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PMDU-Team Psychic Thunder (Official App)



Edit 06/20/15: Re-did Lucas's app art and changed the background a bit. It looks a lot better in my opinion!

Edit 09/11/14: Revised Lucas' app and added backgrounds to both Sparkz and Lucas app art.

Edit 07/04/14: Lucas gets to have his custom gloves back!

Edit 05/20/14: Fixed the gloves and made them shorter so that they don't exceed the template glove length.

Edit 05/15/14: I revised Lucas' pic so that it would qualify as the current up-to-date drawing app rather than one for the future when I finish mission one. I find drawing for errands might be a bit easier than writing it. And well, I just don't have time to finish my m1 at the moment, so the earlier version of this I put up wouldn't count. I have the old one saved for when I finish M1 though. Till then. Off to doing the errand that's due~!

New apps came out a little while ago so I decided to get these teams up and ready. I'm not putting these apps into the group just yet until I finish the M1 Comic. Mainly cuz they all got custom items that they can't get until I finish the comic. Obviously in the comic they don't have these items since I already started them off without 'em. Soo, yeah. Plus I'm gunna add their histories later as well.

Hmm, and is it just me, or do those gloves look familiar...? *looks through my gallery a bit* ... Nah. Just my imagination...


Old App Art

Written App

----Official Cameo Requests---

----Custom Items----

Lucas's Fingerless Gloves


Mission 1 [Not Finished]


Errand 4

Errand 5

Errand 6

Errand 7

Errand 9

Errand 10

Errand 11

Errand 12


June Main Task

June General Task

June Task #1

June Task #2

June Task #3

----Cameo Appearances---

Excabluir's M1

RymNotrim's M1

ArtOfTheGame's M1 page 1

ArtOfTheGame's M1 page 2

ChibiCorporation's M1

Catsume's M1

Kingadee's Task 2

HerrAwesomeness's June Task

Cinostheechidna's Errand 10

Hawkein's Frosty Festivities Contest Entry

Setsuna-Senso and DeathbyGnome's Frosty Festivities

----Other Teams----

Team Dark Glamour

Team Gifted Hearts

Furry Venturer


BIOS: [Work in Progress]

Name: Lucas

Age: 17

Species: Kirlia

Height: 2 ft. 10 in.

Held Items

  • Fingerless Gloves
  • Apricorn Necklace
  • Two-by-Four


  • Kind
  • Caring
  • Loyal
  • Respectful
  • Bashful
  • A bit Shy

  • Sweets
  • Gardening
  • Discovering new things

  • Ghosts
  • Dark Types
  • Being all alone
  • His Step Father
  • Losing a loved one/friend
  • Evolution into a Gallade


[To Be Added After M1]


Name: Sparkz

Age: 15

Species: Joltik

Height: 7 in.

Held Items

  • Accessory Voucher
  • Explorer Voucher
  • Fresh Water


  • Kind
  • Adventurous
  • Caring
  • Loyal
  • Playful
  • Sometimes Hot-Headed

  • Going on adventures
  • Meeting new People
  • Making new friends

  • Being left alone
  • Losing a friend/loved one


[To Be Added After M1]

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