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DB Verdict and Epilogue - Dante vs Ruby
You can read the stash version here.
You can read the google docs version in this link.
This link
Ruby stood over a grave.
Eyes sullen. Clearly red from crying.
Her body has recovered but her soul not. Her mind too maybe not. After everything she’s been through… It’s shocking to see the demise of someone so close. It was an unconventional relationship. Something she never thought would blossom. She’s gone through an immense tough time and nearly died. But for them to be finally gone.
She learnt so many things with it.
But now… Now it’s all gone. After that fight. After that fight
:iconshadowfrost1:ShadowFrost1 5 2
Eren vs Scott - Ant vs Titan by ShadowFrost1 Eren vs Scott - Ant vs Titan :iconshadowfrost1:ShadowFrost1 6 9
DB Fight - Crimson Guns against the world
You know, I was going to separate them all into stash sections...
But then I realized I'd lose the many formatting and I kinda don't want that so uh... Google docs again my friends.
The Encounter -
The Fight -
Oh and to add on.
Yes. This is setting to something big. Namely, two familiar faces will show up in the epilogue + verdict.
But for a little bonus
Who did you think won
And did you enjoy the fight?
And... who would win between Andrew Detmer vs Alex Mercer?
:iconshadowfrost1:ShadowFrost1 14 16
DB Prologue - Ruby (RWBY) vs Dante (Dmc Reboot)

Sporting crimson and unleashing a silver power. A power that would freeze or petrify any demon, whether by fear or not. Something they used to defeat a massive enemy in the past.

Swinging metal weapons and shooting guns, dodging bullets and hacking through demonic and grimm creatures.

They’re against the world facing giant creatures and armies only they can face.

They have their own failures.

They’re hated by others (we’re talking meta wise) and loved by others.

Possessing a deceased mother and a relative that ‘abandoned’ them.

All of this they learn from a wise individual

One started off small and is becoming big, while one arose from something grand and is now miniscule
:iconshadowfrost1:ShadowFrost1 14 48
Deviant I D - Reaction Face by ShadowFrost1 Deviant I D - Reaction Face :iconshadowfrost1:ShadowFrost1 6 5
Muteba Gizenga seees you - (No RAW)

“Hmph, you’ve completely lost your humanity. Mad beasts like you should be put down...”

Mugeta Gizenga
Franchise - Kengan Ashura/Ashua/Asura
Nickname - The Genocider
Height - 6.5
Weight - 122 kg
Species - Human
Occupation - Mercenary, Former Bodyguard, Kengan Match Practitioner

Single Handedly stopped an entire Army Rebellion by himself in Sierra Leone, without firing a single shot
Slaughtered a band of pirates, and maybe the crew of a ship, in under two minutes after swimming into battle despite being unarmed
A Kurei Clan Member, Kure Horio, known for their great effectivity in combat and assassination, fears Mugeta and never wants to face him ever again
He has freaking “Genocider” as a nickname
Has survived numerous battlefields and war
Defeated the monstrous serial kille
:iconshadowfrost1:ShadowFrost1 11 31
One Punch Thanos by ShadowFrost1 One Punch Thanos :iconshadowfrost1:ShadowFrost1 31 13 Deadpool vs Zombieman|I've been dying to kill you by ShadowFrost1 Deadpool vs Zombieman|I've been dying to kill you :iconshadowfrost1:ShadowFrost1 3 9 Bang vs Shifu - Tfw your pupil starts some shit by ShadowFrost1 Bang vs Shifu - Tfw your pupil starts some shit :iconshadowfrost1:ShadowFrost1 7 7 Successors of the Future by ShadowFrost1 Successors of the Future :iconshadowfrost1:ShadowFrost1 2 16 COLOOOOOREEED SHIIIIIIT v0.0000000089 by ShadowFrost1 COLOOOOOREEED SHIIIIIIT v0.0000000089 :iconshadowfrost1:ShadowFrost1 7 4 NICE TO MEET YOU DEMENTIA!! by ShadowFrost1 NICE TO MEET YOU DEMENTIA!! :iconshadowfrost1:ShadowFrost1 10 0 Shadus 2017 - Drawing with a Pen by ShadowFrost1 Shadus 2017 - Drawing with a Pen :iconshadowfrost1:ShadowFrost1 6 2 Landscape by ShadowFrost1 Landscape :iconshadowfrost1:ShadowFrost1 7 13 Expression Palooza by ShadowFrost1 Expression Palooza :iconshadowfrost1:ShadowFrost1 11 10 Dusty + mini Deicy by ShadowFrost1 Dusty + mini Deicy :iconshadowfrost1:ShadowFrost1 2 0



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I am a writer albeit a barely decent one, 45% chance of being a sucky one
I am also an artist, albeit a horrible one
I love anime, video games, any franchises even original from the web as long as they seem interesting enough

But most of all, I love crossovers

Favorite Anime
Magi the Labyrinth of Magic and Attack on Titan

Favorite Western Game
inFAMOUS (PS3), Command and Conquer series

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Touhou Project (PC) and Danganronpa

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... To aru Majutsu

Movies I will watch in the future (All of them done!)
Rise of the Guardians
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Sherlock Holmes Game of shadows

Movies I will remember by writing here
Mars needs moms

Let me give you an explanation... I have a vast mind. I can't stick with one idea or one person. Staying with someone can get boring fast. Sure its fun the first 15 minutes or day, but unless I find something to connect with them (interests/hobbies) well I get bored of the, And even then I still get bored of them regardless. That's why I keep switching between fanfics and works.

Anyway, I'm also Canadian. So I'm supposed to be nice like in the stereotype. Well I'm a damn psycopath if you push me around, so don't make me angry~ then again only great idiots with high egos or dumbassery can get me pissed.

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Also, I get busy a lot doing misc stuff. So yeah, don't expect anything.
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1,614 deviations

You can read the stash version here.
You can read the google docs version in this link.
This link……

Ruby stood over a grave.

Eyes sullen. Clearly red from crying.

Her body has recovered but her soul not. Her mind too maybe not. After everything she’s been through… It’s shocking to see the demise of someone so close. It was an unconventional relationship. Something she never thought would blossom. She’s gone through an immense tough time and nearly died. But for them to be finally gone.

She learnt so many things with it.

But now… Now it’s all gone. After that fight. After that fight that made her realize so much and approach death closer than ever. She couldn’t expect it. She didn’t believe it.

“It almost feels like I just met you yesterday…”

Ruby said quietly, rubbing her eyes.

“No. Don’t cry. Be strong… You’re much stronger now. You can’t cry again. They were a great friend but now.. They’re gone.”

Ruby took a deep breathe. And-

“Are you still crying over your scythe!?!?”

Ruby glanced back. Still holding metallic pieces of Crescent Rose barely stitched together, a gravestone with the name Crescent Rose plastered on it. The noe shouting was the one and only, Dante. Who looked peeved as he approached.

“You spent hours making a gravestone for your scythe that you rebuilt… instead of helping me look for my arm!?”

“Pssh, your arm grows back with flames,” Ruby waved him off. “It’s all fine!”

“That was Eryx!! Ugh… That arm might as well be a lost cause.”

“Hey at least your body parts grows back!” Ruby barked out. “Mine doesn’t! And I can’t just fix Crescent Rose instnatly! Probably a few days first but it needs time!”

“Yeah so does my arm, and it’s a freaking part of me,” Dante flatly said with a scowl. Shaking his head he walked off.

“Crescent Rose is a part of me too! It’s like a partner to me!”

“Again with that…” Dante groaned as Ruby followed. “... Is it almost working again?”

Though to be honest… He understood what it meant. For him, what the scythe was to her was probably like Rebellion, Ebony, and Ivory combined considering how she built it from scratch. Seeing it break probably wasn’t her happiest moment. Of course it was either break the scythe or end up gutted into pieces because of that influence. Besides, she wasn’t as annoying anymore.

“So can I take off part of what’s still stuck inside you?”

“Oh hell no!! Don’t you have enough parts!?”

“But it’s a pretty important part!”

“You are not gutting my torso again!!”

“I mean you regenerate!”

“I’m not even fully healed yet!”


She was still annoying.

Dante groaned as he leaned back. Moving and acting around without an arm was a pain. But he was getting used to it… Hey, maybe he could get a new arm or something. A mechanical one like that guy he saw in the movies.



“Bless you Nero.”



It was a pretty vital part honestly. The gear that allows her to turn the scythe fully. But then again with the amount of junk everywhere Ruby was able to replace it. It would just be more convenient if she could grab it and make use of it. Crescent Rose 2.0 might be an upgrade anyway now that she learnt from a few things.

“Is it going to be okay if you keep something like that there though?” Ruby asked turning back at the demon hunter. He barely did anything but he did tell her the directions to his stash. Of course there was a lot of argument about trust initially and saying “don’t steal my food” or anything like that. “I mean that probably hurts right?”

“... Honestly you just get used to it. All the bullets there, somehow I just eject them out either by gouging them or they just somehow get pushed out. I mean… I can take off that piece but I’m still recovering… Hurts everytime-”

“Sure thing edgy mcgee.”

“FUCK YOU. Seriously!”

“Bleh!” Ruby stuck out her tongue, before getting back to work on her weapon. “How did you win anyway? I think I was going to win?”

“You really wanna start this argument? Again?” Dante muttered really tired of this debate. “You’re just gonna be saltier.”

“I mean it’s one way of trying to find out how to become better!”

“Okay… fine. Let’s start simple.”


And a change of writing style to make it easier

Dante: What’s the hardest thing you punched?

Ruby: A nevermore! I dropkicked it!

Dante: Awesome. I have no clue what that is whatsoever.

Ruby: Well, it’s a really big bird demon, in your terms. Like biiig and flies! Then there’s the Gheist, no wait, was it a golem…. Umm… There was also that gorilla… And um… Yeah! Big demons like that.

Dante: Ruby. I have no clue what the hell you’re talking about.

Ruby: Okay okay! Um, the Nevermore I kicked was as big as a building! There! So yeah I’m pretty strong!

Dante: Big as a building?

Ruby: Yup!

Dante: Nice nice… You know what I punched?

Ruby: What is it?

Dante: A skyscraper sized one.

Ruby: …. Skyscraper- that’s not fair. You’re lying.

Dante: Not lying, just the truth, and the truth hurts. Bam!

Ruby: Gah! Cheater!! Well I’m still faster!! Like way faster!

Dante: Not gonna lie, you were earlier. Hell, that outrunning your own bullet thing and comboing me to it was pretty sick.

Ruby: …. Praise me more!

Dante: No.

Ruby: Worth a shot. But yeah! So even if you were stronger, I was gonna run circles around you~

Dante: I mean, you were going to slip up at some point. Besides, I’m the guy whose brother outran lightning!

Ruby: You sure it’s not dodge? I mean, I think Mercury and Em did the same when they were reported-

Dante: Look, point is, there’s a limit to your speed. I dodge explosions all the time too, outrunning them.

Ruby: Pssssh, wait till you make a tornado by running.

Dante: …. Okay no lie, that was sick.

Ruby: I know~I’m awesome~

Dante: Too bad it did shit to me.

Ruby: Hey! Language!

Dante: Right, sorry- not! But look, so you’re faster and I’m stronger right? And you have that whole aura barrier thing that helps you out? How do you call it?

Ruby: No you got it right. Aura, the life of all stuff and all. We get stronger since it’s part of our soul in a way, well, not really, I don’t know how to explain it to you… But because of it I get stronger and I get a barrier.

Dante: And once it’s broken you’re bruised like a peach. (Forehead flick)

Ruby: Ow! Yeah! Which is why it’s weird you can break through it with those blue weapons… Can I see the shurikens again?

Dante: No. You’ll cut yourself. And they have barrier penetrating properties. That’s why. So even if you have … aura or whatever it is, sounds more like mana, then I can just break that barrier a bit. Of course, it doesn’t really matter when a punch from me just breaks it. Kinda why you didn’t just break the moment I punched you.

Ruby: Yeah like you can catch me even if I was going easy on you.

Dante: Area of effect attacks, that’s all I’m gonna say.

Ruby: Yeah like how many ‘area of effect sand’ you got on your eyes?

Dante: Oh yeah, do you hate my eyes or something!?

Ruby: Nyehehe, but yeah I mean that’s one of the things they taught in Beacon! Aim for the eyes, joints, and all, and you don’t have barriers so you were kinda more vulnerable to attacks there.

Dante: Oh yeah how long have you been fighting again?

Ruby: 10 years! Around! I’ve been training since I was 5!

Dante: Wow, what a coincidence, same.

Ruby: See-... So that makes you get the experience advantage right?

Dante: You know it, nice to see you be humble (smug)

Ruby: Yeah… I suppose 100 years versus 10 years would be unfair.

Dante: Alright, first, fuck you, again. Secondly, it’s 20. I’m not old for crying out loud.

Ruby: It’s called a joooke.. And it’s boring to not do anything anyway…. I’m still better with a scythe.

Dante: Against everything else but my sword. I mean, you do know I only got like weeks or a month’s training on everything else?

Ruby: …. Bullshit.

Dante: Made you swear again. That’s two.

Ruby: Gah! I’m not gonna do it again!....So that basically means you win close up and I win from afar. But yeah, in that case I could just whittle you down from afar. Snipe snipe, move away, and I’m safe from you- actually I was doin that midway!

Dante: That’s if you think you’re faster than me. But even then I’m just gonna outlast you. You can’t have infinite ammo on that thing right?

Ruby: True….

Dante: And there we go. I fought for days without rest, I deflect bullets, I regenerate, what else is there to change things up?... Well there’s that Semblance thing you call.

Ruby: Yup! I’m untouchable and super fast with it! Until you just used shockwaves and shurikens to blow me away… but I’m still untouchable!

Dante: Yeah honestly, I couldn’t keep a bead on you. It’s hard to hit you or harm you on that form. Hell I’m surprised you didn’t use it up more. Turning into rose petals I mean.

Ruby: Umm…. I didn’t think you were worth it?

Dante: … With that kind of thinking in mind. Well, I managed to hit you near the end didn’t I? You still had to kinda manifest to harm me?

Images and feeling of being cut up by a small tornado returned.

Dante: Actually nevermind that. You were keeping it hidden anyway.

Ruby: Well it’s true. I’m still not intangible on that… But yeah with it I can keep up even if you teleport spam! Also seriously, so not cool for you to have so much ability! Teleportation, that air glide think, jumping twice on midair-how do you do that!? I want to know how!!

Dante: To be honest. I don’t know myself… But in the end, even if that Semblance gives you a super edge on combat…. I think my trump card pretty much kept you down.

Ruby: That whole “I’m gonna be bigger and badder than any wolf you’ve seen Little Red?”

Dante: … Did I really say that?

Ruby: Yes.

Dante: God how cringy was that.

Ruby: Very.

Dante: I’m sorry- look- change of topic. In the end there was one more thing you didn’t have that I had that allowed me to win.

Ruby: Not having friends?

Dante: Hey. You’re making me regret not killing you. Anyway it’s the trump card. Whether you’re faster or not, you can’t really use that when you’re floating in the air aimlessly.

Ruby: But I wasn’t! I figured out how to get past it!

Dante: And if I landed a full on hit on you do you think you would have made it? But then again I guess I can take a hit. You can’t. The moment I break through that shield of yours or harm your legs, your speed’s gonna be hard to use. And that’s it. That’s how I win. One hit.



+Higher Physical striking power

+Higher durability

+Regeneration is much better than aura heal

+Demon weapons are great for breaking physical objects (like Crescent Rose) and Angelic weapons can get through barriers

+Teleportation and Angel Dashes allows him to fight in the air and be unpredictable

+Can simply outlast Ruby

+Possess much more varied weapons and much more experience using his blade than Ruby, meaning he’s superior close range

+Dante can keep an enemy stuck into combos and combos

+Devil Trigger is a trump card that will lead to Dante winning

=Arguably speed is debatable on who has it in spades

=Both should be equal at mid range

=Both are clever and can think on the fly for strategy and enemy weaknesseses

- Lacks any far range tactics


+Possess superior range game

+Barrier ensures a safety net if hit

+Unpredictability of Crescent Rose will allow her to gain many initial hits

+Semblance allows her to move fast around the air and to be untouchable

+Variety of elemental attacks allows her to keep many surprises

=Speed is arguably hard to say who leads

=Both are clever and can think on the fly for strategy and enemy weaknesses

- Limited Ammunition in her Dust and Crescent Rose prevents her from keeping her range advantage

- Aura is limited and finite, meaning she can’t keep the advantage forever

- Silver Eyes is useless and featless as it is now and can be interrupted

- Aura Barriers only defend if the enemy doesn’t outclass the user in strength

- Really needs Crescent Rose to fight…

Ruby: Yeah, that’s why you broke my legs and arms right?

Dante: And you cut off my arm which is now missing, I’m gonna add, and impaled my kneecaps with a dagger.

Ruby: Oh come on… You can heal from that.

Dante: And so can you-damnit look, either way, that’s how I win and you might find a way to make me slip up and win, but I’ll pull on through.

Ruby: Well wait till I get stronger! Then! Then I’ll beat you!

Dante: That’s likely.

Ruby: I’m not joking around-eh?

Dante: I’m not kidding. Considering you’re young and you managed to keep up with me? You’re only 15 right? Or was it 16… I forgot but if you keep on training… You’re definitely gonna be stronger. Probably going to beat me already unless I don’t try to keep up.

Ruby: …. Are you really the same edgy guy earlier????

Dante: Jesus Christ I’m going to shoot you at the leg if you keep doing that!!

Ruby: Hey!! I bruise like a peach! Don’t shoot me! I mean, come on, an injury on you is probably like a scratch on me so… Just scratch me?

Dante groaned earning a migraine from just conversing with her. Of course it was helpful on not going crazy to converse with someone. But he might go crazy in a different manner if he kept talking to Ruby…. Well, not really crazy. More annoyance than anything. On the other hand the brat did looked a bit happy to hear the idea of her getting stronger. Having your talent and work be recognized must be good for someone young then huh.

“Look, I’m a Nephilim so I can regenerate from that. But hey, maybe growing an arm is kinda harder than a broken wrist,” Dante muttered holding his stump, “So what. You want to hunt down the red gem or whatever caused this? Or do you just want us to find our way out?”

“Yup! I mean, they have influence over here so we might be able to track them down!!” Ruby proudly stated. Really. How did she get her optimism back so fast? Really, how badly did the red gems influence them earlier? “And when we do, we might be able to get out of this hellhole!... That doesn’t count as a swear since it literally is a hell…. That’s what hell is right?”

“Hell yeah.”

“.... It’s a swear isn’t it?”

“On the contrary it’s not.”

Both froze.

Immediately they raised their weapons at the source.

Dante with Revenant and Ruby with Ebony and Ivory. She tested that out earlier before after enough persuasion and pleading and guilty tripping. In fact she was a good shot, though not as good as him for now. Though that’s not important right now.

Straight towards the two up ahead.

One man was clothed in rags, clearly injured, and glaring. If looks could kill, he had this in the bag. Looking at them as if bored and looking at insects, something to be only annoyed at yet harbor enough hatred to want to kill them. This person. This person only looked human but both of them felt it.

Ruby felt it herself. He had no aura just like Dante but there was something different. Some sort of distortion on his mind. Ruby was unsure of what it is but it reminded her of trying to track someone when they’re using their Semblance. Some sort of alteration or differentiation. It was… not normal without a doubt.

Then again… Who knows. He might be dead.

Considering there was only half of his upper body left, and a missing arm.

“But then again I guess it depends on usage.”

The other man was the one talking.

The loud and proud one. Clothed in a hoodie that would immediately make one wonder if he was emo or not. But alarmingly was the way he dragged the other person around. He was completely untouched while the other was clearly dying.

“Anyway that’s not the point!”…

“Cause you see… I need a bit of information.”

Ruby and Dante glanced at each other…

Their fingers inched for the triggers...

“And I think you two might be able to help.”

977 deviations


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