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DB - Armored Will - Eijiro Kirishima vs Saw Paing

Google Docs Version / Clean version

"When I heard that they were after my buddy... I couldn't do anything!! I didn't do anything!! If I don't act now... forget being a hero, I'm not even a man!"

Personal Details
Name - Ejiro Kirishima
Nickname - Sturdy Hero, Red Riot , Vigor Hero, Weird Hair, A great Lance
Age - 15 (First Apperance), 16 now
Height: 170 cm (5’7)
Franchises - My Hero Academia, My Hero One’s Justice (Game)
Race - Human
Occupation - Student of U.A High School
Theme -
:iconshadowfrost1:ShadowFrost1 14 26
Bowsette Bandwagon by ShadowFrost1 Bowsette Bandwagon :iconshadowfrost1:ShadowFrost1 17 5 The Arrogant and the Angry - Escanor vs Hulk by ShadowFrost1 The Arrogant and the Angry - Escanor vs Hulk :iconshadowfrost1:ShadowFrost1 3 12 Shadows running away - Blake vs Emily by ShadowFrost1 Shadows running away - Blake vs Emily :iconshadowfrost1:ShadowFrost1 8 11
Cancer Cell (Cells at Work) makes a new World!

For clarification, read left to right when moving from one page to another
Single pages will have you reading right to left
Personal Details
Name - Cancer Cell
Nickname - Buggy Bastard
Age - Unknown, time is different for cells living in the body
Franchises - Cells at Work /Hataraku Saibou
Race - Cell
Occupation - Disease, Living Being, Being Cancer
Theme - None for now
An existence caused by too much multiplication of cells. Fated to lead a road of ruin if not stopped, since after all they’re defective cells. They can only be killed to ensure the safety of body. It can’t be helped. They’re cancer cells that take up too much nutrients and cause chaos in the body.
Due to keeping up with most combatants early on with basic cells, should be Wall-level to Small Building Level early on
Likely higher due to the fact that each of the three cells he fought could handle multiple enemies of that l
:iconshadowfrost1:ShadowFrost1 32 38
DB Verdict and Epilogue - Dante vs Ruby
You can read the stash version here.
You can read the google docs version in this link.
This link
Ruby stood over a grave.
Eyes sullen. Clearly red from crying.
Her body has recovered but her soul not. Her mind too maybe not. After everything she’s been through… It’s shocking to see the demise of someone so close. It was an unconventional relationship. Something she never thought would blossom. She’s gone through an immense tough time and nearly died. But for them to be finally gone.
She learnt so many things with it.
But now… Now it’s all gone. After that fight. After that fight
:iconshadowfrost1:ShadowFrost1 7 10
Eren vs Scott - Ant vs Titan by ShadowFrost1 Eren vs Scott - Ant vs Titan :iconshadowfrost1:ShadowFrost1 6 10
DB Fight - Crimson Guns against the world
You know, I was going to separate them all into stash sections...
But then I realized I'd lose the many formatting and I kinda don't want that so uh... Google docs again my friends.
The Encounter -
The Fight -
Oh and to add on.
Yes. This is setting to something big. Namely, two familiar faces will show up in the epilogue + verdict.
But for a little bonus
Who did you think won
And did you enjoy the fight?
And... who would win between Andrew Detmer vs Alex Mercer?
:iconshadowfrost1:ShadowFrost1 15 19
DB Prologue - Ruby (RWBY) vs Dante (Dmc Reboot)

Sporting crimson and unleashing a silver power. A power that would freeze or petrify any demon, whether by fear or not. Something they used to defeat a massive enemy in the past.

Swinging metal weapons and shooting guns, dodging bullets and hacking through demonic and grimm creatures.

They’re against the world facing giant creatures and armies only they can face.

They have their own failures.

They’re hated by others (we’re talking meta wise) and loved by others.

Possessing a deceased mother and a relative that ‘abandoned’ them.

All of this they learn from a wise individual

One started off small and is becoming big, while one arose from something grand and is now miniscule
:iconshadowfrost1:ShadowFrost1 14 48
Deviant I D - Reaction Face by ShadowFrost1 Deviant I D - Reaction Face :iconshadowfrost1:ShadowFrost1 6 5
Muteba Gizenga seees you - (No RAW)

“Hmph, you’ve completely lost your humanity. Mad beasts like you should be put down...”

Mugeta Gizenga
Franchise - Kengan Ashura/Ashua/Asura
Nickname - The Genocider
Height - 6.5
Weight - 122 kg
Species - Human
Occupation - Mercenary, Former Bodyguard, Kengan Match Practitioner

Single Handedly stopped an entire Army Rebellion by himself in Sierra Leone, without firing a single shot
Slaughtered a band of pirates, and maybe the crew of a ship, in under two minutes after swimming into battle despite being unarmed
A Kurei Clan Member, Kure Horio, known for their great effectivity in combat and assassination, fears Mugeta and never wants to face him ever again
He has freaking “Genocider” as a nickname
Has survived numerous battlefields and war
Defeated the monstrous serial kille
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One Punch Thanos by ShadowFrost1 One Punch Thanos :iconshadowfrost1:ShadowFrost1 34 14 Deadpool vs Zombieman|I've been dying to kill you by ShadowFrost1 Deadpool vs Zombieman|I've been dying to kill you :iconshadowfrost1:ShadowFrost1 3 11 Bang vs Shifu - Tfw your pupil starts some shit by ShadowFrost1 Bang vs Shifu - Tfw your pupil starts some shit :iconshadowfrost1:ShadowFrost1 7 7 Successors of the Future by ShadowFrost1 Successors of the Future :iconshadowfrost1:ShadowFrost1 2 19 COLOOOOOREEED SHIIIIIIT v0.0000000089 by ShadowFrost1 COLOOOOOREEED SHIIIIIIT v0.0000000089 :iconshadowfrost1:ShadowFrost1 7 4


"Salem's backstory is so sad and original! How can anyone top this?"

Image result for meliodas reaction face

Most original too. Yep. Very sad.


Plz don't be triggered. Just wanted to make a joke. Need a better review of the RWBY episodes when I get the chance.


ShadowFrost1's Profile Picture
I am a writer albeit a barely decent one, 45% chance of being a sucky one
I am also an artist, albeit a horrible one
I love anime, video games, any franchises even original from the web as long as they seem interesting enough

But most of all, I love crossovers

Favorite Anime
Magi the Labyrinth of Magic and Attack on Titan

Favorite Western Game
inFAMOUS (PS3), Command and Conquer series

Favorite Eastern Games
Touhou Project (PC) and Danganronpa

Favorite Book or Novel series
... To aru Majutsu

Movies I will watch in the future (All of them done!)
Rise of the Guardians
Wreck it ralph
Sherlock Holmes Game of shadows

Movies I will remember by writing here
Mars needs moms

Let me give you an explanation... I have a vast mind. I can't stick with one idea or one person. Staying with someone can get boring fast. Sure its fun the first 15 minutes or day, but unless I find something to connect with them (interests/hobbies) well I get bored of the, And even then I still get bored of them regardless. That's why I keep switching between fanfics and works.

Anyway, I'm also Canadian. So I'm supposed to be nice like in the stereotype. Well I'm a damn psycopath if you push me around, so don't make me angry~ then again only great idiots with high egos or dumbassery can get me pissed.

I have labels for you, you types of people
Good Friend! - A good friend. I hang out and talk with you due to us sharing the same hobbies. I do a lot of stuff with you
The watched one - You have awesome stuff so I watch you without really talking to you. Probably because you stopped responding, or I don't want to talk to you
Watcher - You're cool but I barely have the time to respond
Neutral - Someone I don't really talk to, but know. We may avoid each other or we just don't really see/talk to each other
Negative - I hate you. Period.

Also, I get busy a lot doing misc stuff. So yeah, don't expect anything.
And Also I share this account with my brother

Journal History


"Salem's backstory is so sad and original! How can anyone top this?"

Image result for meliodas reaction face

Most original too. Yep. Very sad.


Plz don't be triggered. Just wanted to make a joke. Need a better review of the RWBY episodes when I get the chance.
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Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency

What do you get if you combine a 

  • Eccentric Detective who always fumbles about throughout cases who just wants his place in the world
  • Elijah Wood as the sane man of the group hampered by a disability looking for his sister
  • A badass security officer promoted to deputy
  • A cuckoo adorable girl who has the ability to instantly turn into anything, and can turn into an aircraft carrier
  • An idiot too dumb to realize he's the villain
  • A priest who hunts supernatural people
  • A former hacker who's an everyday man turned into a supervisor
  • A girl who will never die no matter what you do
  • A pocket dimension involving a fantasy world with weird names and scissor weapons
  • A dark evil mage who has an existential crisis upon realizing he's prophecized to lose and goes for a job change
  • And a poor poor innocent mom who is totally not the alpha bitch of high school and now has a sucky life and got a magical wand to make her life better
  • And an idiotic but charming Sherlock Deputy with a friend
  • And a sister with the power to pull others through another dimension
  • Shenanigans and sci-fi and fantasy madness


As a lover of the series I am so happy with Season 2.

It has the same cast, mostly, well, the main group at least. Same lovable duo and the group chemistry is even stronger than ever. From Bart and Dirk's re-encounter, to the search for Dirk. Farah and Todd becoming a thing. The now 5-member group of the Rowdy 3 with Todd's sister and Hugo being surprising by becoming likeable despite what he did.. Well, it depends.

It flowed much better than the previous one in my opinion too, but might be more personal bias due to its "Go into another world" premise being much more understandable than the whole. Or maybe it just did a better job explaining everything as it goes through. A better pacing style and a lot of fun characters once again to be charmed by. Special mention to Susie, whose actress loved the show and pulled off a bitchy Alpha bitch turned into a sad story mom, into an evil bitch. Seriously, didn't expect that but I guess I kinda spoiled it for you guys. Oh well.

There's also an overall stronger mystery feel. Well, the first one always had a mystery feel but this one is great and focuses more on it.  It also has a lot of prominent characters and you can connect the dots more so that's probably why. More interconnectedness that feels natural. Progressive too with Panto and Silas, the Rome and male Juliet of a series.

I can't say this is for everyone but damn I love this show.

Sadly no more season 3 from here on and out but who knows. Maybe in the future.

Any case, have a Bart killing spree.

Maybe she'll show up soon
Bad news, midterm crashed and burnt. Hoping to pass.

But Good news, Day 1 of No Nut November is going well. Haven't eaten any peanuts whatsoever. Particularly proud


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One I am contemplating Lelouch doesn't get exiled to Japan and instead finds a way with the idea of the one whose spirit has been bound to Lelouch (the Dark Lord Sauron) would work out a plan with Lelouch to either take over Britannia from within in the future, but I worry this would be too easy of a route to take (even through he would need to be careful not running afoul of the other supernatural factions). 

Second I am trying to find a suitable DxD pairing for Lelouch that is potentially more interesting and not used very often in other DxD crossovers (I know some like Akeno, Rias and Kuroka are used a LOT).

Details are here if you are interested where some of the planning has been taking place so far to fine tune the ideas a little more:…
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