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trans and gay

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I couldn't resist~

After I heard of the PMD Pride collab of ReagentNein I had to participate. 

So here are my little gay couple (not yet a couple, look at Lysander he's abashed just because Jeffrey's near him, he can't even touch a single hair of him) and their future daughter. Only a few know about this fact but yeah she's trans and dang she's proud of it. 
(Ophelias picture turned out different as planned, maybe you can notice it on her bow, but what else could I say about it if her Pa has her colours all over himself)

You have some LGBTQ+ Pokemon characters, so look at this and give it a try, the more the merrier! 

PMD Pride 2020Okay SO, the way this would work is first, draw your character (ideally with a sweet pride accessory or two) and upload it to DA with a transparent background so we can pick it up and move it in a larger collaborative image. Something like:All the little dark figures being stand-ins for character submissions, just as an example of how we could arrange things, on a background using the pride colors for the corresponding flag! (I promise you I can draw better backgrounds than this, I'm just excited and want to get the concept out. Also if other people wanna volunteer to do any that'd be cool too, just message me.)For right now I'm thinking of doing five major groupings for Gay, Lesbian, Bi, Ace, and Trans flags. (Nonbinary would fall under Trans, and I want to say Pan can hang with Bi which I hope wouldn't be an issue since they're very similar.) When the collabs are all put together, they'll be uploaded with the list of pokemon/character names and linked up to the owner(s) original pictures.So, if you want in on this, submit your character (with a transparent background please) to Featured at and please let me know if there are issues with this, I've never run a group before Rules: 1) It doesn't have to be PMD but they do have to be Pokemon for this! 2) 5 characters max per person, 2 max for each of those five sections (so you can't submit three pokemon for the trans piece) and you can't submit the same character to two sections 3) Make sure you mention in the description which group you want your character in, especially if they've got more than one kind of pride accessory!Aaand I can't think of anything else, so:SUBMISSION DEADLINE: JULY 20That's a tentative deadline, and hopefully by July 27th, all the backgrounds will be done and the collabs can be put up for everyone to see \o/ If there are any issues with being able to accept submissions or issues to work out in general, I'll let you know. Elsewise, I hope people are interested and have fun with it! Also, if you have suggestions or problems, please let me know, I am super winging this.
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Dude this looks great! I've definitely also got a soft spot for Meowstic and Sylveon so :D I love the little family you've got here

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shadowFukaHobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks a lot! They're one of my favourites too, even if it isn't the whole family. So it was fun to draw them for your collab ^-^
And to hear that you like them makes my day. <3