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Souls Release

This was actually my third attempt at this painting.  First was back in '08 and in digital, then again a few years later as watercolor - neither were finished.  It just wasn't ready to I guess.

Original painting is 18x36inches, acrylic on canvas.   Instagram and Facebook have some work in progress shots.… <-prints available here <-facebook page <-instagram <-tumblr
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that' A beautiful piece of art.

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Thank you :) I was so happy when this one finally worked after 10 years on and off on the idea.

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¡Me encanta Muchooo! 
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it's a wonderful work ! :) 
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I am always fascinated with the way our creative process works, how sometimes it's the quick drawings which come out bursting with life.  I often find trying to re-do a piece falls flat, as I think I fuss too much trying to reproduce (re-animate?) the vitality of the first instance.  However, there are also times when, after a couple of seasons, or years, or maybe even days of life living through us, leaving all it's scrapes, scars and bruises, that we come at a piece with a new intelligence, a polished technical skill, and a clarity of vision that brings life to a piece that didn't exist before.

Beautifully seen. Beautifully done!
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Mine was definitely way too much information in the earlier attempts.  Kind of finally clued in on what some of my teachers were saying back in college (1998-2002), about cutting back on what I was doing.  Didn't get them then at all until the last few years.

And yeah... Might be why I like watercolor so much?  I can't fuss with it after a certain point or it definitely starts to crash and burn.
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Oh my, yes...  Such a difficult lesson to learn, but so key to simplifying the message.  I know how easy it is to get caught up in the details, when a simple line will do...

Maybe that's something that comes with age....  one would hope. ;-)
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This is beautiful,
Lovely picture with amazing colors,
I like this one.
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i digg this~GREAT WORK~
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Just popped on for the first time in quite a few years. Glad to see you're still creating work :) This is great :thumbsup:
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Of course!
The insanity of depression I spiral down into if I do not make things (even if it's a doodle) is real, and I stop feeling like myself.
I'm gonna be one of those 80 year olds croaking in the middle of a painting.
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It's beautifully done! :)
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I need a big print of this, but probably not today. We've been spending money like drunken sailors.
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You bought a ship, wenches, or beer?
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And painted the house and bought new windows. The other three sound pretty good, too.

I first read it with 'wenches' as second person plural.
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Wow, This looks amazing! :D I love all the detail to the picture. Looks like there was a lot of time and effort put into it!
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Thanks :)

yes and no.  Time wise with this version, it was quick.  Creationwise from beginning of the first idea? almost 10 years?  yea... lot of time lol
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Wut! Thats a lot of time :P
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