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Firebird Beta 1.8

Edit: Updated to 1.8 with a slight speed-bump.

Hi friends,
Today is a great day ….. as after 3 months of work I have finally completed my theme….at least to a Beta status. Enjoy it.
Why was this theme made?
I am not a professional themer, but I do designing from time to time as a hobby. I love my Nokia 5800 but I simple hate the Nokia design team. The professional designers at Nokia could and should have done better with the ui of 5800 than they did. So it was with a challenge to them that I made this theme. Things can be made better!
The problem with the S60 ui is that too many elements are thrown around here and there without any rhyme and reason. There is no design philosophy here…just whimsical placement of elements. I have tried to work around the limitation as best as possible. Many ideas couldn’t be implemented because, diverse elements in different screens call for the same resource. Additionally Nokia Carbide doesn’t allow changing many crucial elements (Line colour in Notepad, Some Toolbar Iconset …etc) making it very frustrating to work. If Nokia is least allow to have different wallpaper for call/dialler/contact screen and give support for complete Icon set change.
About the theme:
I have consciously stayed with grey/steel so that it has the formal look. I also had to forsake contrast in favour of subtlety. I will be making a brighter version…soon. I use my screen brightness in maximum mode….and so the theme works optimally with high brightness. Also the buttons are semitransparent…so it looks best with black/dark wallpapers. If you are using light wallpapers please use a transparent black layer for the top and bottom.
I am particularly happy about my media player grafix…it was hell of a job to make full 3d notes icon using only gradients…but it came out nicely at last.
Why is it beta?
Because I have tried it on my 5800 (v40)…there might be something breaking when tried with older versions of S60. Also I plan to work on the theme for another month for
1. Bug testing when anyone of you report.
2. Testing it with other wallpapers (at least 5) and backgrounds
3. Different and custom Icon sets (High priority)
4. Simplifying the svgs to make it work faster (it is quite OK even now)
5. Make a brighter version
6. Currently it is compatible with only Nokia 5800…make it compatible to all S60 devices.
What’s next?
1. I want to make at least another nature/Green/glass theme.
2. Release the project file and all resource file…at Tehkseven.. as soon as the beta is over.

The last word:
This theme would not have been possible without the help of Jon and Rob and off course dear Dhanu….three great guys at Tehkseven. I will be uploading the theme simultaneously at Dailymobile/Tehkseven/and deviantart and I will be bugtracking only at these three places. BTW, I have also released a HD wallpaper to go with the theme at deviant art here [link]

Please submit bug reports


The last last word:


Updated to version i.5..Updated to version 1.5 (Beta). Man, I belong to the group who like transparent home screen and I keep my home screen clean. But when I used the theme with home screen email on and music on I found the theme too difficult to use as entries would be un-readable. So I updated the semi transparent ones. Othe bug fixing include
1. Media bar fixed in horizontal mode.
2. Few Icon colour fixed
3. New Idle screen icons for version 30 home-screen.

I have also made a semi-transparent home screen one here [link]
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Great work man !!
MrHaoSac's avatar
can you send me the font on the dialler's screen shoot
MrHaoSac's avatar
pls pls
it will make my phone be perfect with you theme
MrHaoSac's avatar
the virtual keyboard is so cool !!!!
Awesome! Keep on working ;)
ARTiii's avatar
really nice theme!!
but i dont like the scrollbar (or how it is called in english^^)and the colour of the accu notification
Shadowfax2009's avatar
Oh! sad that u dont like it :(

Are U on version 30....the scroll bar specifically made for version 40 with kinetic scrolling as u dont need the scrollbar any more in most screens.

Pardon me color of what?
ARTiii's avatar
i like it but personaly iam not setisfied with the color (notification of akku..)

i have 5530 v2..
but in the applicaion menu you have to scroll and it looks strange..
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awesome,fast and beautiful
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your theme is so........awesome
Sungke's avatar
Very beautiful theme!

I can do this subject sent to the Forum?

Look forward to your permission ~!
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My pleasure :) use it and post it as you please.
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thank you~!
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Nice Theme Dear Shadow.Thank You :)
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