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Firebird Translucent beta1.8

Edit: Version 1.8 with a slight speed-bump

This is the same theme as Firebird 1.5 but with translucent home screen (music player bar and email bar). Get the transparent version here
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Hi Shadowfax2009, I'm poptmartone. I like this theme very much...what do you think about a Symbian^3 version? May I help you in doing this? Could you share your tdf file with me?
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Hello Sir, a Delhite, Symbian User [Nokia N97], and a wellwisher...
Amazing is the word for this theme of yours. Everything more and nothing less.
I appreciate every bit of ur hardwork on this theme of yours but I honestly feel that a li'l more bug reporting will do wonders. Sir I am using this theme right now, the only problem i'm facing is the menu background. There is a mod of ur theme on Dailymobile, which is great. Its a disgrace that its not available for download.
The present menu background is very dim and is offset to both XM5800 as well as N97.
I request you to replace the menu background as well the default wallpaper with some DOT-like pattern. It looks amazing on your theme.
The default album art on Music player is too flashy. I suppose fetting a music note similiar to the one in New Symbian ^3 theme will be more appropriate. The scrollbar of this version 1.8 T(ransparent) looks aweful. I'm really sorry to say this. The last thing noticed till now is that the homescreen for N97/N97 mini has icons with a thin white border. If it was removed, the theme wud become more on the semi-transparent and more slick in my honest opinion.
Now, the best parts of the theme...
The colours for Battery and Sifnal strength, amazing colours... Ur a Genius, Sir...
Menu/Exit button transparency... Hands Down... By far, the best. Installing progress bar, refreshing dots... Look beautiful.
Sir, having the theme with different icon sets will be a great offering to ur followers.
Waiting eagerly for ur final release and, hoping to hear from you soon...
Have a nice day...
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i love your theme! what did you use to make a theme? i used carbide ui but there are icons like internet icon and shareonline icon that i cannot replace.. please help me. thanks. once again great theme nice job ;)
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They are still not replacable...I have used Carbide ui only and Nokalino pack for the mediabar and homescreen Icons :)

Thank you.
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thanks. thats a big help. keep up the nice works
PERFECT!!!! 1000000000/10
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Overall, this theme is pretty good, but I don't like all the colors. I think it would look a lot better if you stuck with just gray plus one other color.
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I second that!
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