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A Flame in the Downpour



Jay always felt more content around Pokemon than he did other people. You could say he was he more comfortable around other species than his own, and that would be true. Jay would spend his time being with his Pokemon and other Pokemon out in the wild. This made him a very good trainer. Instead of using his talents to rise to fame and glory within his own society, he used his skills to better his relationships among his companions. It was a rainy Sunday morning when Jay was about to get the opportunity of a lifetime.

After shopping for necessities at the market, Jay began to walk home in the rain. The light drizzle from the morning soon turned into a downpour. Cold and soaked, Jay ducked

into the nearest store he could find to dry himself off a bit. He opened the door to a small dark shop and was immediately knocked to his rump.

"Hey watch where you-! Jay? Jay!"

Still a bit surprised and confused, Jay looked up to see a hooded figure with a bandana over his face. The person lowered the black garment and grinned; it was Jay's friend Kevin.

"Kevin? What are you doing here?"

"I should be asking you the same thing! The storm's gotten crazy! How come you're not home?"

Jay got up and brushed himself off. "Needed to get some stuff from the market. Got nothing to eat at home."

"Haha, can't go hungry, eh? That's good, it's nice to see you, man!"

"What do you have in your hand?"

Jay motioned to the small brown packaged wrapped tightly in a cloth in Kevin's hand.

"Oh..this? It's nothing. Just something I have to deliver to...well...just deliver."

Jay knew his friend didn't run with the most savory type of people, but something about this situation intrigued him.

"What is it? Drugs?"

Upon hearing Jay, Kevin immediately looked around and laughed nervously. "Drugs? Psssh, dont' be ridiculous man! Do you hear yourself right now? Haha, heh..."

"Okay, you couldn't be more obvious, man."

Kevin looked around one last time before leaning into his friend.

"They're splice kits. I'm getting paid to move them across town."

"Splice kits?"

Kevin leaned back and grinned. "You haven't heard of 'em? I thought you of all people would have heard about what these babies can do."

Confused, Jay shrugged and looked to his friend. Kevin unwrapped the box and pulled out a small needle and vial.

"This is everything you need to change your life forever. Looks harmless, right?"

Jay nodded.

"Well, each one of these vials is specially designed to change the user into a Pokemon-human hybrid."

Jay's eyes opened immediately. His heart skipped a beat.

"I knew that'd get yer interest. Think about it, man. Being part Houndoom, Sandslash, maybe even a Ninetales if that's more your style."

Jay looked down at the small needle and back up to his friend. "Any...Pokemon?"

Kevin smirked and nodded. "Yep! From Arcanine to Zubat! Some folks even like going all the way; a full transformation. You won't even recognize them after their shift, they'll just seem like normal Pokemon by then!"

Jay nervously looked around the room and then back at the needle. Normally he would stay away from this sort of thing, but everything his friend was saying had his attention held fast.

"D-Does it hurt?"

"Mm...sometimes. Sometime's it's painful, but most of the time it's the greatest thing you've ever felt. Sure, some of the change may be uncomfortable, but other parts,'s indescribable."

Jay knew what he had to do. He had to buy a vial. He had known for a long time that he wasn't meant to be this way his entire life. This kit, this was his ticket to what he always wanted: freedom. He had always wanted to live among Pokemon as one of them and now was his chance!

"How much?"

Kevin laughed and slipped the vial back into the box. Jay's heart sank.

"You want to buy one, Jay?"

"I- I do, yeah. How much for one, Kevin?"

"...yer serious?"

"Yes! How much?"

Kevin looked around and laughed a bit to himself. "Heh...six hundred."

Jay's heart skipped another beat and his eyes widened.

"W-what?! I don't have that kind of money!"

"Haha, you should've seen the look on your face! It's two hundred, for real, man."

Jay reached into his soaked pants and fumbled to get his wallet out. Pulling out all the bills he had, he counted. "I...I've only got ninety.."

Kevin started to wrap up the box. Jay looked down and sighed. He then felt his friend's hand on his shoulder. He glanced up to see Kevin grinning wide and holding out asmall box. "Well, you /are/ my friend, and I know you're good for the money."

Jay swelled with eagerness and grabbed the vial. Kevin wrapped up the remaining vial and went to the door. "Have fun with that, Jay, I know you won't regret it."

"Thanks man."

Kevin put his bandana back on and dashed out into the pouring rain. Jay was left alone in the dark with the vial in hand. He looked around the abandoned dark shop and walked into the back. He could hear the pouring rain outside and the creaking of the old building he was standing in. He went into the back room and closed the door. Flicking on the light, started rolling up his shirt sleeve. His heart raced in his chest. 'I can't believe I'm about to do this,' thought Jay as he readied the needle. Right before he stuck himself, he paused. Was this what he wanted?

There's no turning back now.

Jay took a deep breath and injected himself. He nervously watched the liquid deplete into his system and withdrew the needle. He felt a cold chill move down his spine and he braced himself for the worst. But nothing happened. Jay sighed nervously and stood up straight. "M-maybe it was a dud?" Just then he felt something punch him in the stomach. He groaned and leaned over. "Ohh..urrg..n-nope..nevermind!"

Jay's insides felt like they were on fire as the serum was spread all over his body. Out of sight, Jay's hairs were slowly starting to retreat back into their pores. His skin was starting to grow more smooth. Jay gripped his stomach as the burning began to dissipate. He stood up a bit shakily on his legs and grinned nervously. "H-hey, t-that wasn't so bad!" Something fell beside him that caused him to glance down. It was hair. Jay reached up his head and grabbed a thick amount of hair. "I- I'm going bald?!?"

Jay's hair was indeed falling out; his skin was starting to take on a reddish hue. A nice shade of orange began covering his stomach. Smooth scales replaced the hair on his chest and abs as he felt his face start to change. "I-rrr---RRRRR CHARRR!!"

Jay's eyes widened at the sound that escaped his mouth. "C-Char?" His hands began to tremble as the same smooth scales covered them as well. His ordinary fingernails began to convert into thick white claws as he felt his nose begin to change. His nose took on a more reptilian look as his teeth sharpened significantly. He gritted his new teeth as his jaw began to crack and extend in front of him. Jay drooled slightly as his face pushed forward into a snout. The feeling wasn't painful...quite the opposite. His body was changing all over and in response, Jay began to pant. His long tongue fell out of his growing muzzle. "C-Charr....charmeleon!"

Jay's shrunk away into his skull as he felt something else grow out. On the top of his skull, a long horn began to extend out of his head. Jay leaned forward and panted; feeling the smooth red scales cover it as well as his new maw. The orange and red scales moved down his legs as he heard a loud ripping sound. Jay quickly untied his shoes as best he could with his claws and tossed his sneakers aside. His socks were torn to shreds, but he managed to save his shoes. His feet looked like two hybrid-Pokemon feet by now. He grinned and watched as scales covered them as well. Just when he thought the changes were slowing down, something else caught his attention. Something big.

"Ag- agg- grrrr rerrRRRR!"

Jay felt something tug at the base of his spine. He moaned and leaned over; grabbing a nearby table for support. He leaned over the table and panted as the back of his pants were starting to be pushed down. A large, thick tail began to extend out of his spine and Jay couldn't be happier. The feeling was unlike he had ever felt before; it was euphoric, blissful, freeing. Jay's new appendage grew to a large length and swayed behind him. Jay did his best to catch a glimpse of his tail but found himself taking out chairs left and right. Soon it too was covered in the same orange and red coloration as the rest of him. Jay shuddered and panted as his tail finished growing to its final size. He looked back just as he heard a light hissing sound; as though someone was turning the gas on in an oven. And sure enough, with a spark and a whoosh, the fire on the end of his tail lit itself; growing to a large flame. Jay, smiling with his long tongue dangling out of the side of his muzzle, stood and looked over his new body.

" was...that was unreal.."

Jay took off his shirt and felt his warm scales. The heat from his large flame was easily keeping his body temperature up. He felt amazing. Jay felt...right. He couldn't put it into words. This..this all felt so natural to him. Jay took off his wet shirt and flexed his muscles. Laughing carefully put his shoes on, making sure they wouldn't rip from his new claws. With a large reptilian grin on his maw, Jay left the back room with his shirt over his shoulder. He felt so comfortable this way, so much so not even a storm this bad could ruin this feeling.

Jay walked out into the rain with laughing. As the water fell onto his scales; light steam started to rise off him. With every small drop that hit his tail; the flame flickered and even grew. Jay smiled at every staring person on the road and nodded. Nothing they say or did could change the way he way felt. The way he truly felt. Inside.

For the first time in a long time, Jay was happy.


My end of a trade with :icon5hrapnel: from 10 months ago. Gotta say, had a great time working on a Charmeleon. Pokemon are interestin' subjects to manipulate ^.^ The story was fun to do as well! :D

Jay, Splicing, and the title are all courtesy of :icon5hrapnel: :3 Hope you like! =^.^=
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