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Battery Icons and psd



Just for fun... nothing special. Was looking for good Docklet icons for the Battery docklet. Couldn't find any. The only good battery icon was by Flahorn (the boss).. and is copied extensively around the web, but it was in 45 deg perspective....(Vista) ...but Win 7 has a frontal perspective...So needed new ones. So came up with these (and version 2)

Now for the acknowledgement that is due

1. Original battery design is off course by Apple

2. A very good and clean ringed design made by ShawnPippin is available at [link] (download link is not working at the moment or I would have gladly used it). It formed the inspiration for set 1... set 2 is more of experimentation.

3. When I started making it I found a good tutorial at Vectortuts (google it). But then again making the battery base was soo easy one hardly requires to follow a tut (check it out if u are having difficulty to make the battery cap yourself)

4. For Battery (version 2) I used some smoke brushes from here [link] ...... Didn't use it in the final set but the layers are there in psd for others to experiment.

Ok, the zip has a set of pngs for replacing the battery docklet pngs og ObjectDock (C:\Program Files (x86)\Stardock\ObjectDock\Docklets\Power\icons)

There is a psd file for modification as U wish.
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very nice. Thanx!