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The Safest Place

In every forest, everywhere, life continues...

Like the trees that fall soundlessly when no one's around, the safest place is often right under your feet -- you don't know about it if you're not there.

Life is buried there lovingly by the hands of a Mother. She goes unannounced with her duties; quietly digging the soft, fertile earth so that the one acorn that was not stolen by the squirrels could find it's way into the ground.
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ariya-sacca's avatar
This is gorgeous!
StarSeed9's avatar
I could almost cry ! It resonates so much with me ! Thank you
shadowgirl's avatar
I'm glad you saw something in her :)  She's always been one of my favorites, even after I sold her.
queenxelizabeth's avatar
This is beautiful.
Iohannis's avatar
The trees are quite incredible. A lot of art in dA is quite gloomy or violent, so it's refreshing to find delicate, sunny, lush, fertile art. Featured [link]
sandorah's avatar
I really loved the tree! *-*
lucidflux's avatar
This is a really nice series--the tenderness in this one is really palpable. :D
TeaPartyAtTheMalfoys's avatar
looove all 3!!!
it looks amazing!
such a wonderful sense of serenity and fantasy
wolfofheavenokami123's avatar
Wow, so beautiful <3

I love how you put a woman somewhere in the scene, it makes the picture look so pretty :D
A perfect wedding present last Fall, Laura. They still love her, of course!
ShadowFlame05's avatar
Beautiful. . .

Its nice to know we haven't all forgotten where we came from, and who our true mother is.
squiglemonster's avatar
I like the tiny bit of red on the flowering tree. The warm brown you used for the earth where the woman is growing really draws the eye.
EarthGoddess's avatar
This is amazing!! Love it :hug:
Fariam's avatar
This is absolutely stunning. beautiful art and beautiful story behind it. :)
Nifrodel's avatar
Beautiful :+favlove: I love conception, colours and details :aww:
gl4di4tor's avatar
Wow, i love your fluid brush strokes. Very dreamy atmosphere. A+
ChocolateDanish's avatar
I love the description about as much as the painting. Beautiful.
shadowgirl's avatar
thank you :)
I try to have some bit of a story along with it.. I find it helps give it a bit more of a meaning, and spurs people to come up with their own ideas too :)
ChocolateDanish's avatar
It certainly does. It's obvious you have a strong respect for nature and that is something I value highly. :aww:
ascer's avatar
I love the colors and the dynamic in your trees! Great!
Fanyare-'s avatar
This picture gives me a wonderful feeling :+fav:
HOULY1970's avatar
That's really beautiful Laura.
NatalieAnne24's avatar
Very beautiful :heart: I love your style of drawing :nod:
ladygalad's avatar
awww. thats how i feel sometimes.
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