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When I was little, the only times when I wasn't the epitome of a hyperactive child that was high on sugar was during bath times with my mom. She had found, through many trial and error attempts that no amount of yelling, chastising, bribing, and even the good old punishment routine would make me behave.

Yelling would only be combated by my own shrill screams, stopping only when my face had turned purple from lack of breath. Scolding only resulted in sulky fits and pouty tantrums, while bribing did nothing at all as I'd always manage to weasel the desired object from my dad. As for punishments? Well, my parents didn't believe in corporal punishment so they tried the "time-out" route. They never realized that time-out was a battle of the wills between parent and child. Left in a corner with nothing to do, I belted out ear-splitting screams and cried elephant tears until I'd tired myself out and given everyone – including the neighbors – ringing ears and a migraine.

And then my mom tried story time.

It's still a wonder to me how she never seemed to run out of tall tales to feed me. Taking a bath became my absolute favorite thing to do. Bedtime was almost as good, but I hated falling asleep in the middle of a story. I was an attentive listener and a captive audience as my mom bathed me. Mermaids and underwater cities to deep sea adventures and giant man-eating krakens, I never got tired of hearing about them.

As I grew up, the time for storytelling grew less and less frequent. Now, I only hear them during the rare occasion and on holidays with the family. But they're still just as fascinating to me, each as glamorous and enchanting as the last.

Even today, taking a long and relaxing bath is my favorite thing in the world. While my mom may no longer be at my side, sculpting fish and other mythical creatures out of foamy soap bubbles, I lean back and close my eyes before taking a deep breath…only to let it out again as my own mind wanders through countless worlds.

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