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Fire Lord by shadowfire-x Fire Lord by shadowfire-x
Finally, a decent portrait of my Dragon Lord of Fire, Fierrin. The belly scales and big horns are covered in mythril gold, thus the shininess. Fierrin is also a rather large dragon, maxing out at a little over 200 feet in length from snout to tail tip.
Rioni-Riishu Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2007
*GLOMPS YOU!* I'm sorry I didn't comment sooner! I know how it feels to not have people comment on your work. :< Experience says, it has nothing to do with the quality of the work, though. I mean, look at the ubercrap that gets attention and the awesome stuff that doesn't?

Anyway, the shading on the scales is really nice. :3 It makes them look very raised. Maybe a little too raised, though, depending on the look you were going for. Also, though the scales have a lot of depth, for some reason it feels like the head itself doesn't. I think it's because of all the concentration of shading on the scales kinda breaking up where the actual shadows would fall.

I like his horns, by the way. The gold looks really cool. ^^ Only thing is, I'm not sure they strike me as looking truly metallic. That effect can be SO hard to get sometimes... Try looking around at a shiny metal object and seeing how the light hits it. The highlights and shadows on it are surprisingly sharp-outlined. Also, if you were truly going for gold for this, gold doesn't look quite so yellow- it's often more greenish or brownish. I can't really see the shading very well on the teeth, by the way. You should try shading them as though they're wet and shiny- they probably are, lol.

I hope the crits aren't too much. I really like your Dragon pics, I just feel like I should be leaving more detailed comments on them. You should try doing one that's not just profile sometime. ^^ Angle the head a bit, add a background and all. I think it might make them more eye-catching. Heh, I really should work on my Dragons, too. I haven't... you know, FINISHED any...
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August 8, 2007
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