatever in that category that comes to my mind.
Why?: Because I can?
Love to draw: Faces, legs, shoes, expressions, hair, dresses.
Problemareas: Angles, poses, bare feets, backgrounds.
Style: My own.
Inspiration: Movies, things at Youtube, dreams, fantasies, Deviantart. Expressions are inspired a bit by manga and Disney.
Requests?: No. But thoughts are always welcome.
  • Reading: Tommyknockers by Stephen King.
  • Watching: The Bride of Chucky
  • Playing: Terraria
Todays NSFW art is called "I will wreck you."


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happy birthday!
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Are you a slight woman? I ask because I noticed your form is much smaller compared to Penn's in one of your various fanart pics
Shadowglove Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2015
I'm 162 cm short. So I am short but maybe not THAT short as I portray myself sometimes :P
ticklishnatasha Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Okay; you're almost 5'4. I did the conversion. I'm 152.4 cm
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happy birthday!
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Happy Birthday
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Thank you!
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I have Requests! Can you draw Emperor Pago in a female form [link]

make Emperor Pago in a human female form very sexy -w-
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