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It was unlike the Scout to be unable to find words to say.  Hell, when he couldn't think of words to say he didn't think, he just spoke.  It was like his mouth wouldn't work, though- like his brain had sort of short-circuited, and, damn, it sort of felt nice having the Medic there- sort of safe, even.  Hell, his own dad had never hugged him- wherever that asshole was.

Still, he wasn't some little kid, and this was getting really awkward, and the words, 'get offa' me, fag,' were about to escape him, but- jeez, was the guy seriously crying?

"Uh… Doc?" there were the words, quiet and concerned enough that they even seemed to startle the runner.  "You okay?"

The Medic tensed up a little at hearing his voice and pulled back looking like a kid who'd been caught with his hand in the cookie jar.  It was sure as hell a lot different than the guy usually was- determined, and professional, and somehow inhumanly fearless- not to mention crazy.

"My apologies," the doctor said, clearing his throat and wiping the tears from his eyes in a manner that suggested he was trying (and, for the most part, failing) to be discreet about it; 'oh, I just had something in my eye,' no doubt.  It was an excuse that Jacob was plenty familiar with, thanks to the efforts of his father- a man who had led the Scout to believe that men were incapable of shedding tears.

"Look, whatever…" Jacob murmured, at once trying to sound a little sympathetic without- well- sounding like some kind of wuss or something.  The pitch and volume of his voice, however, quickly rose as he remembered why, exactly, he had come to the infirmary to see the man in the first place.

"Colonel and Bill are fuckin' dead," the Scout all but stammered out.  He had never been particularly fond of either of the men- the Soldier was a certified raving nutjob, and the Sniper wasn't much better, along with being unsettling in a more subtle way than the American.  Still- they were his teammates, and, if nothing else, they were added protection from RED, when need be.

This information seemed to rather rapidly snap the Medic out of his dazed state with a sharp, "vhat?"  The fire was back in his eyes in a flash as he looked at the runner, and, really, the look alone could have commanded answers.

"They.  Are.  Dead," Jacob repeated.  "Yuri found'em in that hallway overlookin' the train yard, and sent me to come tell you."  It certainly hadn't been a pretty sight- Colonel's throat had been slashed clean open, and the Aussie's head had been caved in.  A kukri and an entrenching tool, both spattered and streaked with fresh blood, had been lying on the floor as a testament to the violent struggle that must have claimed both men's lives.

The Scout wasn't terribly surprised that the two had killed each other; William followed Fleischer's orders eagerly, and at times he had reminded the runner of his old neighbor's dog, Killer.  Killer always had a vicious gleam in his eye, but he was safe enough to let loose because his master had him well-trained.  Jacob had seen his neighbor loose the dog on some poor bastard who had tried to break into his car and the man barely had a face left when the beast was done.

Colonel, on the other hand, was a mad dog- the type that seems subdued and in control, and perfectly safe until some kid goes to pet it and gets their hand bitten off without warning.  It probably didn't help, Jacob reasoned, that the Soldier had thought for the longest time that he was the one running the place.  Apparently Fleischer hadn't had the man as cowed as everyone had thought.

It was Fleischer, however, that had the Scout puzzled.  He could compare William and Colonel to dogs, sure, but to do so with the doctor seemed undignified somehow- or just too simple.  The guy was just hard to figure out- less like a dog, and more like one of the vipers that Marlin Perkins would haul out on Zoo Parade.  He'd go on and on about how mysterious and reclusive they were and they tended to leave people alone, but, by God you'd better not piss them off, or so help you.

Yeah- that's what the Doc was like.  He'd minded his own business at first, really- kept to himself, and just did his job.  The man had caught the sight of prey in that RED Medic, though.  No- no, the RED Medic was no mouse.  The Scout could only imagine, then, that the man had done something to piss Fleischer off, so help him.  What it was that the guy had done, though, Jacob couldn't guess, and he was afraid to ask- he'd rather not put himself in front of the fangs, especially given the venom that the doctor had already displayed.

"What are you gonna do?" the runner asked, somewhat bewildered, really.  "Three of our teammates are dead, and-"

"Ze Spy isn't dead," the German suddenly and sharply insisted, sounding, really, as though he was trying to convince himself, more than anyone.  Jacob didn't buy it, though.  Their Spy had left, and not returned- there had been no 'kaboom' from RED base, and the smoke from the other team's burning trash pile smelled- smelled weird.  It was very unpleasant, really, that the closest smell the Scout could think of was that of a barbeque- but this was wrong, somehow.  That smell somehow seemed to dampen the blow of Jacob knowing that the Spy had left the base with his best headset, and he wasn't getting it back.

"Well, he ain't here, neither, Doc," the runner said with a sigh.  "So, now what?"

"Tomorrow," Fleischer said surprisingly calm, surprisingly quiet, and seeming to look off into the distance.  

When no further explanation seemed forthcoming, Jacob finally dared to ask, "'tomorrow' what?"

"I vill tell you vhat ve ah doing, tomorrow!" the Medic snapped back far faster than the runner had expected, causing the young man to recoil a little

The look that the Scout got in response to his action was- was apologetic?  And, the doctor's tone was a great deal calmer, and gentler (though perhaps even more unsettling) as he repeated, "I vill tell you vhat ve ah doing, tomorrow."  The German sighed softly.  "It's getting late.  Go to bed, bitte, Herr."

If anyone needed some real sleep, it was the Medic.  Jacob had seen him up at all hours of the night- had seen lights on in the infirmary, or just seen the man quietly walking the halls, like he was looking for something that he had given up on finding.

"Everyzhing vill be fine."
Once again I apologize for how long this took and how short this is, and make absolutely no promises whatsoever as to when the next update will be.

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RedRo Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2011
Yes! Another chapter ^_^
I to am so pleased you are continueing with this story, and again I adore your characters and this story.
KlayBird Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2011
All -really- good stories take time, some longer than others. I'm just glad to see that you haven't mothballed this story. *G*
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