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About Digital Art / Hobbyist (; ̄Д ̄)Female/United States Group :iconilyf-storyoflove: ILYF-StoryofLove
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So Many Babies! by Shadowfangirl2-7-5 So Many Babies! :iconshadowfangirl2-7-5:Shadowfangirl2-7-5 3 1 [Trad] Yarrow by Shadowfangirl2-7-5 [Trad] Yarrow :iconshadowfangirl2-7-5:Shadowfangirl2-7-5 5 1 Even more AT! by Shadowfangirl2-7-5 Even more AT! :iconshadowfangirl2-7-5:Shadowfangirl2-7-5 3 3 Strawberry Banana Smoothie [Breeding Papers] by Shadowfangirl2-7-5 Strawberry Banana Smoothie [Breeding Papers] :iconshadowfangirl2-7-5:Shadowfangirl2-7-5 1 3 [Trad] Cilantro by Shadowfangirl2-7-5 [Trad] Cilantro :iconshadowfangirl2-7-5:Shadowfangirl2-7-5 5 3 Prisms? [Prompt 2] by Shadowfangirl2-7-5 Prisms? [Prompt 2] :iconshadowfangirl2-7-5:Shadowfangirl2-7-5 1 1 Prisms? [Prompt One] by Shadowfangirl2-7-5 Prisms? [Prompt One] :iconshadowfangirl2-7-5:Shadowfangirl2-7-5 1 1 [Trad] Somnus by Shadowfangirl2-7-5 [Trad] Somnus :iconshadowfangirl2-7-5:Shadowfangirl2-7-5 5 3 Oh Boy! More AT! by Shadowfangirl2-7-5 Oh Boy! More AT! :iconshadowfangirl2-7-5:Shadowfangirl2-7-5 4 1 Some More Owed AT by Shadowfangirl2-7-5 Some More Owed AT :iconshadowfangirl2-7-5:Shadowfangirl2-7-5 4 5 ParrotFish [Breeding Papers] by Shadowfangirl2-7-5 ParrotFish [Breeding Papers] :iconshadowfangirl2-7-5:Shadowfangirl2-7-5 2 1 COLLAB- Smudge [Breeding Papers] by Shadowfangirl2-7-5 COLLAB- Smudge [Breeding Papers] :iconshadowfangirl2-7-5:Shadowfangirl2-7-5 2 3 Desert Rose [Breeding Papers] by Shadowfangirl2-7-5 Desert Rose [Breeding Papers] :iconshadowfangirl2-7-5:Shadowfangirl2-7-5 2 3 Lev [Breeding Papers] by Shadowfangirl2-7-5 Lev [Breeding Papers] :iconshadowfangirl2-7-5:Shadowfangirl2-7-5 2 1 Tawny [Breeding Papers] by Shadowfangirl2-7-5 Tawny [Breeding Papers] :iconshadowfangirl2-7-5:Shadowfangirl2-7-5 2 1 Ruby {Breeding Papers] by Shadowfangirl2-7-5 Ruby {Breeding Papers] :iconshadowfangirl2-7-5:Shadowfangirl2-7-5 2 1
Current To-Do ListSeparate from the main journal- just cause
Not Started or Idea/Concept Created, Details Noted
Shaded or Ready to Post
All Colors I'm using ;v; 

Comms for Flaming-Rosethorn
Scene 1 
Scene 2 
Art for Character Trade for Cpninjagrrl
Half Body 1 
Half Body 2 
Full Body 
Gacha Imp Mass Infancy/BPs/Genos/AT

MI 1 
MI 2 
MI 3 
MI 4 
Amani BPs for Saiibo 
I'm weak (Wish List)Disclaimer/Note: DO NOT feel like you have to buy any of these for me, if fact, I feel hella awkward when I get gifts because of the reoccurring question; “what have I done to deserve this?” I mean, feel free, but don’t be shocked when I get super awkward about it lol (I will try to repay you)
I use a “wish list” to keep track of things I’m interested in. I like to work for my babies (referencing MYOs) and any art I’m interested in.
There are things on this list that would mean the world to me though! The best example is #4 and #5 on the Necrobie MYO list. Not only is it helping my friends but one of those MYOs will be a tribute to my dog who passed recently ;v; (the other is going to be of her sister who’s still with us)
Sad stories aside, there’s a lot on this list, so hang on lol
ALSO I will feel the need to repay you if you buy one of these for me. Since I can't do money, art is about all I can do lol
I will do

'Waiting On' Art ListAhh Don't feel pressured if you're on this list!
Just keeping track of things ;;
3 Creamtails by FoxesBringFlowers (1 redesign and 2 customs)
Fresh and New Commission Journal WIPOii this is way overdue
So let's get on with it
-Still Under Construction-
Star! Star! Star! Please Note: I do not/cannot accept PayPalStar! Star! Star! 
Cheap Items:
Star! Traditional Sketch Star! 

Headshot/Bust: 15 :points:
Half-Body: 20 :points:
Full-Body: 35 :points:
Extra Character: +5 :points:
Star! Digital Sketch Star! 


Adopt Payment- Nutmeg's Surgery
Pay for Adopts here!



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(; ̄Д ̄)
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Arent we all by Buniis 110 by PrinceStamps 050 by pastelpink-fuckery f2u - I am flawed stamp by Pastel--Galaxies Fragile (Stamp) by ELLlOTT I'm Awake | Stamp by PuniPlush 013 by cyooti Oops I'm sad again (Stamp) by ELLlOTT salty stamp by toff-u Dead 24/7 by That-Black-Rabbit 021 by pastelpink-fuckery I just want to be loved! (Stamp) by ELLlOTT i prefer frosted flakes tbh by aesthetic-garbage 049 by pastelpink-fuckery f2u | disgust by romanojpg yeah I overreact quite often by JustYoungHeroes overthinking destroys me by JustYoungHeroes way too fucking much by JustYoungHeroes Depressed by paramoreSUCKS f2u - I wanna stay inside all day stamp by Pastel--Galaxies ya y by starrydruq Fuk u say - stamp by cchamo 043 by crypticgoth 021 - Oh, dear. I do wish I hadn't cried so much. by MiiyukiiChan notbeauty by JustYoungHeroes panic panic panic stamp by witchb0y i don't feel safe in my own head stamp by witchb0y 005 by MiiyukiiChan [FTU aesthetic stamp] by d3adbeat 03 by quiietrabbiit 098 by crypticgoth 21 by AxelBlazeUltimate

Current Book List (Under Development Stories):

* I've Loved You Forever (12 Book Series- 2 Arcs, 19 Backstory Books)

* I Don't Want to Love You (Single Book)

* We Live by Love (Possible Series)

* Gingersnap Love (Single Book)

* The Legacy (5 Book Series)

You can find me in almost any other site under: "StoneySlyFox"
Sites under "StoneySlyFox": Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Wattpad, and Pinterest
My Facebook is for Friends Only
Ask about Skype!
My YouTube is "Stoney SlyFox"…

If There is a website that is not on this list, it's probably fake <33



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